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  1. Hey, thanks so much for staying on top of this! Any idea on when an update for the actual Concerto firmware might exist? -=ShoEboX=-
  2. Okay, well, I took it apart, hooked the board directly to the power and monitor to see if I could get a video of the screen and maybe capture the number of bombs, aaaaand it just plain worked. So, figuring this might be the age-old "drop the computer a couple of inches" issue, I checked all the traces, re-soldered a couple of iffy ones, and reseated all the socketed ICs. It's back together now and working just fine, so...?
  3. Hello all. So, I fired up my Atari 520ST for the first time in a long time and it was working just fine. Then I left it running for about an hour while I ran upstairs to do something, and when I came back I had a white screen. Now, whenever I fire it up, I get the same white screen - with a row of bombs occasionally flashing very briefly on the screen (not long enough for me to count them.) I searched on these symptoms and most of what I've seen is around modded systems - pretty sure mine is NOT modded (though I got it used years ago, so not certain.) Any recommendations for first steps here? The fact that it happened while it was running and is still happening makes me think caps maybe? Thanks.
  4. Hey people. Looking to replace the color adjustment trimmer on my 130XE, but finding one that's 500k -and- bottom-adjustable -and- 1/2 watt has proven difficult. Has anyone had any luck finding a replacement? Best Electronics' new policy of only allowing 3 items per order has unfortunately made them a less viable option for small parts. Thanks
  5. ...Interesting. This video didn't really show an example of it being done, but I'll have to look into that a bit.
  6. Hey, people. So, I have two 2600 Jr. systems with broken plastic tabs and decided to finally try to do something about it. Someone elsewhere in this forum had suggesting using screws, which seemed to work pretty well, but while looking at this, I noticed the two holes on either side of the cartridge slot on he board itself and noted they lined up with the cartridge holes rather well...almost as if by design. First, I broke the remaining bit of plastic off the top casing. Then I cut two small pieces of plastic from plastic Q-Tips (wooden dowels might have been a better move, but the plastic Q-Tips seemed strong enough for my purposes,) put them in the holes, trimmed them to the proper length, and used black Sugru to secure them in the holes, give them some more stability, and make the color match up. Sure enough, after they dried, they went right through the top casing in the right spot and work perfectly with cartridges. And because they're in the board rather than on a tiny bit of plastic on the case, they're quite secure. Now, you'll see this approach isn't perfect - I made the Sugru a bit too thick, and a bit scraped off when I put the top case on and pushed the new tabs through the top slot. So that's why you see a bit of white poking through in the photo. And even before that, this is a bit ugly. So I'm thinking a better solution might be to 3-D print something that fits snugly in the holes and goes through the top slot, or maybe there's another better-fitting solution already out there (suggestions are more than welcome.) But - and maybe it's out there and I missed it and you're all about to laugh at me - I haven't seen anyone else suggest using these holes for this purpose before.* So hopefully this helps someone out. *Yes, yes, that's what she said. Carry on.
  7. That's a cool idea. I think I might try doing this but also covering the screws with a bit of black Sugru so they don't look so...uh...screwlike.
  8. Hello! I've got a 2600 Jr. that comes on with either a completely black screen or a scrolling bit of video (image attached.) If I let it run for more than a few seconds, the RIOT starts getting really hot. Recommendations on where to start? Is the RIOT the likely culprit? Thanks muchly, people! -=ShoEboX=-
  9. Hello! I just recently got a Concerto cartridge (no POKEY yet...got one on order from Best) and attempted to play Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest, but I'm having an odd problem in that the buttons don't seem to do anything. Without being able to throw rocks, I obviously can't get very far. Is this a known issue? Do I possibly have a bad ROM? Is there an official one out there I should be using? FWIW, I'm hoping to purchase the actual cartridge in the near future...it's too awesome of a game to not own in its true format. But for now I'd love to be able to play it on the real hardware via the Concerto if I can. -=ShoEboX=-
  10. Also, any idea when the HOKEYs will start existing?
  11. U.S. mail is still incredibly slow right now. Mine also shipped on the 28th and I got it yesterday.
  12. Okay, hooked the POKEY back up to my 130XE and lo and behold, no sound. So apparently I somehow broke it. Consarnit. ...Anybody got a couple of spare POKEYs for sale? -='Box=-
  13. Hey, thanks for the response. It did not work with Ballblazer via the Concerto. My real Ballblazer cart worked fine, so the problem isn't my system. Tried reseating the POKEY, same result. Guess my next step is trying the chip somewhere else to make sure I didn't somehow break it when I desoldered it, unless you have any other suggestions?
  14. Hey, got my Concerto today. Tested it out and it worked great, so I decided to grab a working POKEY out of a defunct 130XE. Unfortunately the POKEY games still don't have sound. Is there something I need to do to enable the POKEY? Is the XE POKEY somehow different and/or incompatible (it's labeled C012294B-01) Thanks.
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