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  1. @_The Doctor__ Neat! How? Is it just the voltage difference as suggested earlier in this thread?
  2. @Fierodoug5 - That was it!!! Works just fine with my 800! I see that the original poster actually had the same experience, and I somehow missed that post. Thanks a lot, man! I've successfully got the computer I learned to program on as a kid hooked up to a box that can make spew profanity like a drunken robot sailor. My 8-year-old self is screaming with glee. -=ShoEboX=-
  3. Very excited to see some progress in this! Thanks for the updates!! -=ShoEboX=-
  4. In case anyone's interested, the Sugru solution...isn't terrible. It's a pain to center, and I'll need to use a slightly thinner layer next time, as this thing's really stiff, but I'll be damned if it doesn't work. I'll take pictures when and if I redo it. -=ShoEboX=-
  5. Hello all! I just managed to pick one up a Voicebox in an auction full of other stuff, but I can't get the thing to talk. I tried the graciously-provided vb32km.bas from @orpheuswaking which locked up at "PLEASE TEACH ME TO SPEAK" with no sound coming from the device. Tried the games as well, and those played but with no speech. I'm running on an 800XL...I've got an 800 and a 130XE I could try as well, but fear is that there's something wrong with the Voicebox itself. Any thoughts on where I should start as far as debugging this issue? I'd love to finally hear what my Atari has to say. Thanks, -=ShoEboX=-
  6. I'm in if more of these are gonna exist at any point! -=ShoEboX=-
  7. Hey all. Not sure if anyone here has done much with the Panasonic J-200U. I've got one that was working last time I fired it up several years ago but now, although the power light comes on, I get no signal through the RF switch. I also tried hooking up directly to a monitor using what I believe to be the composite and ground pins on the display port (with some trial and error) and still nothing. I get a slight difference in the video output but nothing real. Took the thing apart and the capacitors all look fine. Not sure where to go from here. Any thoughts? -=ShoEboX=-
  8. Hey all. So, one of my precious Wico Command Control joysticks recently started getting all floppy-like, and upon disassembly I discovered it was because the rubber in the grommet had hardened and come apart. It looks like there were replacements for these made a few years ago but they're out of stock pretty much everywhere. Someone has "new old stock" on eBay but I suspect these will have (or will soon have) the same issue, and they're a bit pricey. Has anyone here had any luck finding a replacement for these recently? I'm contemplating trying to rebuild the rubber part with Sugru. This seems like a desperate measure, but pointing at the broken grommet and screaming isn't helping. Thanks, -=ShoEboX=-
  10. There's YouTube tutorials up the wazoo on repairing all kinds of common issues with old systems and doing various mods and such. What held me back for the longest time was that I couldn't solder worth a damn, but investing in an actual GOOD soldering iron and watching a few instructional videos helped a lot there. Figure out what you need to know, learn it, and give it a shot. It's surprisingly fun bringing old relics back to life. -=ShoEboX=-
  11. Ok! Replaced the fuse, 7805, and cap. Getting 5V on the right pin of the 7805. Throw in a cart, turn the thing on, aaaaaaand...VOILA! Thank you guys so much for the help! -=ShoEboX=-
  12. Finally got around to replacing the 7805 and capacitor, at which point I realized that somewhere in the midst of these adventures I'd managed to blow the fuse. So I ordered some fuses and I now await those. GAAAAAAH SHOEBOX WANT MAKE THING WORK.
  13. I'm with ya, it'll be a nice surprise when and if he gets back to this. My basement is chock full of half-finished projects, most of which won't benefit anyone but me, so complaining would be beyond hypocritical. -=ShoEboX=-
  14. *looks wistfully at broken Microvision* *hits "refresh"* *looks wistfully at broken Microvision* *hits "refresh"* *looks wistfully at broken Microvision* *hits "refresh"* *looks wistfully at broken Microvision* *hits "refresh"* *looks wistfully at broken Microvision* *hits "refresh"*
  15. Ordered new 7805 and 1000uF capacitor, planning to replace both. Will update with status. Thanks, all. -='Box=-
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