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  1. More likely figured it out and checked it out after receiving side deal offers. I am sure that it was a combo platter. Side deals, inquiries on the label condition and the shipping methods to be used and also just good Samaritans giving advice. Here are some details from the re-listed auction. After speaking with some very knowledgeable video game collectors and doing some research on my own, it appears that this is a very rare game. This game has been played and works. The appearance of the game itself, is excellent. The front graphic label has full color and no wear marks. The name label is very slightly starting to peel (not even a full centimeter). Please see all pictures and ask any questions you may have. Since this is a rare game, I will take proper care of it during the shipping process. It will be packaged very securely in a box with bubble wrap for protection. I will send it priority mail with delivery confirmation and insure it for the bid price. Again, any questions, please email me! I am personally glad it's still available since it is on my short list of wanted carts.
  2. This was my auction. I figure I can shed some light on the subject. This auction was a three way bidding war. The golf game may have been a target of one or two of the bidders. If I had realized it was a sought after label variant, I wouldn't have included it in the set. I don't collect that particular type of variant, but I would rather had gotten it to the hands of someone who is after that cart. I can relate to the difficulties of finding carts like this. I lost out on an auction of carts that included an Activision text label skiing to Zeitshabba when he was collecting carts for the wallet project. Unfortunately for me, he included it in a set similar to what I just sold. I don't like the idea that I did that same thing to someone else. I don't shill bid on auctions. An example is the next auction I had for a similar set went for $98.00. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 260667357393 I don't know why this went so low. It was odd considering it was only two weeks later.
  3. My preference would be the game in a Coleco case.
  4. I would like of option #1- CIB (Cart, Instruction Manual and Box) Thanks.
  5. I decided to sell one of my copies of Lochjaw. If you are interested, check out the auction: Lochjaw on Ebay The auction end Sunday November, 21st.
  6. I would like OPTION #2. Please put me down for one.
  7. I bought a couple of games from their website less than 2 months ago.
  8. Excellent trader, takes pride in Fast shipping and great communication.
  9. Yes, I still do want the ones listed. I wasn't aware that there was a White label space attack. If you have any of these that you want to sell please PM me.
  10. NINOCARDO sold me a 2600 cart... The transaction went great. Shipping was prompt and the packing was great.
  11. I purchased a Video Game Brain from video game addict. The item was in great shape and shipped quickly.
  12. I purchased a Xonox CIB from SEgamer. The packaging was good and the shipping was quick. Thanks.
  13. These are no longer available. I am selling off my Musicmate cubes. I decided to use a different storage option for my Atari cart collection. There are a total of 170 cubes, enough slots for 680 games. The approximate total weight is 65lbs. Price: $550 shipped in the US. (International shipping extra) That is just under $3.25 each. The overall condition of them vary. A few have some cracks or other defects. I examined them more throughly. On the woodgrain fronts, 3 have cracks and 5 are loose. I accumulated these over a period of two years from various sources. I am willing to split them into smaller lots, but I prefer to sell them all together. I am going to wait a couple of weeks before I split them up.
  14. This is a bump. I added 6 more carts to the wanted list and remove two that I have acquired recently.
  15. zach1845 was on my list of reccommended traders from previous successful deals.
  16. whiskyriver was on my list of reccommended traders from previous successful deals.
  17. staberinde was on my list of reccommended traders from previous successful deals.
  18. plaidbrad3141 was on my list of reccommended traders from previous successful deals.
  19. pinelands was on my list of reccommended traders from previous successful deals.
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