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  1. Here's link (as per usual) to the current scores in the Twin Galaxies database. http://www.twingalaxies.com/cgi-perl/searc...latformSelect=5 Yes, so far, Todd is the only one to submit a HexaNine score. Why 999,999? Because at the time, Activision was only reporting and publishing scores up to 999,999 even if the score counter rolls. Go figure. As for me, you ALL have my pathetic score beat...
  2. I make an effort to play each and every one of them. I guess that comes with the territory of being a rabid gamer and collector.
  3. Stan: Dodge 'Em has a finite score potential of 1,080 and yes, the game just ends. There are currently 6 gamers in the TG database who have accomplished this (with sufficient proof). I'm sure MANY more have done so and just submitted a score. Here the link: http://www.twingalaxies.com/cgi-perl/searc...latformSelect=5
  4. My goal is to build a nice collection of as many VCS titles as I can and just enjoy playing them. Here's what I have so far: http://www.snipercade.com/twingal/bin/ron_..._atari2600.html *NOTE: The dupes are label variations (pic vs. text, colour, etc.)
  5. I played just enough to beat the current WR and quit. Please don't make me play that game again...
  6. The flamethrower, on the early levels, may make the aliens reverse direction for say 0.000000001 of a second. Yep, that's pretty worthless... Check out the Alien (VCS) world records at: http://www.twingalaxies.com/cgi-perl/searc...latformSelect=5
  7. Broncoman, do you ever go to Castles & Coasters? Brien King, Shane Monroe, Dan Coogan and I all live in Glendale and Phoenix. We should hook up for some fun arcade action or some VCS gaming.
  8. Twin Galaxies held a Pong tournament at CGE this past year. We had it on a QuadraPong and had about 10 people enter. I am proud to say the Championship certificate now adorns my gameroom wall. There was also a Puppy Pong there which Nolan autographed that lots of people played on. It was at the main entrance to the hall.
  9. I use Brien King's Cart Commander. You can get it here for free... http://www.arcaderestoration.com/index.asp...&DATA=10&CBT=20
  10. I have two (2) Vectrex's. I gave one to Brien King with 11 carts and kept the other with a Multi-cart. I bought mine from http://www.4jays.com (with Multi-cart) and paid $265.00 USD. Look here: http://www.4jays.com/vectrex.html I think it's well worth the price and I play with the Veccy at least once a week.
  11. I love Beamrider! Unless I'm playing it on my GBA, then it's nightmarish... VCS was never meant to have a D-Pad. Still fun though.
  12. RCorcoran


    Indeed. Who will watch the watchers? Working for the government, we have an agency that watches over all online activities. Who watches them?
  13. RCorcoran


    I've survived the full 20 minutes numerous times. My problem is I can never get to the last treasure in time for a perfect score...
  14. Here are the two Pong machines I own. Atari Video Pinball, Model #: C-380 (SN: 65257F) Atari Tele-Games Pong, Model #: 637.25796 (SN: C63634)
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