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  1. Hi everyone, I want to ask for help, I am very impressed as Bill Williams (✞RIP) programmed in atari the characteristic sounds of his great game ALLEY CAT (Barking, meowing, dog and cat fight, kisses and complaints) and I want learn how to make them. They are very similar to the ones I've heard on professional synthesizers (Korg Legacy and MINIAK Akai). In advance, I appreciate your guidance very much.
  2. why don´t try make music with S.A.M.? use the modulation and pitch?...jejeje mix SAM with RasterTracker!!! atari singer!!! :thumbsup:
  3. just need to unite the greats minds and develop a cartridge coprocessor with Multicolor 3D engine, which is connected to a section of memory reserved exclusively for the screen. Then A8 just calculate the points and the cartridge is responsible for drawing and storing textures. Without weld a VBXE to the motherboard, is a cartridge with the engine and the games are loaded from floppy. Of course a friendly software to develop games on a computer(GNU linux & win). (just a dream) It sold as many cartridges in the world A8!
  4. M E R C E N A R Y !!!! Great Vector Adventure Game! Wiki description
  5. rare problem... you try another order? I have a question ... TBXL when you "run" a program, execute compile by command line or structures?
  6. Nice cool demo and thanks for the sources why fake rotation?
  7. Thank you so much! the link don´t work, but I find it in another post and put hereatari800emulator.zip. This emulator work fine on my Nokia N73, great quality, but 55% speed, no sound, and another details.
  8. I find a C64 emulator called FRODO for Symbian (have a port java too) and run without problems so much games, (Draconus, Master Lamps, etc...) but I really need view and listen thats games from my great Atari 800 XL(on my cellphone), and I think this is not imposible. Regards
  9. Hi everybody! Someone know a Emulator A8 for Symbian? regards
  10. that so great, I´m amazed with Atari again !!! Thank you very much! I remember the music on my old HP48...nice! ..and GTIA can speak or sing too? Greetings
  11. hi! in the future, you can put inside on the cartridge a Atmel for calculate 3D TIP color graphics?
  12. huh! GREAT! i want ear this in stereo!
  13. Thank you very much Raster for this great tracker!
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