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  1. can you use those tg16 joysticks in a PC Engine? it doesn't look like it
  2. Awesome - I've wanted a vectrex multicart for awhile! Will this thread get bumped when it's released?
  3. Has anyone else tried Costume Quest? It's available for download on the PSN network for $15. It might be available off XBLA as well, I'm not sure. I downloaded a demo for the game the other night because I was in the mood for something Halloween related. I forgot about it until last night. Costume Quest is a simple straight forward RPG that starts off with 2 kids getting ready to go out trick or treating. One of them gets kidnapped by a candy stealing monster and it's the other's job to figure out what happened and solve it. This game was really really fun. The graphics, world and characters are all very charming and funny. The battle mechanics, while a little repetitive, are fun. The battles are interactive in the same way as Paper Mario battles (eg. Press X to dodge). The best part of the battle is watching your character's costume. Your character will transform into whatever their costume is supposed to be. I won't spoil any of them as they're really enjoyable. The downsides of the game are the length and price. I started playing the game last night and beat it last night. Five or six hours tops. I didn't do everything during that time, but almost. The other downside is the fact that it costs $15. Too much for a download only game, particularly a short one. Despite this, I 100%recommend this to someone who likes simple, fun and cute RPGs.
  4. Hi are you willing to split the lot? I need a boxed afterburner.
  5. I prefer female lead characters. If I'm going to stare at someone's ass for a few hours I'd prefer it to be female.
  6. these have already been suggested by others, but my votes go for animal crossing and panzer dragoon (#2 in particular). Also, out of this world / another world.
  7. When I was a kid I got callouses on each of my hands where the square corners of the NES controller would rub against my hand. I still have them to this day
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  10. I use an iPhone app called iCollect video games. It's pretty decent. The real kicker is that you can use the iPhone's camera to scan the UPC barcode of the game's box and it will automatically get the game info from the internet. This saves a lot of typing! It's also great to have on your phone, because I used to buy second or third copies of stuff accidentally if I saw it cheap. This way I can just scan the barcode and it will tell me if I already have it. The barcode scanning only works for newer games. Older ones need to be entered manually, which works fairly well. App cost was $2.99, which I feel was a good value.
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