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  1. A forum search on AtariVox brings up several hits including this: Was this eventually incorporated into the project?
  2. Hang in there. At least you have more time to think about how to get rid of all those SaveKey dongles! Best wishes, Jason
  3. Didn't catch it live this time but a super watch nonetheless! Picked up some good feedback as usual. Including that the parallax effect wasn't apparent. The one thing I thought I'd get burned on was the flickering but I didn't hear a peep about it
  4. You might have to resort to creating a collision map as a static array. That wouldn't allow for changes to the playfield of course. Trying to make drawscreen and collision statements do anything more may be a red herring.
  5. Now all we need is batari BASIC BASIC: a TinyBASIC clone with graphic, audio and joystick input commands. Hold down the reset switch to enter monitor mode. Hard to believe my first bB game was written in 2010. Thank you, Fred Quimby!
  6. Looking at R.T.s NUSIZ table we only get to stretch the resources - not shrink. But, it sounds like your real objective isn't to make sprites thinner. Besides positioning sprites off screen my usual go to method is to just make the sprite a single row of 0's _player0: _%00000000 end
  7. Depends on Joe. All three being official movie games. We still shuffle game ideas between us so new editions or sequels are within the realm of possible fun projects
  8. I've never had any compatibility problems with the 2600 games I've made. In fact, my first hardware tests usually start on a 7800. Once a client / collaborator had a 7800 that corrupted the high res title screen slightly. Couldn't reproduce on other known good 7800s.
  9. That ZeroPage Homebrew episode was a fun show! Seems there was a little confusion on my end about Laughing Boy. But, it's a complete game
  10. Wednesday is date night for me and the wife. I mess with that at my peril. But, I'll try to catch questions as I can This stuff gets downloaded to YouTube, right? I'll make sure to comment there as well.
  11. Not their doing. I deleted it. I'll wait for a contest that includes consoles explicitly.
  12. Three of the games I worked on in one show?!? I hope it isn't a baseball thing where 3 strikes and yer no longer fit to hire!
  13. It would take some serious out of the box thinking. Things like third party developers first strategy. Also, fostering an indie scene. Also, paying attention to what worked in the Europe.
  14. Just woke up so after a couple swigs of coffee realized asking if the Atari 2600 (a console) qualified was kinda silly. Changed my post above to be more useful.
  15. Might be too late for people to make a full game on time. But.. Even those with little to no experience on a platform have a chance with this: https://jonathan-cauldwell.itch.io/multi-platform-arcade-game-designer
  16. Sounds like you needs a PowerBase Mini FM to start off with. A quick Google search comes up with many hits. I'd also double check the compatibility list for games and genesis systems that work with it.
  17. That 4W and PAL-B on the bottom seem to indicate a UK plug at 4w.. but, who knows with these machines. Maybe there's something like an FCC ID further in on those boards.
  18. If I had the money I think the Vampire guy has a stand alone solution. The poor mans best bet might be the Amiga emulation images on Raspberry Pi 3/4
  19. Can you turn it on? These famiclones usually have built in games. Some countries had weird rules that would get worked around by including educational software. My famiclone + keyboard uses the typical famiclone DB9 connector.
  20. Every method has its best use case. Old hardware being ever increasingly problematic because of age and price. To keep classic consoles relevant you need accurate emulation, new development tools and new hardware. So, if I have a choice of where to put my money it's on those.
  21. Any chance NewColeco has a C dev suite for the Coleco. Not quite BASIC but certainly not assembly. http://retro.offgame.org/telechargement/colecovision/
  22. If only they put the GPU in main it wouldn't have gotten the hose again. *ducks for cover*
  23. Only difference I've seen in classic consoles are Asian pirate carts for the NES. The build quality in the cases are horrible.
  24. I think Retroguru had Black Forest Games blessing for their Giana Sisters titles. Probably helps if the port isn't for profit. https://www.retroguru.com/gianas-return/ I guess what I'm saying is, it's more possible than not to get permission
  25. Not too long ago I was made a moderator for Peters "Atari 6502 Game Development" group on Facebook. Thought it would be far distanced from anything Kizza related. Plus, I need to get a handle on 6502 and 68k assembly. Should I stay just to block and delete anything related to Kizza? Or, is it better to make an egress? UPDATE: Removed myself. Worrying about these kinds of things is bad for my health.
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