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  1. How easy would this be for batari BASIC users to talk to? Something like reading certain bytes of memory to see which inputs are pressed on joysticks 1-4?
  2. Not saying you're wrong. In my experience current gen gamers are pretty compliant with brand names. Defending them while getting their digital downloads yanked and not getting refunds half the time. The whining comes mostly from the gaming media. Casting whatever narrative keeps their sponsors and generates furious keyboard smashing.
  3. I hope that means you don't have to do this to get a CPU sidekick? I mean, I'd understand if it meant a tactically enhanced companion in comparision. I must be reading that wrong.
  4. The AtariHat was the email they gave me after inquiring about developing games. Maybe the "VCS" is just a ultra flat hat stand for their real product?
  5. For my use case automating compile and upload to a real VCS is very attractive. My bungled style of development involves a lot of playtesting and iteration. Might try both a PlusCart and the Harmony + WiFiSD route. Sounds like Andrew Davie has a procedure I can work with. Thank you for the help, guys!
  6. THIS almost worked with two copies of the same game. When I put the source for two different games in it doesn't switch to the other bank. For bank 1 the bank switch code looks like this: asm lda $1FF9 nop nop nop nop nop nop end For bank 2 the code looks like this: asm lda $1FF8 nop nop nop nop nop nop end
  7. Something in-between Pitfall II and Super Pitfall. Perhaps with side scrolling.
  8. I'm trying to combine 2 4k bB games I made years ago. I have the source and tried to make sure the kernel settings and DIMs didn't clash between games. I also tried using the 32k multikernel framework and no go switching to the 2nd game on the second bank. I was wondering if I could do a DOS COPY to combine both games: COPY GAME1.BIN+GAME2.BIN 2IN1.BIN ..making sure there is some inline assembly to arbitrarily jump to the second bank in the first gtame: asm some magic to switch to the last 4k portion of ROM end Does this make sense? What would the actual inline assembly look like? Thanks in advance for any clues, fellas!
  9. Is there a way to self host ROMs with the WiFi plus cart? My feeble research seems to indicate things need to be submitted to.. a PlusCart host somewhere on the Internet? I must be wrong. How do people upload compiled ROMs to their own PlusCart on their own WiFi network?
  10. Did the usual forum search and Google with no definite results. Thought I'd ask people who use IntyBASIC what their preferred IDE and/or editor is in 2020. What's good these days?
  11. Please add me to the list. Don't care about the color. Just the basic unit with USB support so I can compile and test like a lazy crazy person
  12. Already pouring over the _RAPAPPS.S from "EX-01a - Hello World". Thank god for much better programmers than me who comment incredibly well 😛
  13. Thank you, Zerosquare! I suspected that might be the route. Actually, I'm fractionally more familiar with assembly than C at this point. I get the feeling I might be doing it wrong learning C on the Jag.
  14. With rB+ discontinued I'm looking for a way to use C and the RAPTOR library. I see stuff with The Removers library but.. Anyway, I'm probably missing something even after forum and Google searches. Any good resources for setting up a C compiler in conjunction with using RAPTOR (in C)? Thank you in advance for any clues!
  15. My slow arse will continue to figure out how to use RAPTOR. Whatever the situation: thank you, gnn. Looking forward to seeing what inspires you next!
  16. I think previously people have attempted to come up with assembly routines that treats the playfield data as a collision mask. Still in the baby stages with 6502 and 68k assembly myself.. someday!
  17. A forum search on AtariVox brings up several hits including this: Was this eventually incorporated into the project?
  18. Hang in there. At least you have more time to think about how to get rid of all those SaveKey dongles! Best wishes, Jason
  19. Didn't catch it live this time but a super watch nonetheless! Picked up some good feedback as usual. Including that the parallax effect wasn't apparent. The one thing I thought I'd get burned on was the flickering but I didn't hear a peep about it
  20. You might have to resort to creating a collision map as a static array. That wouldn't allow for changes to the playfield of course. Trying to make drawscreen and collision statements do anything more may be a red herring.
  21. Now all we need is batari BASIC BASIC: a TinyBASIC clone with graphic, audio and joystick input commands. Hold down the reset switch to enter monitor mode. Hard to believe my first bB game was written in 2010. Thank you, Fred Quimby!
  22. Looking at R.T.s NUSIZ table we only get to stretch the resources - not shrink. But, it sounds like your real objective isn't to make sprites thinner. Besides positioning sprites off screen my usual go to method is to just make the sprite a single row of 0's _player0: _%00000000 end
  23. Depends on Joe. All three being official movie games. We still shuffle game ideas between us so new editions or sequels are within the realm of possible fun projects
  24. I've never had any compatibility problems with the 2600 games I've made. In fact, my first hardware tests usually start on a 7800. Once a client / collaborator had a 7800 that corrupted the high res title screen slightly. Couldn't reproduce on other known good 7800s.
  25. That ZeroPage Homebrew episode was a fun show! Seems there was a little confusion on my end about Laughing Boy. But, it's a complete game
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