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  1. That gets me a little angry and frustrated. Y'all played one of my 2600 games for a long time in one video (Cyber Willy maybe?). It's horrible that a corporate bot can kill channels.


    My own experience has been getting flagged for the first 4 seconds of silence as being owned by some leech of a company. This was a video of me playing my own PC game of which EVERY asset including music was created by me.


    Hopefully D.Tube takes off.

  2. My mom was pretty young when she had me. Difference is, she wanted to have a kid. Didn't want marriage or any of that. Most people have "mistakes" or - very strangely - have an oopsie to keep a man.


    First off, men aren't worth it. Second, the zombie apocalypse hasn't happened. There's no need to repopulate the earth. It's OK to choose what point in your life to create another.

  3. This guy is a lot smarter than I am.


    He's a lot smarter than me for sure! What I'd take out of this video is how the 2600 works for games. The big secret is that he didn't have this awesome idea for Pitfall! He dinked around with what he found he could do and made a game from it :)

  4. This is way over my head. All I did last week was make two sprites and I couldn't even get that right lol.


    Sorry about the poor explanation. My main point is that you can do more than you think in batari BASIC. With assembly you control every detail for maximum freedom. With batari BASIC you work within what it can do to find clever ways of getting what you want.


    Also, check this video out:

  5. Think of the 2 sprites, 2 missiles and ball as crayons. You're actually telling the VCS when to drag each of those crayons across the screen. By expertly deciding when to use what crayon you can pretend like there's more sprites, laser blasts, etc..


    This is also the advantage and disadvantage of batari BASIC. bB decides how you drag those "crayons" across the screen. You can still find ways to bend the rules but you do not have exact control like assembly.


    For instance, in my game M.M.S.B.C. II I appear to have 2 player ships with their own laser blasts and up to 8 simulated enemies on screen - all with parallax scrolling.


  6. I didn't know some games were impossible in bb. I'm not at a point yet where it probably makes a difference.


    It's not that some games are impossible in bB. it's just that you need to be ever more unconventional. Also, you might need to make your own mini-kernel or use inline assembly.


    I've managed some smooth horizontal scrolling and even 4-way scrolling in bB.


  7. Age is all relative anyway. Many smart people continue to learn over the years. Stuff like how to deal with stress. How to deal with people who push yer buttons. Even how to not to push other peoples buttons!


    Sadly, that kind of learning is also a choice. Many people choose not to grow. Instead they blame their own behavior on life and others. So, I guess this Neverland forum shouldn't be a source of anger so much as a cautionary tale :P

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