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  1. Making Simple, Fun Games with Beginner Tools. Full Time!

  2. I was shocked and appalled as a kid when Super Mario Bros stopped getting more difficult after the third iteration of the levels. People forget that Atari games treated gameplay like a sport or a board game. You don't "finish" a game: you master it.

    1. Keatah


      I always tried breaking my games by seeing how far you could push something. Or by not following the instructions. Or by running up the score counter. I was like 5 years old at the time.

    2. 108 Stars

      108 Stars

      hehe, strangely enough I never cared about that. Even on Atari I imagined an "adventure" when playing, never mind scores or challenge. So it came natural to me when games actually offered something like that with an end.

    3. swlovinist


      Nintendo brought in a new way to play games. It also catered to a different crowd. I love both for different reasons. I would have not wanted to see what we would be playing if it was not for Nintendo.

  3. Dracula: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flash! Dracula: I was called here by MARKETERS, who wished you pay NINTENDO points! Richter: "Points"?! You steal users property rights, and make them update! Dracula: Perhaps the same could be said of all platforms. Richter: Your EULAS are as empty as your soul. Gamers ill needs a system such as you. Dracula: WHAT IS A EULA?!? *goblet toss* A miserable little pile of secrets! Dracula: But enough talk...

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    2. Jess Ragan

      Jess Ragan

      Yeah, I really hated that new Nintendo EULA. Everything froze up until you agreed to the terms, even Miiverse on PCs. This is crap, Nintendo!

    3. MrMaddog


      Nevermind Dracula, Howard Lincoln has risen from the grave...

    4. Gemintronic


      I was thinking that a EULA that literally bricks your property if you don't agree would not be acceptable to anyone. I guess people don't read EULAs. I'll never give anyone permission to alter my equipment without consent.

  4. ZOMG! My Avatar changed screen resolutions!

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      This Avatar saved gaming!

    3. Gemintronic


      This Avatar is savory and gamy!

    4. sega_SHARK


      It's the Nusty Squizlebork of Avatars!

  5. Just had two quarts of veggie juice. All that bull about juicing making you full is actually true.. too true infact.. *burp*

  6. No more locked down forced firmware DRM online only garbage for me. Fighting with Sony PSP firmware keeps reminding me why.

  7. Caviar and doritos ain't so bad!

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Fish eggs, fish eggs

      Roly-poly fish eggs

      Fish eggs, fish eggs

      Eat them up, yum!

  8. Schleeble grobble wop wop.

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    2. atari2600land


      chumble spuzz plim forb quangorf orginflatz.

    3. jaybird3rd


      Well, Tatookalom Grinklesnork, today we've learned a great fringleworm: Never to try to change the blinkarunken cranks of Cranglemore Cacrankensnork!

    4. xucaen
  9. This guy thinks swapping rare Pippin bootleg discs sOK. Is he right?

    1. 108 Stars

      108 Stars

      First time I hear AA had some arrangement with Atari or anyone. For all I know AA is hosting those games simply because they think nobody will complain. And that has proven corrrct, yet it is still not technically legal. I agree that some definite stance on the matter by AA would be welcome. I suggest PMing Albert.

  10. I'm a PEEK'er. I'm a POKE'er. And I'm a midnight coder. I type my programs and hit RUN.

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    2. Atarian7


      Do some people call you Maurice?

    3. atarian63
    4. Gemintronic


      Some people call MBASIC /M:32768

      Cause I repurpose 32k of the memory above.

  11. Why is it when you plan to make a simple game it turns out to take over 4 months?

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    2. Gemintronic


      Every one of you is right.. except OldSchoolRetroGamer. He forgot I made Drunken Pooper :)

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      4 months? Don't you know that you can make a game that is cartridge-ready in a single weekend? No need for bug testing and polishing.

    4. Gemintronic


      You'll never forgive me for that Cyber Willy game I made, will you? :)


  12. I'm a PEEKer, I'm a POKEer. I'm a midnight coder. I type my programs and hit RUN.

  13. The difference between enthusiast and crazy iskaslgnlALJK{SKSSSSSSSS

  14. For some reason that reminds me of the day after I ate lima beans that had gotten freezer burn. NEVER AGAIN.

  15. I'm a PEEKer, I'm a POKEer. I'm a midnight coder. I type my programs and hit RUN.

    1. zylon



    2. nukeshed


      My boss lol'd when he saw this on my screen. Well done.

  16. I'm a PEEKer, I'm a POKEer. I'm a BASIC user. I type my programs and hit RUN.

    1. SeaGtGruff


      You need to work in "I'm a midnight POKEr" into that somehow. :)

    2. Gemintronic


      Oops! Right on :)

  17. There's a waste that I know, To dispair in Pure multilation! Dying there, you'll be free, If you truly wish to be!

  18. Responding with Silence is both Negative and Alienating. Avoid Becoming a Nega-Alien!

  19. remembers a time when sound and quality were two separate matters

  20. remembers a time when sound and quality were two separate matters

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