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  1. @PlaysWithWolves What a style means to me is how clearly it can be identified with the hardware. The far limits being hardware with upgrades (i.e. DPC, MMC5, extra RAM etc..) and demoscene tricks that don't actually work for full games. I'm not a purist though. For instance: I'd say Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon does a great job of distilling the NES style. Its graphics are *just* a little farther than possible but it doesn't scream fake. It mostly maintains the 8x8 pixel tile shape in objects. Also, the 4 colors per tile (1 transparency + 3 colors) is mostly followed.
  2. The 2600 is deeply entrenched in the era where hardware was unique and audio/visual output reflected that. I can usually tell when a "look alike" modern retro game comes up short. A big hint is when they use too many colors per horizontal line in either the sprites or background.
  3. I agree. It would prevent the laziest of pirates though. Sometimes that's enough.
  4. Yeah. No. Please do not contact Atari for anything at any time. If they even smell you could be getting in the way of profiting from the brand it's over. They don't have to win a lawsuit: they just have to drain your money with litigation. I'd suggest adding the feature to obfuscate the ROM inside Javatari. Maybe have a seperate version for people who would love to publish their 2600 games on the PC (for profit) Also, make Javatari an add on / extension / wrapper for Unity and YoYo Games Game Maker. I would definetly buy a license for something that embeds Javatari into a Unity or Game Maker project.
  5. Are there write ups on the types of scrolling techniques that would be successful here? Large world map scrolling has been hard for me to learn how to code.
  6. Appologize in advance for double posting. But, I just remembered Stranglehand has procedural title screen music. Every time you power off / on or lose a game and go back to the title screen the "music" slightly changes. Badly coded source is in the link
  7. Side question: will SpiceC use dasm, something built from scratch or a combination of dasm and a pre-existing ARM compiler?
  8. Harmony Encore supports the BFSC (256k with SuperChip RAM) format. The UnoCart does too except you may need a firmware update. So, if you want to go big choose those.
  9. Almost all of these cards expect to serve up specific picture file formats. Many mention additional power draw when using wifi. Probably will try this myself someday anyway You might want to contact the brewing academy directly. Maybe there's a way to use an STM32 USB programmer to upload not just firmware but also the ROM binary.
  10. Y'all have given me way more time and advice than I deserve. So, I've been quietly installing rB+ and visual IDEs. Poking at the tutorials. Hopefully I'll obtain that new flash cart since I've just got the JagCD for now. My plan is to have multiple titles for multiple systems next PRGE. Give WAVE 1 GAMES some friendly competition Well, not really. My games are either weird or simple as heck!
  11. Maybe not. Some homebrew developers get hot or cold about projects Katy Perry style. At least speaking for myself. He did "heart" my post so maybe we'll see the technique I proposed used somewhere.
  12. Besides CyranoJs suggestion I wonder if splitting the limbs into separate sprites would help optimize things. Have a main body sprite that the legs move with to simulate frames of animation.
  13. Me and John Hancock relied heavily on procedural generation for [email protected] of Chaos https://atariage.com/forums/topic/237201-update-sold-out-limited-edition-atari-2600-game-catacombs-of-chaos/?tab=comments#comment-3217349 Basically, using various bits from x, y, dungeon floor and world seed variables to determine the current room layout. The real problem was finding an algorithm that didn't make the dungeon layout repetitive. Also, shifting bits around enough leads to going over cycle.
  14. You could edit the score asm files per bank using RevEngs multi kernel framework: Basically, every bank is its own game with its own score graphics.
  15. I am far, far out of my league to even post here. So, apologies for the possible irritation I was looking for the source to the Homestar Runner RPG when I found a link to a 13 character routine: http://www.qotile.net/minidig/tricks.html I'm sure there's a gotcha that goes above my head. But, maybe it's an option?
  16. Adventure II. It's Adventure except more of it Also, the developer really had a challenging journey making it. It's be disrespectful if I didn't give it the attention it deserves. UPDATE: Of course, I say this yet play the 5200 not so often 😕
  17. I'd take it on a case by case basis. Meaning: look for specific indications from the game developer (especially PAL60 support). I made a game called Super Smash Truck for a friend. It used NTSC timings and PAL colors a.k.a. PAL60. So, during development I chose colors that would look acceptable on US and European TVs. Of course, I also made the assumption that most European TVs can handle NTSC timings nowadays.
  18. A better strategy might be to encourage development of a rB+ library to access storage and features on the upcoming flash cart. Ports (in my very limited experience) are usually harder than starting from scratch with modern development tools. Being able to access chunks of flash storage for game data would go a long way towards beefier full blown computer game conversions / homages.
  19. @nooly: I think most of the assembly he did was removing unused functions from bB to make that 2k. Also, mini kernels for the display. My hunch is that you could change this to 4k just fine. But, looking at other peoples code often confuses me I second just re-creating it yourself with your own improvements.
  20. As a bB user I get to enjoy a lovingly maintained DASM version. I always know where to get it and what to expect of its output. So, bB -> ASM is as painless as possible. I guess I'm not refuting or defending anything: just very appreciative Andrew has provided source that's easy to build and inspect. Also, RevEng for his work on bB and 7800BAS. It's efforts like these that keep our consoles going with new developers and thus new games.
  21. BASIC might be out of scope for Andrew. But, if you ever do a write up on the ins and outs of incorporating assembly functions, I'd be geeked! I think finding which memory areas to avoid stepping on and playing nice with the graphic kernel must be complicated issues - something only you (as a BASIC compiler developer), Fred and RevEng could have a hope of sorting out
  22. As far as rabid, self harming fandom goes I think I noticed it around Xbox 360 and PS3 era. Which is strange because this was also the era where exclusivity deals, online only and DLC started. Basically, the time and place people should have fought hard with their dollars to stop these evils behaviors - instead they doubled down on brand worship and group think.
  23. Emulation is just another form of enjoying gaming with advantages and disadvantages. Frankly, I almost expect it to look better and have fancier features than the real deal. Like higher res and texture smoothing on PS2 emulators. Or, the SuperEagle filter on SNES9x.
  24. For those in the Windows 10 camp here is (what I interpreted as) the equivalent of Makefile It assumes you have dasm and stella in your PATH. It also assumes you are running this batch file from where the Makefile for this project resides. taskkill /F /IM "stella.exe" /T dasm ./sokoboo.asm -l./sokoboo.txt -f3 -s./sokoboo.sym -o./sokoboo.bin echo y| cacls ./sokoboo.bin /g everyone:f start stella ./sokoboo.bin
  25. The rule of thumb here in the scene is to tout your framerate via emulation. Since CyranoJ is focusing on sound he chose to go real hardware. [ ducks and runs ]
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