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  1. We can dream But, the lowest I've seen an Atari 2600 emulator go was the GBA. Even that was only partially able to run. Not sure about the coleco. Maybe someone could make something like that Super Maryo Bros for the genesis where they disassemble and re-compile the code.
  2. Last post before yours was in 2013 so he may have moved on to other projects. The nice thing is he posted source so we all can play with the concept. Feel free to get that better sounding er, sound effect in The challenge here is not just finding a more appealing sound but also space as adding code to a 2k project usually means making room for it by reducing existing code.
  3. I discovered the screen and virtual sprite positions are much more stable if I do this immediately before a drawscreen: rem //** Kludge to Stabilize Multi Sprite Kernel **// score = score + 0 drawscreen I don't know if that helps confirm your suspicions or not regarding screen drawing. Does the noscore kernel you put together here also have other benefirs? I guess freeing up the 3 score vars is one. Does it also mean more CPU time for game logic?
  4. I think the visual bB music engine works. This'll be a big step up though! The main bottleneck has always been beginner friendly music editing tools for bB games. Is that a part of this project? Or, can we import MIDI tunes or something?
  5. It's been awhile. Not sure where my adapter went. I used a playstation to genesis adapter from Tototek. I've also tried one of those Seagull 78 adapters in the mix. Only original playstation joysticks work. Only tried the D-pad. Went back to genesis joysticks as they always seem to be around the office no matter how clean or messy things get
  6. I recently found there's a limit of 50 defines (a.k.a. "def colp0p5=colflags{0}") in bB. I'm making a game with 5 virtual sprites and using boolean values to determine movement and other attributes. Not to mention flags for room attributes and game settings. Not complaining. Just thought R.T. might (or might not) want to update the reference for the def text.
  7. Sounds like the OP might be leaving for getting annoyed with Facebook users and/or moderators. I've learned that Facebork is NOT a place for discussion (even with friends and family). However, it is the one platform business and casual acquaintances are almost guaranteed to have. You can keep it for messaging and disavow it for discussion.
  8. I think up as FIRE feels better than up as jump. Thank you for the new, unique game Is there a place to read up on new techniques and mitigating quirks you found while making this?
  9. I just tried the instructions today on a fully updated WIn 10 Pro x64. This includes rB+, CMDer and Notepad++ (x86) install. Adding the rB+ syntax highlighter and NppExec with build script (directly from Notepad++). "success" was measured by creating a new project under CMDer and modifying the main .bas file. Selecting the rB+ syntax highlighting. Running the build script from Notepad++ and watching the compiled ROM play via virtual jaguar. The assumptions of things to do during the process were: * Run Notepad++ installer as admin * Add the C:\rB+ and C:\bin (location of CMDer) path to the environment * Uncheck read only on C:\rB+ folder * Grant Everyone full rights to C:\rB+ folder * Run CMDer as admin I don't need a cookie. Just adding another data point to the tutorials track record.
  10. In order to bring this one step closer to being the go to solution for every all Atari console I found these resources for rB+ (Jaguar) Build system integration from Christo: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262800-rb-tutorial-1-setting-up-and-configuring-rb-from-scratch/page-1?do=findComment&comment=3955861 Syntax highlighting for Notepad++ (hopefully useful to pull keywords out) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262800-rb-tutorial-1-setting-up-and-configuring-rb-from-scratch/page-1?do=findComment&comment=3709165 Hopefully these links will provide some advantage if you ever consider adding rB+ BASIC
  11. It might be worth it to figure out a technique that determines which screen var the player is sitting on for a non 0 value. If it is greater than 0 do a pfread. But, this is all theory and probably easier said than done
  12. I did a forum search and didn't come up with much. Are there language definition files for Visual Studio Code integration? Besides my own use I figure such a thing would be useful for the guy making an Atari console plugin: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/290365-atari-dev-studio-for-homebrew-development/ If he could assimilate the stand alone rB+ language definition file it could be an all inclusive solution for Visual IDE addic... beginners! Thank you in advance for any clues. UPDATE: Probably gonna end up ripping the keywords from the Notepad++ syntax highlight definition file and creating a similar config file for Visual Studio Code. In the meantime I forwarded the relevant files and posts to the guy making Atari Dev Studio.
  13. The main issue I've had is using too much CPU time with the pfread command to check for projectile <-> player collisions. At times I've gone over cycle with just 4 pfread commands in one game loop. Probably can mitigate this by checking only every other frame or more.
  14. It's a little less at Flashback Ltd. Plus, you get a discount if you use the code: gemintronic https://www.flashbackltd.com/collections/genesis/products/hdtv-cable-compatible-with-genesis-hyperkin?aff=12 Supposedly I get a kickback at some point to buy me a coffee. Which is necessary when making Atari 2600 games (or dealing with soft collision on the Genesis).
  15. Probably the best version to get is the Airwalk Studios version with their own branding on it. I'd love to see more games from these guys (and a possible Genesis Game Maker). http://www.second-dimension.com/shop/product/25
  16. I think people are combining the possible worst case scenarios including: * NES ports substituted for arcade versions * Poor quality emulation * No updates for said emulation issues * Build quality I myself have experienced one or two of these issues but still buy AtGames products. Mainly supporting them when they put out products you can add your ROMs to (or have a cart slot.)
  17. I kept my JagCD as a substitute for your wondrous new device. I bet people interested in homebrew dev are doing the same. So, needless to say, not a high priority for me
  18. I hope this release goes well WAVE 1 GAMES. A lot of good feedback here. I will use it in my own games for sure.
  19. BennuGD has its own forum with an English speaking section: http://forum.bennugd.org/ I'd love to hear about your progress with this
  20. Any challenges writing the game? Fancy technical features you impressed yourself with? No sarcasm here. This looks like there's a lot below the surface and I don't have the assembly skills to immediately appreciate it
  21. Thank you for the detailed, honest write up. The inaccuracy of the magic minutes timer is a sore point for me. But, I recognize it as my own limitation as a programmer. If a sequel is wanted I'll skip the timer entirely and use a plain numerical counter
  22. The existing videos I've found on YouTube are pretty bad. One guy was violating a cart with a flat head screwdriver so bad I had to take a shower after watching.
  23. I appreciate the feedback! Definitely something to consider.
  24. Well, it turns out I thought I was golden as I've only been testing sleevless carts on my 7800. My light sixer refused to accept anything as the cart didn't have those pokey bits. Live and learn. Only new shells for me! Thank you for the advice.
  25. So, I was thinking of using my leftover commons for a new game. But, I'm especially challenged and keep losing the springs or other parts. Is the internal dust sleeve/shield really needed? After the springs are gone it kinda slides and makes broken sounding noises. Can those be left out? Don't hurt me I've never tried salvaging carts myself before. Any input would be appreciated.
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