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  1. C012296 has 7 bit refresh while C021697 has 8 bit refresh due to being a later version for XE use with the extended memory fad. Only becomes an issue if you are going to need the later and better 8 bit refresh for massive memory upgrades. Otherwise they should work. Me neither, had to wiki it since I also couldn't find my rambo schematic which has an added IC to supply the missing bit of refresh if you happen to have the early ANTIC. I can't find it - it's always in the way any other day... And wiki doesn't cover the refresh difference either... The dash 13 part is a date code or other superfluous information that needs no attention paid to it all. It becomes important in eprom work, but this isn't that.
  2. How religious are you when it comes to obtaining very slow, very good eproms for OS rom work? I've found you can't be religious enough and they almost have to be still wet from the blessings of holy water. All too often static shocked devices are for sale on eBay and they may appear to be burnt good and proper but are too fast to be used for an OS rom which prefers a very slow range of 200ns to 450ns in the worst of cases. In my experience. I mention it because it sure sounds like this might be the real problem and nothing else. And of course and as per usual, if you've taken care of this aspect, then simply ignore me.
  3. I think it was an attempt at just that JR> - it just didn't work as hoped for as the slap easy one without the support logic of a real freezer. What's the harm in trying? I was clueless until your suggestion too. You got my vote.
  4. My bad entirely, sorry. The code works fine Atari800Win no special drive at all. What I should have done was to try it first instead of attempted disassembly where I made blunders to put it mildly. She is correct. Only thing I got now is perhaps it's the famous timing issue and somehow hers is more better set and thus not so critical to it? Best of luck getting to the bottom of it.
  5. It's junk boot code. Bad JSR to routines that are close by, but missed, fix one, three others pop up. Just a roundhouse of missed it by that much. Doesn't work anywhere 6502 does. What I don't know is how it got that way. Or why you now have it, expecting it to ever work. Or what it looked like when it did work. A screen shot of a working menu disk is not in this thread. Actual sources also a great mystery. Refrain with the US Doubler Disks phrasing please - it's not a valid 'thing'. No magic required to boot DD disks, the first three sectors must come in as SD and within that code a means to effect DD loading must be achieved. OS 128 byte per sector boot code in ROM is then left to languish for the rest of the disk. This code appears to be more than capable if it weren't for the errors in jumping around insanely like a chicken with it's head cut off. Bad author can't keep his source code straight, or bad keeper of the flame, stepped on by what process, who can know from here? And with nothing to go on, I'm done before I can start. It does appear that this code is not the code that works. Tell me why and we'll both know.
  6. I would jumper pin 11 of the 6532 RIOT chip (U7) to ground for a short second to see if that does cause the motor to spin up and the activity light to shine. And if so, then I would go to eBay and order a replacement 6532 for six bucks and maybe get some cheaper ones coming from china too. Just in case the one you get over here isn't any good either. It sounds like you have the culprit duly rounded up and caught red handed too. 6532 is commonly problematic although this exact symptom isn't the norm and a first IIRC here. Always a good thing to have one as a spare.
  7. Not sure what a tag is, but I always used to use quotes like above. Can't say if that option was here yesterday either, it's going to take some getting used to, that's for sure. My problem with these quotes is I can't reconstruct with html to my liking and purpose. OR the button/method to do that is unknown to me as of yet.
  8. As much as I hate to say since I'd like to have one myself, but north of hundred at a minimum. They are Rare with a capital R. What I'm not clear on is how much north...
  9. Notably it's missing the two OSN chips E and F, instead we see Atari 800 roms, two NTSC B roms and one PAL A rom? Used to be some good pictures of one or two of these but pictures don't seem to make it or I've lost the urls again. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/270614-newell-osn-for-400800/
  10. Cease and desist immediately, calling an XEGS an XE is most offensive to both crowds that favor one over the other as if it doesn't matter anyway. It always matters. I like both and have a keyboard for my XEGS, you can get one too. Just kidding by the way, but you really shouldn't go there. I'll suggest a better clock IC for U18, currently a 74LS08 AND chip to be replaced by a 74HCT08 that has a better and cleaner output signal with more authority. One of the gates on this chip supplies the system Phase 02 clock and it's important that it's not lagging in slow ramp up as too many stock LS08 chips tend to do it. Unless you can find it cheaper, faster, or already have one laying about as I do: https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-x-74HCT08-7408-IC-Quad-2-Input-Positive-AND-Gate-USA-SELLER-Free-Shipping/323520369453 The 800XL also seems to like one other chip just because they do and it is U30, a 74LS51 to have instead a 74HC51 for it's better waveform as well. This deals exclusively with ram signal creation and I just swap them out too with never a reason to be sorry. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTOROLA-MC74HC51N-74HC51-10-PCS/362196274897 These are no longer carried by 'real' sources as a general stock item on hand and ready to ship. I was surprised to find some in fact. And of course I already have a stick of new ones just waiting for my next 800XL already. Once those two chips are serving up some decent waveforms there might be further items to look at such as the MMU perhaps if the condition continues to plague you. It sure sounds like borderline timing issues either with ram or chip selects and the above suggestions have always worked aces for me in the past when I've had one acting up. It makes them solid as a rock, just like they should be.
  11. You can have someone snail mail you one, but we would need to know your general location on the globe for that. Volunteers in your general region would then contact you via PM system to get your mailing address. Wrong thought process, it doesn't work like that. A modern computer can not make these disks. Save for one Double Density format that requires a Double Density capable Atari disk drive, and the stock 1050 isn't that drive. It will need modifications such as US Doubler or Happy in order to be useful in using AtariDsk for file transfers between PC and Atari system using PC written floppies. https://www.horus.com/~hias/atari/#ataridsk You will need to use some kind or form of SIO2PC and a good working Atari system with good working drive in order to make stock 1050 capable disks at your place. And right now you have no good working drive to do that with as the first and largest obstacle to deal with. You then also need the SIO2PC device in order to get the files onto the Atari system. Multimeter method will not work. But the BASIC program offered by Nukey Shay will since you have BASIC built in and can enter it manually and run it each time you need this program until you have a working drive that can save it to disk. You will have to boot with DOS in order to save the BASIC rpm program back to disk as well. So what did you clean the heads with? Were they dirty?
  12. What are you doing? subtitled way to short with the info. PC don't run good on Atari software unless you have something else going on past the description of nothing. Which exactly named DOS? And how are you using what looks like a PC? subtitled does it boot MS-DOS fine?
  13. Not recognizable here other than the misplaced MMU part. And the sanded off numbers of logic chips. Those were shared by the The Impossible by Bob Puff at CSS at one time. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254384-css-the-impossible/ I'll suggest it's a home rolled attempt at one, and of course can't possibly know if the software for it would work for yours, even if it were one. Sanded off numbers on the logic chips are not such a problem these days. Almost all of the 40 dollar eprom programmers have a TTL chip detect option to them where you drop in the mystery chip and it is sent various states and by changes on other pins, it's type is detected, then verified and proven. Nothing more than a mouse click and wait for the answer.
  14. I'm with JR> here, home rolled only. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/270614-newell-osn-for-400800/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242338-ramrod-mmos-document-attached/ Ramrod was for 800 only and much bigger. Personality board replacement entirely. There are a couple of posts with pictures of it. How it's going to work on an XL is anybody's guess other than an 800 OS choice obviously.
  15. I'm reminded of the 3rd byte being 80h (48h?) with a happy drive under SpartaDOS if you don't use INDUS.SYS driver. Didn't know a thing about it for years except the 3rd byte was always stepped on using Sparta on that Happy so I just didn't use the Happy with Sparta. Supposed to be a bug in the Happy OS and it has been fixed IIRC. Nezgar would know exactly all about it, I'll refer you to him if you need more info.
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