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  1. Hi.. Still have the Australian white boxed Arcadia. Anyone interested? All famicom stuff still available Thanks
  2. Bump. Still have the following Tunix machine Hmg2650 machine 2 white box games Boxed Arcadia pal unit I believe Also the following Brand New Famicom Twin System $400 Famicom turbo game doctor 6+ unit, plus 62 disks. $100 famicom disk system adaptor $15 famicom system (clone) and bubble bobble. $85 35 famicom disk system disk games ( maybe closer to 40 ) $80 famicom Mario 2 - disk system $15 famicom Mario golf - disk system $5 famicom Twinbee - disk system $5 famicom Pro Wrestling - disk system $5 famicom F1 race - disk system $5 famicom 3d glasses new $60 famicom legend of Zelda 2 - disk system $20 famicom Zelda - disk system $25
  3. Yup complete.. Packed into boxes, I think I enjoy the hunt more than the owning 😄 someone else would get better use of it
  4. Hey guys, Probably the wrong place, but wondering what someone might value a complete pal doc collection at. All games UK versions where there may have been euro options, all hardware, boxed mint, alot of games sealed.. Just wondering market price? Thanks
  5. Bump, the Arcadia games (excluding white box version ) are pending, same for loose us machine, still gave boxed pal Arcadia and tempest and hmg2650 thanks
  6. Seems like a lot of work for years revenge. Well whatever I'll just bin the item.. Seeing as it's worthless.. Thanks
  7. So the "proto/PCB" is no longer sold as the buyer backed out. I was happy to refund his money.. not going to rip people off I would however just ask that someone let me know what they think this item is worth, im not looking to pull the wool over anyones eyes, i believed it to be a Proto or demo board, if its not, then to be fair you guys are by far the experts on these, but from my perspective, i guess id wonder why anyone would make a homemade yars revenge.. which is so common .. kinda strange.. the cart has sat in my collection for 10 or so years.. were homemade carts a thing early 2000's? Cheers
  8. i havent set prices, ive had a couple people just make an offer, and ive pretty much worked with them, id love to avoid ebay as its just a hassle, but saying that i also would appreciate fair offers ( of which all teh guys ive recently dealt with have provided very fair offers ), . Shipping to the US is about 15 USD.. so not a complete killer but understand teh issue of buying just the one game. im also happy to combine so if you guys all want something seperate and just want to do one lot of international shipping im happy to go that way aswell.. whatever works Brain Quiz currently on hold for Blazing lazers. Would love to sell the pack as a lot, the boxed arcadia is actually a PAL version ( i was surprised by that as i hadnt see a PAL labelled Arcadia ) The other Two units are a US Arcadia, and a HMG2650 from memory. I think i have a TUNIX aswell ( PAL ) Cheers
  9. Also selling in case people are interested New famicom twin Psx debugs Snk rotary controllers for arcade unit
  10. Hi all, I'm not a regular on this forum, but I'm known to a few of you, and I'm more a tg16 collector, I've sold the odd items privately recently and was advised to try here.. Don't want to push noses out of place by coming here to sell.. Anyways I have the following items, I'm in New Zealand, clearing out my collection over the next few months, starting with some of this, offers welcomed. The pal 2600 proto/pcb is yars revenge.. The home entertainment unit box is beat up, the unit is loose inside.
  11. Also wanted to add the following items Looking for these (MINT ONLY) US Manual : Magical Chase, Shockman, Somer Assault US Box : Turrican, Blazing Lasers, Soldier Blade, New Adventure Island, Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure , Neutopia II Other : Sapphire OBI, Turbo Play Aug/Sept 90, April/May 92, Turbo Edge Spring 90
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