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  1. I was re-telling some of the PVV story and found the address (again) in the PDF. I'd looked this up on google maps once before and thought about making a trip to see it in person. But from the google images, it looks like any other rural location. Preble County's web site is tough to navigate, but I did finally find the parcel and info on 8141 Pleasant Valley Rd: https://www.preblecountyauditor.org/Data.aspx?ParcelID=C07431440000006000 The earliest sale shown there was from an un-named seller in 1993. No mention of Redd on the property though.
  2. Sorry guys, I spent a half hour looking at power switches and nothing matched. Funny, I asked the guy where are switches and some other things and he will only say "Aisle J somewhere", "Look down that way", "we don't have that". When I showed him a pic of the DeOxIt, he says "What about it?" Umm... do you have any?...No At least I did pick up some sockets for one AA member.
  3. My bad, this one was easy enough to find
  4. This stuff is like searching for a needle in a haystack...without knowing what a needle looks like. Can you post a picture of these things? I tried googling the PREH power switch and it wasn't helpful. And what's a reasonable unit price... $0.50, $1.00 ??
  5. I relisted again this morning. It is live for another week.
  6. Yeah, I couldn't talk the guy at the counter down from $1.25 apiece for those two connectors, even for everything in the case. My better half came back later and negotiated like 75% off or more on about a thousand fuses. I think I'll let her do all the talking next time.
  7. Silly ebay did an automatic relist as soon as I accepted the buyer's cancellation. I ended that relist as soon as I realized what had happened. I knew that buyer's cancellation was going to cause me a bunch of headaches .
  8. Yes, fell through. He cancelled very soon after the auction ended, reasoning that paying taxes made the cost too much.
  9. Had to relist this due to the high bidder cancelling https://www.ebay.com/itm/164094077828
  10. I'm listing my 7800 Joust Box on ebay (again). I found that atari7800.org has collected some photos of the 1984 items: https://www.atari7800.org/museum.htm Mine shown here is the one with the top half of the Lionel price sticker. The one on atari7800 has the bottom half of the Lionel sticker
  11. There is a monstrous warehouse doing a multiple month liquidation sale. There is an entire floor of hardware/electronics from industrial pumps down to computer components and nuts and bolts. There are a bunch of rows of bins full of chips, sockets, switches, diodes and doo-dads. If anyone has any ideas of what they might want in bulk or be of value, let me know and I'll see if they have any. Some of the staff was helpful, others were surly and ornery (like the guy that wouldn't help find an RCA adapter). Here are a couple pics, bins of chips, some DB-9 parts, two-piece coax-to-RCA solution
  12. Donkey Kong is the king of Coleco variations, like Combat is for Atari. Check out this site for a bunch of cartridge and box variations: http://www.videogamevariations.com/AtariCompanies/coleco.htm There are four different released-in-the-USA versions of the box shown there, one with just a printed date on the inner flap that is different. The cartridges also will show a different "Made in xxx" embossed in the plastic depending on where it was manufactured. The first four releases from Coleco: Carnival, Donkey Kong, Mouse Trap and Venture; came in the non-illustrated box, and were later released in boxes with the illustration. You can see some side-by-side photos of these on my site: https://sites.google.com/view/cincynoti2600/atari-2600/coleco I have at least a half dozen Donkey Kong boxes, but the only illustrated one I had handy when I was making those photos was sold. The illustrated one is harder to find, but I don't think it's really all that rare (I could be wrong of course). If you are interested in one with the illustration, I'll see if I can find one in storage.
  13. Did any of the eproms that were sold with that zif board have any games on them? I've tried them all and... nothing. I don't even know if they are 7800 or 2600 eproms or something else. Only the Ballblazer chip works.
  14. So that "authorized user" shows up on the released cartridge too? Sorry, I never really played Ballblazer before and don't have one handy to compare.
  15. I put this up on ebay today, not really sure if it is a final production version or what. Then I noticed on the screen shot that I took there is something I didn't recognize that made me start to wonder if it's NOT the final version. The second screen shows Atari Corporation, authorized user Any thoughts on whether this is a final version or some near-finished WIP?
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