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  1. I'm taking pics to put a boxed copy of the 1985 Pole Positn misprint up on ebay and I noticed something I had not seen before. There is a "Made in Taiwan" sticker on the warranty card to cover up Made in the USA. I have to wonder, why bother with that sticker? Anyway, take a look at what they did with the phone number. First they black out the original and stamp it with (048) 745-4851. At some point they realize that 048 is a misprint, and they black that out and re-stamp it with (408) 745-4851.
  2. I have an opened box. I don't think it has ever been used. But if you want a still sealed one, this won't do
  3. All the remaining Hot Shot titles are on ebay now, along with some other 2in1 games. https://www.ebay.com/sch/cincynoti/m.html
  4. Most Bit titles sold. These three are left, and currently on ebay Schnecke und Eichhornchen Bobby Geht Heim Sesam Offne Dich!
  5. eBay makes it very difficult to find exactly how their fees are being charged. Here is a recent example, $100 sale, $6 shipping. Their fees should be: 0.30 final value flat fee 13.09 = Final value fee, standard variable: 12.35% x $106 (FV with shipping) There actual fee was 0.30 + $13.91 What is "hidden" is that they also charge you a processing fee on the taxes they collect. That comes to an extra 0.85 in the FVF 12.35% x $112.63 = $13.91 So the buyer's state tax must have been about $6.63. eBay charges me $0.85 to collect state sales tax on this auction. In total, eBay collected $14.21 in fees for the $100 item.
  6. Many sold. These boxed titles are left: Tennis Tomcat TitleMatch x2 Skateboardin California Games Der Postman/Tanzende Teller (on ebay right now) Dream Flight has been sold, but the rest of the loose ones are still here.
  7. Imagic had several revisions in their packaging. Some of their first releases like Demon Attack had Rev A,B,C, then a black box (after Activision acquired them) and a pastel box like Wing War. The first releases were all silver boxes with silver sides and black text. They changed the styleing for the later releases like Fathom, Solar Storm, etc with red background and white text. You can see a lot of these variations on atarimania.com and videogamevariations.com
  8. I’ve got a bunch of PAL titles I’m selling from my collection. Several loose & boxed games have already gone onto ebay in the past couple weeks. The loose ones are mostly Hot Shot/Goliath and Bit titles. The boxed games are all Salu re-releases of Activision, Absolute, Epyx games. I’m thinking $15 apiece for the Hot Shot ones and $7.50 for Bit and boxed games for $10 each. But feel free to make a reasonable offer. My ebay account is also cincynoti. https://www.ebay.com/sch/cincynoti/m.html
  9. I just put up a couple gatefold games on ebay. Two of the Atari brand games have a Sears price tag on them, that also has the same serial number as the equivalent Sears Tele-games version: 12 Street Racer - 99804 Speedway II 21 Video Olympics - 99806 Pong Sports I've always wondered what the story was behind how these games were sold at Sears. I don't have any memories of my own shopping for these at Sears, so I'm asking if anyone else can recall this. I thought Sears only sold the Tele-games versions of Atari games, especially in the early years. But the 12 Street Racer has a Sears sales receipt with it that looks like it is dated 1 20 1980. I would have thought the stock of gatefold boxes/games would have been gone for at least a year by 1980. What are your thoughts & memories of seeing Atari games at Sears?
  10. My thoughts exactly! I never had one of the original 2600s, but I wonder how little it took for those discs to fall off and be lost forever. However, when someone decided to stick them on these games, they stayed put for over forty years now.
  11. Anyone know which version of the gatefold boxes were the first releases: glossy finish or matte finish? My guess has always been that the glossy ones came first, since they were probably more expensive to produce. Combat boxes also had a version where the instructions slot was either vertical or diagonal. Phil has pictures of these on videogamevariations.com . Again, my assumption was that the vertical slit was the original version, but I've never heard anybody else's opinion on this.
  12. How many times have you opened something from an auction and found something missing that wasn't noted in the listing? Much more unusual is to find something cool and extra that wasn't pictured. Here is what I found years ago when I got a lot of boxed games from eBay. Yep, those little Atari Hex discs that you almost never find with the original joysticks.
  13. I was re-telling some of the PVV story and found the address (again) in the PDF. I'd looked this up on google maps once before and thought about making a trip to see it in person. But from the google images, it looks like any other rural location. Preble County's web site is tough to navigate, but I did finally find the parcel and info on 8141 Pleasant Valley Rd: https://www.preblecountyauditor.org/Data.aspx?ParcelID=C07431440000006000 The earliest sale shown there was from an un-named seller in 1993. No mention of Redd on the property though.
  14. Sorry guys, I spent a half hour looking at power switches and nothing matched. Funny, I asked the guy where are switches and some other things and he will only say "Aisle J somewhere", "Look down that way", "we don't have that". When I showed him a pic of the DeOxIt, he says "What about it?" Umm... do you have any?...No At least I did pick up some sockets for one AA member.
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