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  1. What is going on with the picture exactly ? I'm trying to find a cheap 2600 for a friend.
  2. I want to buy it for a broke friend. I'd need the hookups, but I think I have the controllers covered.
  3. Trying to find a good deal on a 2600 set-up for my buddy. Should be the easiest job in the world for you guys... lol I think I have some spare controllers (maybe), but mainly just need a perfectly working system. Don't care what model. Lemme know what you got. Thanks, Peace
  4. Just did my first deal on here with igg1na. Helped me stock up on working 2600 controllers to get me back up and running again... A+ all the way...
  5. Well there goes my pathetic little debut on the boards here....LMAO
  6. Damnation... Very impressive man, congrats! I think i've barely cracked 6 digits like 2 times in the past...but that's it for me.
  7. Got a respectable score to add to the board...
  8. Man, what a disappointment. :-( I thought ya'll would be anxious to clear out a few of these. Really want all of these, but BADLY in need of at least 3 joysticks if anyone has 'em... Get back to me if anyone is interested in a couple extra paypal bucks & a little extra room... Thx, Mike
  9. I've got my Paypal account connected to my checking account, and withdraw funds for ebay stuff whenever i need it. I do this on a regular basis, and have for the last 3 years or so w/o one problem whatsoever. I'm also pretty sure i will continue to do this for a while to come as well... I'm really sorry you got ripped, but PP has been a godsend for me.
  10. Hi Michael- I'm in Arkansas, USA.
  11. Hi- I'm new to the boards here. The main reason i joined was to see if someone could sell me some working original controllers for my 2600 systems. I need 6 mint/almost new/non-sticky/works PERFECTLY standard joysticks, and 1 more set of paddles. I am a gold star trader w/perfect feedback on www.ugtz.com "Game Trading Zone" -- Username : Nesophile. And have near perfect feedback (about 175) on Ebay -- Username : SkinneeB23. I will have a paypal transfer coming in Thursday, and would send immediate payment upon this coming in. Paypal, and Paypal only...it's the only way to travel for me. :-P I know there must be a lot of guys here with boxes full of spare controllers and stuff...here's your chance to off a few of them to a happy new home. Thanx in advance, Millipeder
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