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  1. WWF WrestleFest I also Hey I really want this rom if anyone can help post or if you can send it in AIM or email Email [email protected] Aim snakeeyesdd here is a link no bad links that I have found hard ones to find to they have WWF Superstars TMNT and a good wrestling game called championship wrestling by tatio this site has lots of stuff. http://www.kemuland.com/mame.php?lettera=W P.S I NEED THE THE SIMPSONS ARCADE Thanks snakeeyesdd
  2. GOT IT MAN THANKS looking for a few others WWF games and simspons any mame sites please add thanks
  3. help with mame please aim snakeeyesdd
  4. I have been looking for this game for ages anyone can you help?
  5. I found a copy of Death Trap at the Flea Market for $5.00
  6. He Does anyone Remember Revco the chain that is Revco. I remember right when Atari went under. They had a ton of them. I remeber that like it was yesterday.
  7. A very Nice game. How many levels does it have any idea?
  8. Its Been awhile went to 2 flea markets and nothing. I come home call a few Video Game stores to see if they have any atari stuff. The last one I call says yeah I got some stuff in yesterday so he runs through the games. He says one game that gets my attention becuase I have been wanting it for awhile and never see a NTSC version on Ebay. Here is what I got. 1. Flag Capture 2. slot Racers 3. Laser Blast 4 Keystone Kapers 5. Zaxxon 6. Donkey Kong Jr. Coleco 7. Sprint Master and 8. Xenophobe all for a high Price of $15.00 Haven't had a find like this since Obelix NTSC. I know its no Quadrun. But I was thrilled enough to drive 80 miles round trip. Yes guys some of the common games I don't have yet and yes I have lots of rarer ones. This throws me around the 210 no duplicate carts. Today was a Good day.
  9. Thougth yours was protos or something other then a offical release. So you are the only known collecter to have those. You are my H.E.R.O.
  10. Other then protos does anyone have a NTSC cart of these 2 and if not why are they not listed as protos.
  11. snakeeyesdd


    I have the NTSC it is the 10 not the pal its pretty easy to find from what I understand
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