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  1. yes thank you for your help the image is a little blurry, but I appreciate it. I may have a lead for a scan. to be continued JC
  2. yep I would like to reproduce what we see on this photo of CURT
  3. Hi, I discovered the topic yesterday, late ;-( in small European boxes, with the 6 languages on the back, I have : Centipede Donkey Kong JR Joust Jungle Hunt Moon Patrol Pac Man Pengo Pole Position photo of the day
  4. hello everyone, I'm looking for a scan of this ad in the highest resolution possible thank you JC
  5. in box, good condition thank you https://colorcomputerarchive.com/repo/Documents/Manuals/Games/Pitstop 2 (Epyx).pdf
  6. tu vas te faire engueuler comme moi haha fallait poster dans WANTED
  7. for what is listed no. I removed the rest
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