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  1. Rhod

    WTB SSI SEALED games

    ATARI SSI SEALED games but also APPLE 2, C64, AMIGA, IBM, ST, MAC versions PM
  2. I'm looking for the Canadian box with French and English on the box as on the boxes below PM for proposal
  3. thanks no blues stickers on boxes ? i have DISK, perhaps soon TAPE.... the game was therefore published on Tape, DISK and Cartridge ....
  4. i love this game. i'm looking for , a boxed game for my collection.
  5. box of Goonies is good ? damaged ? more photo ? also for genesis and AR Dungeon ... thanks
  6. interested in these, according to price Goonies Genesis A. Reality The dungeon (if atari version) Hero Pitfall II Choplifter disk c64 The Serpent Star c64 cauldron c64 2 Quicksilva c64 Whistlers Brothers c64 Doctor Creep c64 Raid Over BB c64 thank you for giving me the price of each contact me at : rhodmac ALT yahoo DOT fr or mp on atariage
  7. Extremly rare VIPER for MINDSET COMPUTER / SEALED https://www.ebay.fr/itm/372855053459
  8. Atari KX-7401 😎😍 https://rhodblog.wordpress.com/2019/08/30/nouveaute-atari-8-bit-kit-kx-7401/
  9. Rhod


  10. only very good condition and not yellowed :-D :-D
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