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    Hacking/Phreaking apps for 8/16 bit computers - wardialers, code scanners, etc.. A little bit of gaming.
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    Always playing Galahad and the Holy Grail as it is the coolest game ever written for any platform PERIOD. :)
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  1. I spoke too soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks NICE!
  2. And yea - no hope of finding this one based on the text.. Sounds like it was definitely a one off.. Would love to at least know what it was based on (if anything).... My bbs running days started in Fern Park, Fl in 1984 with the arrival of my first MPP 1000E modem. I my bbs started with OASIS, Then FoReM, FoReMXe, then a homebrew of IRD_BBS. IRD_BBS was a co-operative effort between me, James Tackett (The Ring Bearer, of the Realm of the Ring BBS) and Jon Taylor (The Stainless Steel Rat, of the DiskBank BBS). (from: https://www.goto10.fr/stories/bought-80.txt)
  3. wow all excellent stuff JP!!!!! Was that prank thing a real deal? did it truly cut someone off on their next logon? What bbs software was that running under? ONE of my favorite parts about dialing around the world was being able to download new BBS programs (go figure from all my posts lol) as well as hacking/phreaking programs.. Sure I warezed games some but i was MUCH more into bbs software and the darker alleys of computers/telephones more than I was games. To get all of the disks that the secret service took from me in 1994 would be a dream come true. Sigh....
  4. just after jason scott released the bbs documentary - so early 2000's i think...
  5. Lots of people talk about it - but it is NOWHERE to be found... I put up a part-time BBS on the Kaypro running TBBS. Later, with a hot 386, a screaming 2400 bps modem, and a dedicated line, Minority BBS came to life running FoReM PC (a ported Atari BBS package), and later Synchronet. (from https://www.goto10.fr/stories/bought-80.txt)
  6. Do you recall what wardialing software you preferred? I never had an apple back during that time.. I was an atari 8 bit guy but I did CRAZY wardialing and handscanning searching for "odd and interesting numbers and tones"... I have the apple cat 212 and the little breakout box... Looking for the firmware upgrade chip...
  7. wow what a blast from the past that magazine is... thanks for sharing.
  8. LOVE this stuff... Seeing the file listings makes me swoon... Too bad its not 8bit stuff, but still awesome.... https://defacto2.net/f/a53053
  9. I am looking for the following for the 7800. I don't care if they dont have the box or the label is scuffed. As long as the cart is in one piece and is 100 percent reliable is great with me.. The want list: Asteroids Dig Dug Donkey Kong Galaga Joust Karateka Ms Pac Man Robotron F18 Tomcat What I have to trade: Wintergames Cracked Jinks Touchdown football Ace of aces Fight night Barnyard blaster Would rather find someone that has extras and has everything rather than nit picking on ebay one by one. Drop me a PM if interested! \m/
  10. would LOVE one of these working or not. I also saw there was a third device for the "stack" ... Saved the article, will upload it later tonight when I'm on my ipad.
  11. im sure they arent socketed and i have no solder foo .. i will just hang on to the system board itself - dont really need the case to test any work i do to it anyway i dont think.
  12. i do... i keep telling myself i am going to crack it open and see if i can figure out whats up... if i dont do so in the next two weeks and you still have the need in two weeks, drop me a PM and maybe i'll send it along to you.
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