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    Hacking/Phreaking apps for 8/16 bit computers - wardialers, code scanners, etc.. A little bit of gaming.
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    Always playing Galahad and the Holy Grail as it is the coolest game ever written for any platform PERIOD. :)
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  1. I hung around and had an account on the bbs, but I was not a dues paying member and think I only did anything face to face 4-5 times…
  2. I scored an Amdex 2x 3” drive setup for the TRS way back when.. Finally decided I was not going to go down the route of TRS hardware and I let it go.. Almost with I had of kept it. That drive system plus the analog color monitor running on an Atari8 was always such a sysop dream for me…
  3. Not a circle I often go very deep into (I’m more into phreaking than I am piracy) but while looking around for some blue box, wardialer, etc software for the ST I came across the following page with a vast collection of disk menu apps and what not. Hopefully it will do some one some good or at least bring back good memories… https://atari-owner.com/club/articles/classic-menus-utility-disks.61/
  4. The stuff back in the day was just so freaking amazing. I pine about “adult” created atascii not having that same “cool” factor but then I have to remind myself that we arent 13 years old sitting in our dark bedroom for as long as we wanted working on dope atascii graphics bbs screens for trading current pirated warez games where there are 30-50 other warez boards across the USA who you are trying to look better than and vice versa…. One of the reasons that I wish so bad that more of the graphics screens from back in the day could have survived.. sad. Nice work all of you!!
  5. This is actually an extension of 8bitunderground and wardialers.org (it will all be named similarly soon enough) but I thought it would be nice to have a facebook group representing the apple cat where owners can be tracked, software archived, etc… Join up and spread the lore… https://www.facebook.com/groups/1486375385054720/?ref=share
  6. I like the form factor and there are some mods that would get it going enough that I could run bbs software on it for a project I am doing… Anyone happen to have one they would part with? IM me please..
  7. Just thought I would pop by and see if any of the collective have done anything atari/bbs wise this summer thus far?
  8. Would like to buy Atari Connection magazines, APX catalogs and APX Special Editions catalogs.. PM me please.
  9. Whoops.. I suppose I might have had a sip that evening.. Either that or I was paying attention to something else while I typed..
  10. I am also a commodork as well as an AtariDork.. I bought a C128 a few years ago, the strikemodem wifi modem, the SD drive, etc.. Then I had searched for an Icontroller here and fortunately there was a user who “had one in his shed” I believe it was.. After some back and forth a deal was struck and I became the owner of a BARELY used icontroller.. It works FABULOUS with the c128, but I have not tested it with the Atari. If you wanna PM me and ask me to test with my XEGS I will be happy to do so.. just tell me what software…. Mark
  11. Thanks for the explanation.. Cool.. Would love to find some of that “answering machine” software even just to check it out in an emu (as far as what it looked like, the options it had, etc… I know I wouldnt be able to “use” it in the emulator..) .. I’ve found gobs of apple cat software (wardialers, etc) but dont think I’ve ever found anything similar to answering machine functionality.
  12. Greetings.. I would like to buy a combo 3.5/5.25” disk drive (single unit with both drives) for my archiving machine.. The ones on ebay are ridiculously priced so I thought I would reach out here and see if anyone has one they would part with for a more reasonable amount of money… Thanks!
  13. I believe the OP said he was trying to bring back his original bbs which he has on disks or archived somehow.. it was running on carina 1, therefore he wants to find the docs for that version.. or am I mistaken?
  14. I am just finding this topic. Adventure games like ataris original adventure, adventure 2, galahad and the holy grail (8 bit - and my all time favorite game PERIOD) as well as dark chambers (even gauntlet a little, but its not the same) are my favorite kinds of games, and sadly - unless you get “silly” like zelda crap, there really isnt much out there.. It looks like things stalled on this game? Will it run on a 7800 multi cart? Emulators are fine and all - but I love playing on real hardware… subscribing!
  15. Would also love to see this kind of game for the 7800… it was such an underutilized system and so few “releases” exist for it…. I know the 7800XM is kind of a touchy subject around here (and only JUST learned about that whole fiasco.. I thought that dude was like the hero of all heroes.. turns out not everyone thought so… sad)…. I would love to see it turned into another full fledged 8 bit computer via SIO and XEGS keyboard… Why? Why not? Hack all there is to be hacked!!! I was also very saddened when I saw that there isnt an adventure 2 for the 7800…. Does the 8 bit ROM even work on a multicart on it??? I looked around a little for easy answers to my questions and saw nothing apparent ..
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