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    Hacking/Phreaking apps for 8/16 bit computers - wardialers, code scanners, etc.. A little bit of gaming.
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    Always playing Galahad and the Holy Grail as it is the coolest game ever written for any platform PERIOD. :)
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  1. There is some lore on AppleFritter, and I think I’ve seen a bit of here too - but I figured it might be nice to have a “sticky” for all things Apple Cat exploit stories... I didn’t own one, plus the breakout box - till about 2 years ago and still havent built out my 2gs yet - so my experience is simply piddling around with the various programs in an emulator. I’ve read some super neat home grown stories about this modem though. Share yours!!
  2. I realized my mistake as soon as I read 2-3 of your responses... Yes, I was thinking in terms of me needing to have FujiNet as the first device, and I really dont like it butting up against the computer as it does.... Even still... I would still love to see a female SIO cable to male SIO cable.. Whatever it plugs into its going to but up against... LOL. Thanks guys.. I am honestly surprised that this has not been created though...
  3. Curious if there is a Male/Female SIO cable? Reason I ask is I want to purchase FujiNet, but I would prefer NOT to plug it directly into my Atari.. I would rather plug a cable into the atari, and then the Fujinet a few feet away, and then my other peripherals chained from there. Its a desk setup thing and a preference thing. Problem is, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an SIO cable built like this... Does it exist?
  4. Not my sale, nor do I know the person.... I am simply sharing because as an Atari/Apple freak my own eyes went wide and I know this is a rare thing to find, much less 5 of them - much less at the price... Not letting me post a link, so here is a pic.. use search to find it..
  5. ill get it no matter what.. but disappointing that phreaking as it applied to enabling the piracy scene is unfortunate. thanks for the reply
  6. I dont understand the rainbow colored key thing??? what am i missing.. never heard of that before.
  7. Curious.... A lot of the cracker/scener things that have come out have spoken VERY little of BBS'ing and phreaking.. two things that absolutely allowed large scale cracking to occur - at least in the pre-1994 world (and even a bit later).... Does your project go very far into either subject? Codes, bluebox usage, VMB to spread the w0rd, running BBSs to host the files, users???
  8. I need to go through all of these in search of BBS related stuff... I wasn't really a "user group" kind of guy as I always viewed them as very anti piracy... I find out as an adult that this was not always the case though I think the dal-ace folks were pretty straight laced as I heard about them on some of the PD boards.. Still - super awesome that all of this stuff has been preserved - thank you to those of you who have put in the effort to do so!!!!
  9. Won't post the link as I really don't want to advertise for this guy any more than I guess I already am by posting at all... But what is this all about? Does someone really think that they can score that much cash on ANYTHING atari related??? Scam? For humor?? 2600, wireless controllers, and an ET landfill collage.... mindless.
  10. So I bought an A/V modded 7800 from someone I came across at AA.com, bought the wireless adapter and a sega controller, several cartridges - of which one is "Dark Chambers" which is mostly the reason I wanted a 7800 to begin with (I love atari 2600 style adventure games) and it has sat in my cabinet untouched since unwrapping it. I've decided that changes tonight! I'm going to sit down in front of my TV just like I did when I was a little kid and "play atari"... The only difference will be the beer! I had an absolutely horrible weather related event damage my house recently and I figured that playing with the 7800 may be the perfect stress reducer! Not a very informative post - but thought I would share with the collective regardless!
  11. Speaking of BBS's and the portfolio - has there ever been a documented success at running a bbs on the portfolio? I've never owned one so I have not tried - but I love the idea of bbs's on odd devices and the portfolio falls right into that category! And my question revolves around either telnet or dialup..
  12. this is a great topic.. I lived in Plano TX where the was a federated and I recall all of the 8 bit and ST goodness.. I believe they even ran a BBS on the ST with a megafile... Federated is also where my mom purchased for me an XM301 modem.. My first modem and the beginning of an absolutely mindbendingly incredible adventure and line of work.. Due to this federated will forever be a place of lore and awe for me! I look forward to whatever you come across and produce...
  13. CodeSuck and Happy Hacker would make my life complete.. lol.... Somewhere someone has these along with Blue Board BBS for the c64!!!
  14. I have an ebay alert setup for ICD MIO and various faxcimiles of the same .. didnt get notified.. based on the price you guys are talking about it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. I wouldnt pay THAT much for a freaking amiga 600 which I also want badly ... ugh. great topic - and some awesome info and throwback memories.. Thank you!
  15. Could you please point me to that background? I would love to add it to my rotating backgrounds folder as well as my alexa show..
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