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    Hacking/Phreaking apps for 8/16 bit computers - wardialers, code scanners, etc.. A little bit of gaming.
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    Always playing Galahad and the Holy Grail as it is the coolest game ever written for any platform PERIOD. :)
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  1. My apologies.. at first glance this look like it was an up-and-up deal.. I dont post ebay auctions here often - but when I find something that *I* consider a gem I assume others might too (like the ATR8000 a few weeks ago) ... I most certainly had zero intent of creating drama.
  2. I have nothing to do with the auction.. just sharing because this is a VERY complete percom and not ridiculously priced. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283691136127
  3. necro reply - but this is VERY nice.
  4. man absolutely wonderful responses... thank you!
  5. I had a big spurt of interest around 1994 or so - I was buying everything I could off of ebay - even an Amdek dual 3” drive system for the Tandy just because I wanted to see what the form factor of the unit would have been like for the Atari... I kind of got out of it then for a bit - possibly because I got married. I find over the past year or so I’m collecting C64/128/Atari/Amiga and even some low end pentium stuff so I can run pascal programs without the pascal bug that occurred with speedier pentiums.. But obviously mostly Atari as thats what I grew up with.. Even paid a guy on AA recently for a 7800 with the A/V mod done - and I’m not really even much of a game player.... Craziness! Does your interest wax and wane? Or is it constant?
  6. I know I know....just very exciting every time I find mention of something new!!! Makes me wanna keep digging!!
  7. Obviously XETERM and a few others showed the data as it flowed - but I definitely remember a “warez trading” app that sounds similar to what the above individual is talking about.... Man - the stuff that still lurks on dusty 5.25’s that are dying minute by minute.... ughhhhhhh.
  8. Makes my mouth water because I swear I *remember* mention of this in the pirate circles back in the day.... And here someone else brings it up...
  9. Necro reply - but I bet Atari dumpsters were some of the most raided next to telco CO's... probably more about people seeking passwords or manuals for mini/micros's but i bet a lot of that plastic left the dumpsters... only to be left in parents attics after coke, heroin, booze deaths, head on collisions and so many more things that take our lives in such a hurry.... sad.
  10. If you will release this in a ready-to-go format i will scoop it up in a sec... even better in some kind of mini1030 or minixm301 case...
  11. Great, wise words.. i love these kinds of threads ...
  12. unfathomable to even consider how many programming/UI/UX/music/IT General maybe even some video/art careers were spawned from the c64... As much as I love - and when I saw love, I mean it like most people cannot even grasp - the 8 bit Atari like - I have to say that commodore hit a fucking home run with the c64. as an adult it makes me somewhat sad that I didn't get a 64 instead of a 800xl.... Then again, I owe my entire livelihood (and its pretty decent) to the 800xl so who knows...…. I own a 128 with fastload, sd2iec, and a wifi modem... bbs'sing on old school petscii boards is so cool.. seriously pondering putting up my own if I can ever find Blue Board (https://www.blueboardbbs.com)...
  13. unfortunate and i'm sorry for your loss lol..
  14. bought a 7800 with AV mod... VERY clean unit, mod looks great and he included way more than he stated he would A++++ user.
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