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    Hacking/Phreaking apps for 8/16 bit computers - wardialers, code scanners, etc.. A little bit of gaming.
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    Always playing Galahad and the Holy Grail as it is the coolest game ever written for any platform PERIOD. :)
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  1. I’ve pondered trying RATSoft in an emulator.. if anyone has experience in attempting same please comment.
  2. Yes there was.. Happy Hacker included CCITT tones.
  3. Funny... I found the software via google and didnt even remember the mention here.. i’m Getting old, and i drink too much beer. :) doesnt look like anything terribly special - but what a gem to find another (to me) completely unknown bbs software for the 8bit.. leaves me feeling like I always have - that there is plenty left to be found in the way of BBS/term/hacking/phreaking/diskxfer type apps as lots of it was regional... <3
  4. I ran Dallas Hack Shack, The Veiled Society, and Blitz BBS.. Blitz being my atari warez and phreaking BBS.. I got taken down too but not until the 90’s when OPeration Sundevil swept through.. Pondering writing a book about that whole ordeal...
  5. Wow would love to find a copy of this!!
  6. unfortunately the bbs's that are online today come nowhere NEAR the level of intricacy that 80's Atari warez BBS's did... Not to knock anyone running a current board... But kids with all the time in the world on their hands most certainly came up with some awesome stuff.. I know, I was there. If the OP happens to come across any old school stuff I'd love to see it... Just like everything else, PC, Amiga, Apple and C64 stuff is everywhere.. Nobody wanted to hang on to the Atari Pirate scene for whatever reason. Maybe bitterness that piracy had I guess at least a partial reason to Atari failing - but not really.... It was mostly on atari being dumbasses.
  7. gavin - any chance you had any phreaking utils in the file areas??????
  8. I may take that high res pic early in this post and see if a graphics shop can do a poster up for me... if they can i will get some made and offer them for only the cost of duplication... crossing fingers.
  9. awesome replies guys - and the mockup of the poster is AWESOME!
  10. Yea the VBXE looks kinda hairy doesnt it.... I may just see if I can just send my XEGS to lotharek and have him do the installs.. lol.. I will keep you in mind for anything other than the VBXE as the others look quite a bit easier...
  11. Anyone have any pics/captures/whatever of any 80's warez BBS's that were run on an Atari 8 bit - or - I guess the ST either one? Once again , just like with underground apps it seems like you can find plenty from the C64 scene, but nothing from Atari8.. I guess that simply has to do with the fact C= sold so many more than Atari?
  12. yea I saw that and I may buy that one too.. But the 8bit version is what I'm hunting for... I bought a B rated box from B&C today which I will frame if nothing else.. But a full size poster would be killer..
  13. man.. i just watched the side2/u1mb video on lothareks website.... looks like i better get a side2 as well... i gotta say this - the atari is SO much easier to work with than a c64 either back in the day or with mods.... looking around for info on side3 to see if i should wait for it.... One other question.. lets say I do all of these mods and then my XEGS croaks... is it easy to remove the mods and then install them in another machine? (same type machine..)
  14. I am more about utilities than I am games and never got into the chiptune scene - however its a pretty cheap mod, and unless I do an eclaire or the other 'new" atari project, then this will probably be my last atari (would be no reason for it not to be i guess) - so I guess if I'm doing the other stuff I should!!! Thanks for the prod.
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