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    Hacking/Phreaking apps for 8/16 bit computers - wardialers, code scanners, etc.. A little bit of gaming.
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    Always playing Galahad and the Holy Grail as it is the coolest game ever written for any platform PERIOD. :)
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  1. DiskComm Marsh BBS Forem 1030 1030 Express TUFF Hacker (shrink too!)
  2. This is a good deal... I dont own a 130XE, but this is reason enough to buy one... I would be interested in 1, the full Monty (all options).. Thank you!
  3. or, maybe they had stuff listed that was "under construction".... man after reading through that manual I am thoroughly impressed with what they had in - what? 1986?? If nothing else it would be kick ass to reverse it enough to at least get images of the screens for documentation purposes. GCP needs to be remembered!
  4. Ok... After reading through a good bit of this I see they had an auto-update function? Possibly a first? I never used the commodore variant or PLATO so I dont know if either one of them had it....
  5. Backup of what? Looks like they were running something non atari based since there is not Atascii, and they never mention what bbs software they are using.. Sorry if I’m missing the point of your question.. (?)
  6. Not sure if this was inside of those ATR’s so my apologies if this is redundant.. Found it on archive.org while slumming for atari bbs stuff.... Docs for phorem.. I’m guessing this is a pre forem XL or possibly forem 1030 with edits?? Docs are pretty decent - and I dont recall ever seeing docs like this for forem - so kind of strange...
  7. This is a great topic.. love the pics.. never knew about the gold mobo. I have two XEGS. One is PRISTINE with keyboard although as someone else said, the power key is kinda clunky feeling. The other one is almost in as good of shape - but it will not power on. I have not taken it apart to look for simpleton problems as I am ZERO good with electronics at the board level - but I suppose I should so I could have one modded and one unmodded XEGS. Hmmm. Or one heavily modded and one lightly modded.
  8. You dont happen to have any hacking or phreaking apps for the ST (or 8 bit) do you? Things like blue box apps, wardialing programs, telephone long distance code hackers, etc??? I collect these things and I know they used to exist because I collected them back in the day - but not many atari programs of this time lasted into the internet age unlike they did for amiga/c64/apple2.... Thank you so much for sharing a new version of the hells bbs app.. I hope to generate screenshots and get it a little more visibility on line so more people can learn about it as I know more than just I am interested in such things!!
  9. Thats the website where I found Hells and the only reference on the web I can find.. So no clue on a newer version.
  10. not seeing a way to delete this topic.. MODERATOR please delete.
  11. sorry I created a newer post for this as I didnt recall asking previouslly. Thanks also for the replies.. Will give it a try under the emulator scenario mentioned.
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