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    Hacking/Phreaking apps for 8/16 bit computers - wardialers, code scanners, etc.. A little bit of gaming.
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    Always playing Galahad and the Holy Grail as it is the coolest game ever written for any platform PERIOD. :)
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About Me

Grew up with an Atari 400 and 410 tape drive mostly playing games at first.. Then started doing some BASIC (and later Microsoft Basic on Atari) programming.


Moved up to Atari 800XL one Christmas and possibly a 1050 at the same time - though I think I might have gotten the 1050 later... Then a summer after my mom took me to Federated Electronics in Plano Texas and we purchased the device that would forever change my life - an XM301 300 Baud Modem.


I devoured every bbs I could, quickly got into the Atari pirate scene, and then also quickly got into Phreaking and to a lesser degree (but every bit as dicey) the hacking scene.


SX212 came later and then I graduated to the PC, then the ST, then back to Atari with a 130XE, then Amiga, then back to PC where we stand today.


I am a sysadmin with a focus on network intrusion prevention/forensics and would not live the life I have today if not for that tiny little grey modem.

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