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  1. Looks like it might be an A400 overlay huh? Sorry if this is something common... looked rare to my eyes.
  2. What in the world is that graphics keyboard thing? Is it simply an overlay for the keyboard? Sure doesnt look like it...
  3. Plus, as we all know - disks are dying....
  4. Doesnt matter.. any version of anything that had a different name i want to chronicle... i mean after Curt dying Im feeling like I really need to accelerate this.. I drink a bit too much who knows... I wanna get this list going, give someone secondary rights to it and let it be a TRUE and LIVING resource..
  5. Im going to TRY and spend some time getting the “atari bbs all time list” up this weekend... I just wanted to find an atari feeling theme and I havent been able to do so.. So its likely going to get the same theme as wardialers.org... maybe I will use an atari blurred background...
  6. Ahh.. I see this has been posted before.. My bad. Leaving post up just to link the ebay ad in case anyone is int.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224135982017
  8. Did not know of him back in the day - but certainly learned of him once I landed here.. We conversed about wardialing, bbs’s, hardware and several other things... as others have said the videos make him look positively radiant - but if it was heart then thats the way that deal can go. Bless his friends and family (which I guess includes all of us, so here is a virtual #hug). I hope his work will not go lost, and his gear will go to a worthy historical preservation or museum. #Godspeed mr. Vendel.
  9. Cool thank you.. yes it will be a very simple website that consists of all Atari BBS software (lots more than what Jason Scott has) that have been found as well as those that are still sought....Likely just Atari 8 - but possibly ST as well since I’ve found a few unknowns for it too.... likely just a single page site as a matter of fact.. but i want it to look kick ass and be atari themed.
  10. Like I was saying - I would likely just save the text as an image to present the same font to everyone regardless of whether or not it was installed rather than dick with people not seeing the expected font.... Thanks for the responses guys!
  11. I’m on their facebook page and they seem like a super great bunch of folks.. Great resource for us archivers out there!
  12. I don’t recall the ad - but there was one back in the day that showed an Amdek Color with an Atari 8 (and now that I think about it - it might have been that ad for the Amdek 3.0” disk for the atari!) and I lusted over that monitor (and that drive) endlessly but in all of my years have not seen a single one of those Amdek monitors... Great score! Looks nice!
  13. I’m going to be putting an Atari site together that will basically just consist of a gridlist and I would like to use Atari fonts/Graphics to do it.. Is there an app for the PC that is taylor made to do this perhaps, or do I simply need to hunt down a font and save the items as graphics so the user gets it as well?
  14. I guess my initial thought was even kind of dumb.. not like Atari was an “american” company anyway really.. But you are definitely right - it would be neat to see what the location of the early popular games was..
  15. I have a question - and its one I’ve kept for quite some time.. I have always ASSUMED that atari/tandy/commodore/TI99/etc - meaning everything of that timeframe - the software was mainly written by folks in North America - perhaps the UK... Then - when things like the Nintendo, sega, etc started showing up - it seemed like more of an “asian” influence... Does anyone agree with this observation? And - I apologize if this is totally obvious and I’m an idiot for even asking for agreement...
  16. SUPREME B.B.S. http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-supreme-bbs_30976.html
  17. Good lord thats a ton of sub sections!!
  18. Thanks for the replies guys.. the guy who mentioned them behind a “standard” makes sense to me now that I consider all of them have most things exactly the same - and only a few additions on a few models.. I know there is one that was called a “communicator” or something.. built in modem and i believe phone handset too.... i also lust after the sony X68000 and used to think it was an MSX as well - but nope its not.
  19. Music reminds me to the intro to “Its Not Love” by Dokken.. that little bit before the actual song starts.. very cool..
  20. My friend and I typed in 3/4 of City Bomber and took the chance of leaving the 400 on overnight rather than saving to cassette because the tape was funny and i think I was worried I didnt have any room left maybe.. Yea bad move - dad turned the thing off overnight.. So we toiled once again only to end up with City Bomber.. LOL. I’m not sure what we were going to get? Star Raiders or something???? Still the memories are certainly precious...
  21. I had 2 percom drives - one was master and one was slave - but i did have them running through the ATR - i dont remember much other than that.. ATR was a LOOONG time ago.. Way too many substances since then!! !:)
  22. Wow... someone loved that machine!! Either that or put it through a rigorous cleaning!
  23. Marshware BBS floated the WFC screen around— I want to say Forem MPP or FOrem 1030 did too - but my mind gets dusty going back that far!
  24. Title says it all.. I have like 3-4 Atari 1050’s that I would be willing to trade - or - if the price is reasonable I am certainly willing to buy outright. Looking for a 1571 in total working condition with power supply and also with a case that is in good shape - mostly white lol... Thanks! p.s. please IM me if you happen to have one.. also - I suppose I would be okay with a Blue Chip drive as well...
  25. Interesting. I would be interested in seeing how atari noters compare. Remember this was mainly a bunch of 12-15 years olds that were utilizing them to share codes, warez BBS’s etc... Neat to know that it did exist for atari though!!
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