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  1. That's pretty much how I handle surfing too - I can kick out quintuples pretty consistently now (okay, maybe 50% of the attempts, but I'll land a quadruple for sure!) That inside line between the grass and track is exactly how I run the BMX track too - just too crazy trying to dodge everything while catching serious air in that game otherwise...
  2. If there's no citation for this claim, it should be removed. Ya, this is kind of surprising... I mean, I can see how they might have used tapes when first putting some of the Handy's hardware together, just to have something to run as test code or something, but the sequential read issue notwithstanding, I've never heard anything about this before, and I've read a fair number of first-hand accounts re: the Lynx's development from RJ Mical, Dave Needle and Dave Morse. By the time Epyx took the Handy to Japan to show the Nintendo brass, it was definitely a cartridge system, and though the system hardware was finished, the design had not been finalized at that point. They must have abandoned the idea of a tape drive very early in the development of the system...
  3. The first Lynx box, the biggest one, is the one I've had trouble finding in good condition nowadays... I've got one, but it looks almost as chewed up as the one pictured on Rygar's site...
  4. The TurboExpress has always been one of my favorite handhelds... I owned one back in the day, purchased brand new in 1990, only a few short months after picking up my Lynx. I still play mine regularly, more often than I play my Lynx, though I'm fond of both. I do think that the TurboGrafx had a better library than the Lynx in general, and some games - like Devil's Crush, Military Madness, Aero Blasters and Chew Man Fu - are as fun to play today as they ever were. It's a great piece of kit - well worth owning... I'm sure you'll enjoy yours for many years!
  5. I got the game for nearly free today (well, $10.16, courtesy a sloppy pricing error on the part of an EB employee on a used copy) and I've played through the first few stages on easy... It's Guitar Hero, but it's uncomfortable, and silly looking, and my hand cramped up after a while. I'm a guitarist and I've been playing in live bands for thirty-some years now, so I'm not the biggest Guitar Hero fan in the world (hey, I'd generally rather be playing one of my real guitars ) but even my son - who is a HUGE GH fanboy - thinks this version is a pretty obvious money grab with little real long-term play value... Considering the outrageous price of the thing and the healthy trade value it will have for the next little while, I'm sure you'll see lots'n'lots of used copies on the shelves at Game Stop and EB before Christmas. I guess if you've just gotta have Guitar Hero in a handheld, you couldn't really do much better than this, but it's just not destined for greatness... my 2¢
  6. Nice starter set! Paid too much? Bah! Pay whatever you want, so long as you're happy... I've paid "crazy" cheap prices for Lynx games and systems over the years, but I've also paid what many would consider nutty prices for Brand New In Box Lynxes recently, just 'cause I wanted to relive that moment of being the first person to play a new Lynx! I'm looking forward to your list of games - lets see what you got!
  7. +1 The G6 was my first DS flash solution, but after upgrading to the M3REAL Slot 1 MicroSD card, my G6 was demoted to exclusive use on my GBASP & Gameboy Micro... It has 512MB of internal flash memory, and I've got 30 GBA ROMs and 70 GB/GBC ROMs on it now, so basically I can carry 100 great portable games with me where ever I go. I've only found one game that wouldn't run on it, and that could well just be a bad ROM - it's a terrific card.
  8. FTR, the PSP version kicks butt too! Great game at a great price point... very, very addictive!
  9. Looks like he's got an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back...
  10. It is not easy! Those pics make it look much easier than it is, because you forget how small everything is when you're looking at them... A friend of mine who has spent a large part of his adult life with a soldering iron in his hand helped me do mine, and it was about as much fun as a root canal...
  11. What does eMule offer me that justifies it's $6.95 installation fee? If I have to PAY to run the install program, I damned well want to know what it is I'm getting for my money... It looks like nothing more than another peer-to-peer client to me from what I can see on the website...
  12. If you want the ability to play Genesis carts at home whenever you want but can't be bothered to keep a Geni hooked up to the TV, the Nomad's a great alternative. I use mine quite a lot, and I use it as often with the AC Adapter as I do with batteries... Six AAs only give you about three hours of play time max, anyway, so I usually end up on the AC adapter even if I start on the batteries...
  13. I've had mine for 6 months now, and I'm totally pleased with it... My only "complaints" are that you can't add or remove individual ROMs to the cart - you have to create a "package" of the ROMs you want and write that to the cart using the included software - and you have to use the physical "reset" button on the cart itself to exit a game and select another (ie: no software reset). Otherwise, I've been extremely happy with mine. One thing I love about the cart and loading software is that you can mix Japanese and American ROMs on the cart and play them on ANY PCE/TG-16 hardware - very cool! FYI, these things are not that easy to get a hold of - I had to wait months between the first and second production runs to get mine; who knows if there will be a third...
  14. Some of my favorites: Castlevania Circle of the Moon Astro Boy (awesome! a brilliant Treasure run'n'gun!) Metal Slug Advance ...and there are, of course, many, many others...
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