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  1. Ya, it looks like I didn't tape up the ends well enough. I tried not tape them too much so as not to destroy the box. fortunately I have extra pieces and bags. I'll get them out in the mail within the next few weeks. I'll IM you when I send them.
  2. It wouldn't cost you a lot to do it yourself at FedEx Office. Probably < $10.
  3. It works fine with either Game Card #11 Game Card #8.
  4. This year is the 40th anniversary of the Magnavox Odyssey, and by extension 40 years of home video game consoles, and to celebrate I wanted to give away this free homebrew to those who want it. It's a lot cheaper for you to assemble it on your own than it is for me to assemble it and ship it. Plus, who knows? It might take me 14 months to get it out the door. And no one wants that. I designed the game to work with Game Card #11, mostly as a thank you to everyone who ordered Odball, but it also plays great with Game Card #8, which almost everyone who has an Odyssey should have. What you'll find attached are three items. Box Instructions Overlays Assembling the Box I find that assembling the box sucks. I hated this part when it came to Odball. Print on non-glossy A4 size card stock. Ink will not stick to glossy. If you have a mechanical cutter then cut as close to the black on all sides. If you don't have a slicer, then I suggest using a ruler with a sharp edge and an xacto knife. Use the ruler and xacto knife to to cut out the box and all of the tabs. Be sure to cut three mm on each side of the folding flaps (the rounded part), at the fold. Using the ruler, on the back side of the box, lightly drag the xacto knife over the areas were the folds will be. Fold the box. Apply a thin layer of glue to the white tab. Use the ruler to press firmly the tab to the inner box. Hold for 30 seconds. Let glue dry at least one minute. Fold tabs and cut away excess as needed so that it folds and fits properly. Printing the Instructions I usually like these printed on semi-glossy paper. But any A4 size will do. Be sure to fold it carefully. Maybe print more than one in case folding the first one gets messed up. Printing the Overlays The type of paper used for the overlays is vellum. Clear plastic type overlays don't display well. Vellum is cheap and can be purchased from any FedEx Office, Office Max, Staples, et cetera. Use an ink jet printer and set your print settings to a low color density so there's not too much ink so it won't smear. Cut out each square. I suggest using a slicer if possible. Enjoy. More info: http://revrob.com/front-page-topmenu-28/183-red-vs-blue-free-homebrew-for-magnavox-odyssey-to-celebrate-40-years-of-home-video-game-consoles Red_vs_Blue_Box.pdf red_vs_blue_overlay.pdf red_vs_blue_instructions.pdf
  5. All are shipped, but if yours comes back I'll let you know and resend it.
  6. Oh, there are issues, but hopefully they'll be worked out. I am looking forward to you playing the game too. I don't think anyone ever played Odball, but this game is really playable, with two players, with one player, with an Odyssey, and without. So I'd really like to hear some gameplay feedback.
  7. You didn't. But boy, if she saw that something was written about her in public, well, she'd shop my balls off for sure.
  8. That didn't need to be shared with the public. Anyways, the game has been shipped. More info here: http://www.revrob.com/sci-a-tech-topmenu-52/182-mentis-cohorts-a-board-game-and-video-game-all-in-one-for-magnavox-odyssey-
  9. I feel really bad about the delay. As I previously stated, I way under charged for shipping and didn't even break even on the production. Anyone can email me zadoc.paet at gmail or Facebook me. I just don't have the couple hundred to ship, at least not until my tax return comes in.
  10. I found this over at Digital Press, and I thought I'd share it here too! Favorite 1st Gen Console? Magnavox Odyssey Favorite 2nd Gen Console? Astrocade Favorite 3rd Gen Console? NES Favorite 4th Gen Console? Genesis Favorite 5th Gen Console? Saturn Favorite 6th Gen Console? Dreamcast Favorite 7th Gen Console? Xbox 360
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