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  2. These may not count since I don't think they'll ever be sold publicly but 2 games I've been working on are below. I started these a few years ago and keep planing to get back to them when I have time. Currently the PC they were being developed on is dead but the hard drives live on in external enclosures so nothing has been lost. I'm at work so I don't have access to the roms at the moment but I can post more if anyone is interested. I have included a few screen shots of an early version I had hidden in a folder here. Ogre, based on the game from Steve Jackson Games. More or less I'm enhancing what Origin released way back when. Currently a lot of the display and menu work is done but there is no AI yet. You use the "mouse" pointer to place and move game pieces on the scrollable playfield. It has a animated menuing system to do the various steps (setup, move, attack, options...). Currently it can be played as a 2 person game, although a lot of the automation is not done yet such as removing the pieces when destroyed (has to be done via the menus). I can post more if anyone is interested. Since the board game is still technically in production I'll never be able to secure rights to release this game w/o major modifications so I'm doing this for my own use. One of my all time favorite games on one of my all time favorite systems Empire, based off the old PC game (as well as every other computer made probably). I took a different approach with this game. Instead of working on the display first like I did w/ Ogre I am working on the play engine instead. I started by porting an old public domain PC C code version. It's about 70% done although the display is being saved to an array at the moment w/ only debuging output messages & flags being displayed. All "movement" is hard encoded within a few testing subs. By separating it this way I hope to be able to basically skin it to simulate different time periods (similar to AoE). Originally I started this one to help design the AI for Ogre but I used to love playing this game so it'll be it's own and will probably be done first. I had also started a version of NukeWar, based on the Atari basic game from AH. But all I have is an animated title screen and a handful of notes for it. I was also going to attempt a port of Telengard but don't really think I'll ever get back to either one.
  3. 1979 is correct. I still have the receipts for many of our bally games and that is one of them. We purchased it in November of 1979.
  4. Unfortunatly I have to let my copy of Protector LE for the Vectrex go in case anyone is interested. Protector Limited Edition #74 The BIN is already gone (and thus the BIN bonus) but mention that you're an AtariAge member and I'll include the copy of I, Cyborg (#14) for free.
  5. Never picked up a 5200 and just traded my Jag but other than that I got to check them all 2600 - 1 Heavy Sixer, 1 Darth Vader, 1 woodgrain 4 switch 7800 - Just 1 Lynx - 3 model 1s, 3 model 2s 8bit - 1 400, 3 800s, 1 XEGS + 3 floppy drives, 2 tape decks, 1 modem, and other accessories 16bit - 1 MegaST 2, 3 520STFMs (1 w/ upgraded roms), 2 1040STs + 2 color monitors, 1 monochrome, 1 time card, 2 floppy drives, 1 hard drive Compatable - 1 Portfolio (still looking for serial interface)
  6. You wouldn't happen to have the 3DO GameGun would ya? Nope not for lack of trying though
  7. Only 3 at this time with nothing spectacular yet but I'll be adding more tomorrow and throughout the week. Tomorrow will be more NES & 2600 auctions up, including tooth Protectors and Ram It color label. During week and next week I'll be adding various Sega, TC16, and 3DO lots & items. My Auctions If anyone has any suggestions on improving my chances I'll gladly take them. It's been a while since I've sold much.
  8. I think that would fall under Donkey Kong (Arcade, etc)
  9. Well it's back, hopefully they'll let the auction complete this time. Thanks for pointing it out again. $1,225 w/ 4.5 days to go seems a bit excessive though. It's sweet but not that sweet.
  10. Bypassing the whole what makes a Donkey Kong game a Donkey Kong game When I first saw the title of the poll, I was thinking "well the original arcade, of course." But then after seeing the list I had to decide on Donkey Kong Country since that is the one I probably got the most enjoyment from and played for much longer periods than any other game on the list. The arcade would have to follow a very close second.
  11. I was going back to get some of the images to send to a friend of mine and it now states that the listing has been removed. Did this auction finish? Any idea of why it would have been removed? On a side note, Is there anyone who download the images that would be willing to post a few of them here?
  12. youre telling me! i can never find nothing here in ohio! i did find a donkey kong coleco tabletop for $5 and a dead Beamrider, but other than that, nothing.... Well the simple solution is that all of you other ohioians need to stop buying anything so that I can find some stuff j/k
  13. I believe that format was used more for single item auctions also. Different people ran it differently. On multi item auctions like this one some would keep the whole auction going where others would close the items that had not received bids On a side note, my games arrived today in great shape. Thanks again riffraff
  14. Very cool side by side comparison. It is missing Rygar though, which is one of the better arcade ports IMHO.
  15. I'll jump in. $1.00...............Assembler Editor Computing Language by Atari $12.00.............Boulders and Bombs by K*byte (CBS Software) $3.00...............Journey to the Planets by Roklan (label is badly faded but complete and in good shape otherwise) $5.00...............Miner 2049er by Big Five Software $13.00.............Shamus by Synapse Software (DPG says this works only on older 400/800 models) $13.00.............Silicon Warrior by Epyx $14.00.............Track & Field by Atari $16.00.............Worm War I by Sirius I apologize if I jumped on anyone elses bids
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