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  1. wccw mark

    wccw mark

  2. I will be willing to buy one if its under $30 and the emulation is good.I got burned on the first Retro-Bit plug n play console.
  3. couldnt find any of them locally,so i just went ahead and ordered one.$40 & free shipping http://www.dollargeneral.com/product/index.jsp?productId=43753776
  4. im curious myself how it plays.if the seller does respond,please post what the seller says.
  5. i dont know anything about it but it looks really cool.i love all those tomy tabletop/handheld games.
  6. bought a 2600 repro game from him,and got a free game too .plus a cd with some cool music on it. shipped fast and everything is awesome!! great guy to buy from. thanks!
  7. download the free mcboot files,convert them to the memory card via usb stick,and thats pretty much it.there is a lot more to it than that,a lot of instructions to follow.i also remember using my action replay disc with the usb stick to put the info on my memory card.its been a long time ago i did this.i put HD loader on mine,and put a 180 GB hard drive on my PS2 with the network adapter,and i can rip original discs to the hard drive and play them/store them on the HD.i cant rip copies to the HD,it wont read them.only way to play imports is to make/download a copy of it,but you have to patch the downloaded/copied game with a program on your computer called ESR patcher.because if you dont patch the copies/downloaded iso file(game)before you burn it,it wont work.the free mcboot site had all the files to do this back when i modded my fat PS2.
  8. my free mcboot lets me play copies of japanese games on my usa systems but not originals of japanese games.i think thats because of the ESR patch you put on the bootleg games before you burn it to disc.
  9. bought some cool games for a cool price.everything was shipped super quick!!great seller.thanks
  10. bought a grab box of games & genesis w/ games.shiped perfectly and super fast shipping.great guy to deal with.thanks again!!
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