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  1. Just bought a bunch of games from him for a great price. Everything was shipped perfectly and quickly.All went very smooth. Thank you.
  2. Just ordered the 2600 power adapter for $1. Thank you.
  3. wccw mark

    wccw mark

  4. I will be willing to buy one if its under $30 and the emulation is good.I got burned on the first Retro-Bit plug n play console.
  5. couldnt find any of them locally,so i just went ahead and ordered one.$40 & free shipping http://www.dollargeneral.com/product/index.jsp?productId=43753776
  6. im curious myself how it plays.if the seller does respond,please post what the seller says.
  7. i dont know anything about it but it looks really cool.i love all those tomy tabletop/handheld games.
  8. bought a 2600 repro game from him,and got a free game too .plus a cd with some cool music on it. shipped fast and everything is awesome!! great guy to buy from. thanks!
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