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  1. Sorry, I've been quite busy these past couple of months. I added a couple of side box scans for Parker Brothers. I am adding a 4th column for the PB main screen. It's going to contain box inserts. I don't have too many at the moment. Box inserts are going to correspond to the box itself. Thus, if a box is only 1 piece, there would be no insert. I will create a list of all the inserts for the boxes, even if they are 1 piece. Any 1 piece box which never had an insert made will have N/A written next to it. So for example, if box 1 is one piece and box 2 has two piece with an insert, the page would look like this. Insert 1) N/A Insert 2) (C)1982, white with blue ink, No. 2870 (Scan would be here) It's possible that inserts may be blank. I'll actually scan that too and just describe it as blank with no writing. I'll post when I get something up on the site. I will need a lot of help with this one, especially with Canadian and international box versions. Are the German boxes all one piece? Please let me know. I may use any scans I can get my hands on, though they may not be the best. If anyone can replace them, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Phil
  2. I'm wondering how many titles have the blue plastic insert.
  3. Received another package today and one of the games was a sealed Demon Attack. I'm glad to add this to my collection as this was one of the Imagic games I did not have sealed. The funny thing is that the plastic tray inside that I can see through the bottom is a light blue and not black. I believe I have never seen a blue tray before. Does anyone have any info on this? Should I add this as another variation? This is the original release with no product # and no Rev. Sice it's shrinkwrapped, I don't want to open it.
  4. Ok, Imagic is done (short of manuals). I'm back on working on Sears. For the time being, I'm putting blank side scans for the boxes. That is, unless I have them. As I do own a decent amount of Sears boxes, probably about 70% of the titles, I only own 1 box variation and all my collection is still packed away. Once I get my house and get settled and unpacked, I'll be scanning all the side boxes that I own. If anyone can scan some for me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Phil
  5. Forgot to mention under speculation. Demon Attack 5 languages boxes go from Rev A to Rev C, possibly a Rev B?
  6. I changed my mind. I didn't realize that I had already put up the Imagic cartridges. I'm doing a little fine tuning though, with possible additions. I then will add all the boxes. If you can't figure out the questions below at the moment, please wait until I have the pages up for those boxes. I do have several questions. 1. Since there is a Cosmic Ark Canadian version with English/French words, are there others? 2. Does anyone have the night scene Atlantis 1st release box that does not have a Rev # on the back? (Does this even exist?) 3. Cosmic Ark has a version without the "NEW" next to the title. I have a scan on an angle of the front, but no back scan. Anyone has this? 4. Like #2, Dragonfire supposedly has a 1st release box without the Rev. Anyone? Does it exist? 5. I'm waiting on Laser Gates 5 language international version from Atariboxed, hopefully he'll come through. 6. Anyone have the back of the black box version of Moonsweeper. 7. Does Shootin' Gallery or Subterranea have international versions? 8. I found that Trick Shot without the "NEW", Rev B box exists, anyone have a scan? 9. There are several titles with these plain black and white labels with 5 languages, please double check that I'm not missing any. Probably covers everything that I know. I mainly need foreign end labels. That goes for pretty much any company including Atari, Activision, CBS, etc. If you can help out, I'd appreciate it. I also discovered what exactly was meant by plastic tray on some of the original releases with no Rev on back. The insert is cardboard, but contains a plastic tray that goes inside the cardboard. I actually have a couple handy, so I figured out exactly what it meant. If you see something on the site when I get my boxes up that should have this plastic tray noted, please let me know. Here are some speculation questions. 1. Atlantis box day scene has Rev A, C, D, E but no B. B exist? 2. Is there a Rev A for Demon Attack? It goes from no Rev to B 3. Riddle of Sphinx goes from Rev A to Rev c. B? 4. Star Voyager goes from no Rev to Rev B. A? If anyone can come up with other things not mentioned, please let me know. I know some of the titles came in a cheesy packaging, Atarimania dubs it "cheap". I think I erased the Atlantis one as I could not find any evidence of it, though it was on the list. Hope all this helps and please be patient with the boxes. I'm hoping to have them done before the end of the year. Phil
  7. Ok, ignore it. I see that someone was able to make the scans clear. I don't think there are any grey boxes. I'm hoping to get the Imagic section up by next weekend. Been doing a lot of research on these.
  8. Ok, been working on the site. I've been adding end labels to some of the Activision international labels. I got a few boxes too, and am working on getting more boxed scans for the international boxes. I have a question. When looking at Atarimania Imagic international games, it looks like there are grey boxes for them. My question is, are they really grey or was someone able to scan them without the silver reflecting? After Sears, I finally plan on doing the Imagic games. It's been a long time coming. I've avoided them because of the poor scans due to reflectivity. Please let me know if these are grey or silver boxes if anyone has an idea. Thanks. Phil
  9. I was contacted by someone who has been helping me out that I didn't update some scans. Somehow I passed up the email, though I saw it a couple of months ago. I guess I would get to it soon after and other emails pushed it down and I forgot about it. So I'm updating those end label scans thanks to Paul. But looking at my Fishing Derby boxes, I noticed I'm missing 2 of them completely. So I went on Ebay to see what chance I can find them and hopefully get scans I can use. To my surprise, I found something different with the International Edition box. I had 2 versions of this, but this was a third version. This has some sticker over the bottom. I'm assuming the sticker covers the 3 line use with, box version 5, since the back of the box matches that one. Regardless, it's something new so now it's added.
  10. I just updated the Atari Variation page. I added a whole paragraph after boxes describing the whole printer/date thing on the tiny flap. This was what I intended in the first place, but when I had issues with my Front Page, my brain forgot this whole section. I find it funny since the creation of this page was to mainly explain the boxes. I may update this page in the future as thoughts hit me or other things come up. Anyway, enjoy.
  11. Ok, I created the why page, though it doesn't have nice format. Like I said from the beginning, this site is for info purposes and I probably will never put all the bells and whistles that other sites have. Anyway, the link is on this page called "Atari Variations". If anyone feels information should be added that I forgot for some reason, send me a pm and maybe I'll change something. I do mention WATA, which is a new video game grading company. If you are unfamiliar with them, feel free to look them up. Also, if you have time, check out Heritage Auctions and the sales of some of the NES games on there. Some of those variations sell for real high, especially first release games. You've probably heard of the 2nd release sealed Super Mario Bros. selling for over $100k a few months ago as it made many news sources. To this day, there are no 1st release sealed copies of that game. In fact, there are I believe 11 box variations of Super Mario Bros. I tell you this because WATA is recognizing all these variations and the importance of them. They use current technology to actually determine what variation they are holding, even sealed. Anyway, we'll see if our variation information will come to use in the future. Thanks for everyone's help. Phil http://www.videogamevariations.com/Atari2600.htm
  12. So far I have not listed this as a variant for the orange end label. The 2010 thread the person mentions it, but does not show it. I'm wary on whether or not this is legit. Is there a date stamped with the week as other labels sometimes have? With people printing labels nowadays, I think it would be easy to just make one.
  13. I don't think it had anything to do with text or pic labels. Games marked Special Edition were Basic Programming, Backgammon, Casino, Championship Soccer, Superman and Video Chess. I don't know what made any of these games Special Edition, but I think that's all of them.
  14. Thank you. I am going to create a "why" page explaining about the site and of course why I'm doing it. I think some people out there don't care or understand. I think it's been 11 or 12 years since I started the site itself and have been working on the list for well over 20 years. Thanks for all your support and if you can contribute to anything I'm missing, I'd appreciate it. Phil
  15. Well if any of those boxes are ones I need, I'd appreciate it if you could send me scans of front and back. Just click on the link for the variations site in my sig. Thanks. Phil
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