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  1. Thanks for the help. I plan to try and update any new contributions this weekend, though tomorrow is my wife's birthday, I may not be around to do much. I'm going away for business next weekend, so I'll try and do things as much as I can. Phil
  2. Actually I think I may have posted something here but just for Atari made items that I believe may exist. I actually had planned doing that list when everything was all done. May take a few months. Will probably leave the manuals off the list at least for a while. Thanks for the suggestion though I already had it planned. Phil
  3. Just did Ultravision, which doesn't have much. I'm working on Tigervision right now. What a lot of work this one is. What I had documented is nothing compared to what I'm finding. Especially with box variations. There are 2 things I'm specifically noting here in case you have questions. First is there are boxes with "Printed in Hongkong" where Hong Kong is not separated. I am keeping the word together if it is printed like that. It will not be a mistake on my part. I try and document the exact writing. The second one is there are a few games that supposedly have labels on different colored plastics. Jawbreaker, King Kong, and one other I can't remember offhand. I looked at the scans in Atarimania and they look like a second label was placed over the first. Plus on one of the games, the label has rounded corners on top and square on the bottom. I believe someone manufactured these themselves, so I will not consider them variations. Unless I ever see them first hand, I'll stick with my guns. Plus I look on Ebay and see no other copies out there. It's tough nowadays where labels can easily be printed at home to believe there are some unique or ultra rare variations out there. I'll try and put up the Tigervision pages, but am going away for a few days. Phil
  4. My guess is that there are many of us out there who would pay that and more. It's one thing to get a rare item that few people have. It's better to get an item probably no one has. My guess is that there are no more than 10 in existence and that may be a generous number. It may not be a game, but I find paper items and books to be very collectible anywhere I go. I work with a guy who has many unique items related to comics, some signed by Stan Lee back while he was alive. You never know the price of items until you throw it up in an auction and watch the collectors fight over it. Great find and I congratulate you for it.
  5. I don't see the Ebay listing that had this. What did you pay?
  6. Forgot to mention that there is much research. Most of the new items I add is because I decide to look. I don't get too much help from people. Maybe a cart or box here and there. So it takes time, not only making the site, but I probably spend more time verifying and looking for new variations. Just when I thought I was finished with one company, I find there is a variation I don't have. I wish more people would contact me as they do Atarimania with their new items.
  7. I have a substantial amount of paper. What I can't get online I'd have to scan. And scanning lots of manuals takes time. I plan on doing catalogs and warranties too along with inserts and such. But this project will get there eventually. What I'm aiming at will be to get the easiest items done first. Minimal effort. But you can view my document any time. It's pretty up to date as of a couple of weeks ago. I list everything I know about. Catalogs and warranties are in my possession, or at least most of them should be, so eventually all that will get scanned and uploaded. Just need patience. Phil
  8. I haven't heard back from Cincy yet. Anyone who can provide me scans I appreciate. I can't use general photo shots unless I can crop them nicely. I finished the US Games this past weekend. I also just did Telesys. Again, no manuals as I'm trying to finish all the rest of the 3rd party carts/boxes. I found that Coconuts has a box variation on back saying Assembled in Mexico. There are 2 other carts that say this, but I don't see a box for this. So if there are carts from Mexico, there should be boxes. I'll try and look on Ebay and see what is available, but many of these boxes are tough to just get in general. I'll keep posting what I update so everyone can follow. If you see something wrong or have something I don't list, let me know and hopefully can provide pics. Thanks. Phil
  9. Sealed is tough, but complete in box is not on many games. Combat I probably have 15-20 boxed copies, several different variations. Pac-man, at least 10, same with Asteroids and Missile Command. Space Invaders I'm probably down to 5-8 complete. I haven't looked at my inventory lately. I always keep one for sale on Ebay though and when I sell it, I go and get another to put on. Video Olympics is rather common along with Video Pinball. Warlords tan box I have a few along with Street Racer. Star Raiders is really common. I believe I have at least 7 boxed with controller. A tough one to get many times is Ms. Pac-Man 1982 version. I see many of the later ones being sold, especially sealed, but that 1982 is difficult and not easy to get a nice box too. Loose on the other hand, you can get pretty much anything common to rare for under $10. I usually do not sell loose games. Don't have an Ebay store and only use their free listings when they give them to me. Phil
  10. According to what I understand, O Shea has nothing. Got rid of everything for the scrap of gold. Finding new in box in general is not easy short of the large supply of games from Venezuela.
  11. According to what I understand, O Shea has nothing. Got rid of everything for the scrap of gold.
  12. Does He-Man count as a super hero?
  13. I finished the PB carts & boxes and am waiting on a few scans on missing boxes. Sides will take a while to get, unless someone wants to help. Since my stuff is packed away still, I can't scan any sides until I get my house and start opening up all my packed stuff. I began the US Games carts and boxes. That shouldn't take too long and hopefully will have them done by tomorrow. Manuals on everything will still have to wait, again probably until I get my house unless they are easy and only have 1 or 2 manuals per game. My goal is to try and get all the carts and boxes finished for everything. I'm trying. Phil
  14. There are 2 loose carts currently on Ebay for $40 each. The game itself I think is rather rare.
  15. I am super confused atm. I'm working on Parker Brothers boxes. Any box I do not have the sides scans I put a blank place holder. For Action Force, it worked fine. For Data Age, it works fine. When I put it for Amidar and Frogger II, I get a broken image. Funny thing is that it's the same exact image I'm using for all of them. I don't understand why some should be broken and others not. They look normal in my Front Page pages. I may try and copy the scan and use the copy for the ones that are broken to see if that works. Any advice if this doesn't work? If not, I may just leave the broken images until I can get actual scans of the sides of the boxes. Phil Ok, it seemed to work, at least for Amidar. I'll try and fix the other one. I'm confused but at least it looks normal. Everything seems to be working fine now. I also updated the PDF file, so it's the most accurate document as of this very moment. 150 pages. That will change though since I'm actively working on the site and adding and making changes, but at least everything corresponds correctly with what is shown. At least I hope so.
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