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  1. At the moment, I put the video game episodes on hold as I haven't gotten to the boxes of other vintage systems. So I moved on to comic books. I just released the introduction video. Below is the link to the thread where I'll be posting my comic book releases every 2 weeks. I expect there to be at least 6-8 videos. Also, I probably will be posting other collectible videos under that thread like toys, action figures, trading cards, etc. We'll see when we get there. Thanks for watching. Phil
  2. This week's video, the NES. https://youtu.be/Ll4OBQOwhx4
  3. Newest video, the Sega Master System. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff5-4WBsy_A&feature=youtu.be
  4. Episode 4: Colecovision I mention in the comments that at the end of the video, I have a photo of Xmas 1983 when I got my CV. https://youtu.be/lrhjjKhxg9U
  5. Episode 3: Intellivision https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a3Ix-y_wzw
  6. Here is the latest video, part 2 of episode 2 covering the Atari 5200 and 7800. https://youtu.be/dyuhVVAlzKQ
  7. Here are some of the photos. Sorry this got so off-topic, but i couldn't resist. I have photos of several others that I must've sold like Fozzie Bear, Cookie Monster, and Star Trek.
  8. Talking with Jay, I think I may put a tray list on the Imagic variation page that describes the cartridges. Instead of creating variations for each game with each tray, I'd do what I did with the General Atari Variation page describing the boxes. I'll show the tray version and then underneath list which game and version contain this tray. Since it's too easy to interchange trays, I would suggest anyone helping to be honest if you are willing to help. Sealed games work great if you can identify which tray is inside. So feel free to pm me which box/cart variation you own with which specific tray. I'll be pm'ing Jay to send me nice scans of the trays.
  9. Actually I probably still have one. I was selling vintage Bradley watches from the early 1980s of Snoopy, Smurfs, Darth Vader, Kermit the Frog and some others. When I moved, I don't know exactly where I put them. All of which were brand new in the boxes and guaranteed to work. I was getting $100-125 each for them. My mother used to manage a jewelry store and they were old store stock I acquired in the 1990s from her boss.
  10. I didn't realize that it doesn't open the Youtube video but rather just watches it here. Technology. Hah. I guess you can just click one of the links above and get to Youtube. So don't forget the schedule I put a couple of posts ago. I'm not recording anything tomorrow. Taking a break for now. Have to consult with my NES guy. He doesn't want to be on the video, but is giving me lots of info and history to discuss in it. Seeya next week with my 5200 and 7800 with the blooper too. Stay tuned.
  11. The cardboard is rather flimsy. The plastic has a tendency of cracking. I may show all these plastic trays under this thread. http://www.videogamevariations.com/AtariCompanies/Imagic/imagic_variations.htm Problem is that unless you have a sealed game and can figure out which plastic tray is inside the box, then it would be too easy to swap trays and say that this is a new variation. I do however have a sealed Demon Attack that I mention in my video that I didn't have. I believe it has the blue tray. In fact I think I mention it somewhere, probably in my Giant List of Variations thread. I'll go check it and come back. Ok, here it is. Towards the bottom of page 28, Rom Hunter puts up a Star Voyager game with it and I do say that my sealed Demon Attack is the one that has the blue tray. If I can confirm sealed games with a specific tray, I may add them in the variation list. For now, I'll hold off.
  12. Did the Colecovision last week and finished the Sega Master System this morning. I can't believe I didn't mention Sonic in the SMS video. I'll do it in the comments though. Here is a breakdown right now of video releases for those interested. I'll list the date as a Saturday, but may release them on rridays. 10/17: Episode 2, Atari 2600 (visiting websites) part 1. 10/24: Episode 2 Atari 5200/7800 part 2 10/31: Intellivision 11/13: Colecovision 11/27: Sega Master System NES may be following 2 weeks later. Each new video will be released every 2 weeks. If something is in 2 parts, then you will get 3 consecutive videos as technically it's not a new episode, just a new part. Anyway, hope you enjoy.
  13. Glad to hear you're doing better. Heal up. Recovery is a pain. Literally.
  14. Part 2 is now available. Read comments on some of the games I should have mentioned. Since it's unscripted and there is so much to discuss, I sometimes forget about mentioning some great games for investment. https://youtu.be/zFVLjtBmbKk
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