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  1. I fixed everything you pointed out. Correcting some text is much easier than putting in manuals and creating new pages. I double checked everything you said. Yes, using copy/paste has a tendency of me forgetting to change things. The most difficult thing with adding a new variation is if it's an earlier one and there are lots of variations. Because I'm keeping everything in order, if the new variation goes first or before others already done, then I have to relabel all the pictures along with relabeling the text in my document and all the variation names on the pages. I just got an early Robotron from someone that I'm going to have to rename all the scan pages of the two manuals I've already done. I'm anticipating having to do it more with other titles I'm receiving scans for. Again, this is part of the reason why I never did the Atari 2600 games. Though I did several 3rd party for the 2600, the Atari itself is going to be a pain. And I have HUNDREDS (probably no less than 700) of manuals just for the Atari itself. Just a lot of work scanning everything.
  2. By the end of the weekend, I'll update everything I've gotten. As for your F-14, that is the Atari 2600 manual part, so you may want to look at the title page and see if it says Atari 2600. http://www.videogamevariations.com/AtariCompanies/AbsoluteGames/Tomcat/tomcat_f14_manuals.htm
  3. If you want to see what missing end labels and manuals I have the list here on the last page. I can edit this list as I can't on AA, so I wasn't going to post it here until I was done modifying what has been sent to me. If it's not on the list here, then I've received scans but haven't gotten to put it on the site yet. https://www.videogamesage.com/forums/topic/254-atari-7800-full-us-list-with-variants7800-lovefest/page/3/?tab=comments&_fromLogin=1
  4. Email is fine. Yes, I did a lot of copy/paste so I was bound to make mistakes. I'll review everything this weekend. I've been getting some new and missing scans from someone already, so I have a lot of work and updating to do. What I didn't put up and will probably also do this weekend are the owner's manuals. I have some and am missing some, so keep your eyes open for when I upload that page. This took a lot more work than I thought as I had to investigate pretty much everything. AA only shows one listing. Atariboxed sometimes has a different one or a PAL scan, and Atarimania doesn't have anything for the 7800 whatsoever. If you see scans that need replacing, please help. Some are a bit warped because I took them off Ebay on angles and Daniel fixed them as best as he could. Thanks for the help. Phil
  5. I didn't realize I was in the 2600 topic and not the 7800. When I said I'm finished with everything, I meant the 7800. So feel free to check out the 7800 also and if you can help fill in holes or find variations I don't have, please send me scans and info. I'll be back working on the 2600 real soon and hopefully will get through the rest of the 3rd party released games. Phil
  6. Ok, here are the end labels and manuals I'm missing. End labels I'm being detailed, manuals, go to each game and see what the description of the missing manual. End Labels needed: Asteroids 1986 Taiwan Centipede 1987 Taiwan Choplifter 1987 Taiwan, 1987 Hong Kong small Crack'ed 1988 Hong Kong Dig Dug 1987 Hong Kong only italics, 1987 Taiwan Food Fight 1987 China, 1988 Hong Kong Galaga 1986 Taiwan, 1987 Hong Kong only italics, 1987 Hong Kong small normal Jinks 1989 Hong Kong Joust 1987 China, 1988 Hong Kong Karateka 1987 Taiwan Mario Bros. 1988 China Ms. Pac-Man 1988 Hong Kong One on One 1987 Taiwan, 1988 Hong Kong Pole Position II 1984 text, 1986 text, 1988 China Robotron 1986 Taiwan Xevious 1987 Hong Kong only italics Manuals: Ace of Aces Man A Asteroids Man C & D Ballblazer Man D Choplifter Man A, C, D & E Commando Man C Crack'ed Man B & C Crossbow Man B & C Dig Dug Man A & E Donkey Kong Man B Donkey Kong Jr Man B Food Fight Man A & C Hat Trick Man B Ikari Warriors Man B Impossible Mission Man B Jinks Man B & C Karateka Man A, B, C & D Mario Bros. Man B Mean 18 Golf Man A & C Motor Psycho Man B Ms. Pac-Man Man C, D & F One on One Man A, B & D Planet Smashers Man C Pole Position II Man A, B, C, E, F & J Robotron Man A & D Super Huey Man B, C & D Touchdown FB B & C Tower Toppler B & D Xevious B, D & E
  7. ARRGGGHHH!!!! I just typed all the manuals and end labels I was missing and accidentally deleted everything before posting. Maybe I'll do it later, maybe tomorrow. Anyway, the list is done. The PDF file is up. Feel free to look everything over. I'm missing the Xenophobe manual because AA only have 17 pages and I don't know which of the other pages are blank.
  8. I'm complete now with everything I have in my possession and in my database. The pdf file for everyone to view that contains everything including explanations of how each item is described, which is now at the top of the Atari 7800 home page. I'll also try and put up the list of missing items, should mostly be manuals. If I can, I'll list end labels missing. I missed my target by a week, which I'm happy I got it done that fast. As I've mentioned before, if you have something I don't have documented, or you own something I'm missing scans of, please get them to me. If I own scans of items that look crappy due to getting whatever I can, and you can replace them with better scans, also please get them to me. I'm here for proof, but it's great to have nice visuals to see. Thanks to everyone who has helped. I'm sure there are variations out there not on the list. I'll try and keep up with it the best I can, but I'm sure it's pretty comprehensive. Phil
  9. Almost done. Just waiting on scans. Have only 9 pages to go.
  10. I'm trying to work on the Super Huey and Xenophobe manuals. My problem is that AA only has 17 pages. Of course that's not correct. I own only sealed copies of this game. Does anyone have a manual and can tell me how many pages are there (18? 20?) and which pages are missing. I'm assuming blank ones are. I'd like to get this title finished. Also, is Touchdown Football manual 14 pages or does it have 2 blank pages to make it 16? I'm putting it up as 14.
  11. Thanks. Sometimes I have to use rough scans from the internet because I don't have any other choice besides not having one. I'd rather have a bad scan than no scan at all.
  12. Mitch, all those 1984 games are legit? Just making sure. Not sure if I can snag any of those scans and make them look better. Do you have these games and can you scan them for me? The weekend saw some great progress. I have 2 games with box variations missing, I'm waiting on a few scans and should have those complete by Tuesday or Wednesday. Everything else is done through Motor Psycho (waiting on the end label of cartridge b for this, but it's done otherwise). Tomorrow I plan on doing Ms. Pac-Man. This game has 5 cartridge variations, 6 manuals and 6 boxes. Talk about fun. I'm waiting on more titles after that, but I have a few scattered later on that I have all the scans of, so you may see some games completed out of order. I'm hoping by the end of next weekend to have this completed. We'll see. Didn't miss my target date by too much. Thanks. Phil
  13. I have a question about the Telegames carts. With Astroblast, it looks like there are 2 types of labels. One is a wraparound single label. The one here on AA looks like the main and end labels are separate. Can anyone confirm this? Also, if this is true, are the separate labels white, not grey? Third, does anyone have manual scans of these games. I'm coming up empty on the majority. I'd like to get the Telegames section finished, but it may have to wait. Please help. Thanks. Phil
  14. I'll check it out and add anything I missed. Thanks.
  15. The only scan I have is 1984 Pole Position II. I do have proof of the 1984 manual, but don't have scans of the inside.
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