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  1. You're welcome. I am glad you like it.
  2. Final version posted, unless a breaking change is found.
  3. Only arcade is available in the demo. However, there is a special demo version on the JS7800 emulator. While it is still a demo of 3 screens, it includes Novice and Expert. Correct, but the JS7800 version does open up the difficulty levels, and there's a global high score board. Since the game is limited to 3 screens, it requires a lot of point pressing to get on the leaderboard. It's kind of a fun twist.
  4. Speaking of detail. I just realized that Popeye's name is off-center now. Going to fix that..... Arghh. It's off-center on the arcade. I might leave well-enough alone.
  5. For contrast, I just moved the yellow line higher, so that I can include it in the house. I think I'll add some of the green tiles under Popeye's name, like @Defender_2600 . I was afraid they'd look odd, since the rest are 2-pixel high, but I think it looks good. I left them on Olive's house when I adjusted too. Update: I reverted the top and bottom of the box to 1-pixel high again. I tried 1-pixel width walls too, to match Popeye's house. It didn't look right. I ended up widening Olive's house, so it has the same number of steps on the roof. I kind of like this:
  6. I had already started playing around with this last night before bed. I am still trying to decide on Olive's house, because I have to make compromises. I thought it would look good to make the vertical pixels all two-pixels high. In doing so, I made all of the tile objects two pixels high. I forgot that the yellow top line was part of the upper 16-pixel tile. I was going to add the top yellow below, but I forgot that the number of Popeye's lives remaining would overwrite that, as does Popeye's head. If I change that to a "baked-in" sprite, I get issues with sprite overload on the top area. The shadow under the roof is 1-pixel under Popeye's house. I can't change that, so I did the same with Olive's house. Once I finished everything, I realized that I can't include the top yellow line to Olive's house. I was already late to bed, so I left it for this morning. This is what I have at this point. I am still trying to decide what I want to do. I tried it with and without the top of the walls turning in. I kind of like the extra couple pixels, to "bracket" it in. IDK.
  7. I agree. I included the visual changes while still trying to test for bugs. These changes did not affect game play or testing, so I included and shared them. There are still some of us testing scenarios, and I have fixed a few bugs, which did alter game play slightly. I wouldn't hold up calling this done for a few pixels. I would love to call this done as is, but we need to verify a few things for stability's sake.
  8. I don't know. We're testing to make sure there aren't any hidden issues. I still need to work on a box and manual. Then I need to let Al know that it's done.
  9. Thanks. I'll revisit this when I have a chance. The one thing I am not sure if you know. The pillar tile is the same on both sides. I am out of room for additional tiles. If I adjust it for one side, won't the other side be off by a pixel?
  10. I am actually getting to the point where I can't wait. I took two extra days off this weekend, and Popeye consumed about 1 days worth, in addition to some weekend time. There are other things I'd like to experiment with, but I do want this to be as smooth as possible.
  11. Olive does scold Popeye when a heart or note falls into the the water. She just doesn't point at the note. I just realized today that she doesn't scold Popeye on the arcade ship levels, so I removed that from this port. I am not sure if that is what you are referring to. There is not any room left to trigger specific notes, at specific time. Since they are not actual notes on a scale, they wouldn't really have a correct order to be played. The game follows the arcade screen order: Hearts, Notes, Ship, Hearts, Notes, Heart, Ship. From that point on, it loops in 1, 2, 3 order.
  12. Thanks @Trebor.... I was just going to post this: Thanks to Trebor, I realized that Olive doesn't scold Popeye if a letter falls into the water, on the ship levels. Thus, I have remove that scolding on RC 3.3. I suppose this makes sense, since Olive is captured at this point. How would she get away? I did add the word, "HELP!", at the bottom, to make it more obvious what happened. I know it can catch one off guard when a letter sinks. RC 3.3 is posted on the first page. It includes other small graphical details. I am really hoping this may be it. I need to call this done at some point. --Darryl
  13. I looked into the rail. In breaking them down into smaller rails, I could get 4 smaller rails to plot across. This only gained about 2 tiles of the crow's nest, since 16x16 sprites had to overlap the posts. However, the extra sprite plots slowed down gameplay. Therefore, I need to stick to the single 48px sprite during the game play. I WAS able to use this concept in during the intro however. I have room for the smaller rail in the intro, where I couldn't fit another 48px sprite. I can plot 3 across, and it doesn't affect gameplay. I think it's a nice detail that I didn't think was possible. I used Popeye's pallet, in order to keep the rope from getting lost in the mast color. His gray is a little darker than the arcade's gray, but I think it works. I also caught the previous mention of the level 1 tile. That's fixed.
  14. Unfortunately, the rail is a sprite, so that it has priority over Olive. I have the graphics bank packed to the max, so I am unable to any width the the sprite. The same moving platform is also a sprite. That is one of the reasons there isn't a rail in to intro. I do not have room in that bank for one at all. If I reduce it to 1, 16x16 rope, it's possible I could plot multiple across the top. I would be endanger of Olive, Bernard, and letters disappearing when in the same zone. Also, Olive regulates when letters fall into the water. I would have to rework that logic. I have to see if this is feasible, now that I am curious. The sprite size was the reason for the smaller crow's nest. Thank you!
  15. I left that, because you didn't circle it. lol. I noticed that the arcade looks like it is slightly longer on one side of the post, so I thought it may work. It does look a little big though in retrospect. I think I am about ready to call this done, aside any breaking functionality. Since you made Popeye's head smaller, I cropped it to a 64px-wide banner. That gave me extra graphics space to add the pipe as a separate sprite. I didn't have the space before. Now Popeye's pipe is brown.
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