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  1. Olive throws the missiles: hearts, notes, and HELP!
  2. The bottles would look good sideways, if there was enough room. I think they may only be 4x8 (double wide pixels, due to multi-color mode). It really limits what can be done with them. In addition to that, with a lot of background area, they would also look odd when floating over the staircases. There are a lot of limitations that we discovered as projects progressed. It gives me a newfound respect for those who didn't have the awesome tools we have today. Add that to long compile times, deadlines, memory restrictions, etc., and it really raises my appreciation. I hacked the NES Popeye too. I was hoping to make it more arcade-like. I figured the extra resolution and extra colors would make it easy to upgrade it to a more arcade-like look. When I got in, I realized the programmers had positioned certain sprites to keep too many sprites from being rendered on the same horizontal line. Also, the sprites were short. It limited what I was able to do. PopeyeArcade(DEG) 3.bmp
  3. I like the use of black for the graphics. I tried to use that too, but it caused issues. It's not really black. It's transparent. The staircase and ladder colors show through, and it distorted my characters. I would guess you might run into the same issue, but hard to say until you try them in the game.
  4. I am kind of an arcade purist, but I really see Popeye's walk in this. It's a nice concept.
  5. Where did you find it? It took me forever to find it. I really liked this punch. People didn't like it, because Popeye was all white (like the ColecoVision version). It is based off of the arcade punch frame. I am disappointed, because the rest of the Popeye frames are not the final ones, so Popeye's head isn't as accurate as the final v.12. I am also bummed, because I do not think a 5200 version was ever compiled. I would like to put this on my AtariMax to play on the TV! Enjoy. Popeye(MonoPunch).xex
  6. This is really great. I was excited to try it on my Harmony. I did notice two things that *might* be possible adjustments. One the arcade and NES versions, I always wait to get my second ship until right before the first bonus round. Let's say the last shot is the one that retrieves your ship, the two ships will be centered perfectly for the first bonus round. The first bonus is easily cleared by rapidly firing the weapons. As the aliens approach, each gunner takes out a row of aliens. Each player gunner lines up perfectly with a row of descending enemies. On this version, either the aliens are too far apart, OR the players ships are too close together. They do not make contact with the aliens when they come out. Also, the blue aliens seem to swoop a little lower when they loop underneath the player. As always, the star field, graphics, sound, and gameplay are top notch. The game play and patterns are much smoother than the 7800 version. This is what the 7800 should have been like (with Maria graphics though. lol)
  7. This is really nice. Is this an actual project in the works?
  8. Nice manual. I found a flyer that uses a lot of the common terminology for the day. "Energy Pills" should be "Energizers", if you want to be true to the time. Hope this is helpful.
  9. Most YouTube videos are recorded in PAL mode. It's kind of annoying, because it sometimes leads reviews to state that an A8 version is sluggish. I read that about Mr. Do, for example, which plays GREAT in NTSC. I think the game already feels very touchy, because all of the enemies are character based software sprites. While DK Jr is a "Player"/sprite, they seem to have made every step a full character-sized block. I had the 800XL and DK Jr NTSC growing up, and the 5200 version doesn't seem any faster to me, but this version has always seemed a little fast and touchy. Out of curiosity, I just tried the game on Altirra, running in PAL mode. It actually did feel a little better to me. I can imagine this speed would be a little more forgiving and natural, especially on the 5200. Makes me wonder if it the programmers had PAL test computers. Now that I think about it, the original DK plays a lot faster on NTSC than the arcade. The difference there is that the software sprites aren't tile based.
  10. Don't be too hard on yourself. What we type it's often misinterpreted by those who read it. In an online forum, interpretation is formed greatly by what the reader is expecting. It's very hard to re-read our own posts and try to assume every possible way a comment can be interpreted. I think web groups, like AtariAge, are GREAT, because they bring people with the same interests together from all over the world. On the down side, we do not truly know each other as people; that can be a challenge. Thanks for sharing a little personal information. It makes you more "real" and not just another screen name. I am not assuming you think this, but I want to clarify to whomever may read this: THIS particular post wasn't started about getting free ROMs. I would personally pay for a ROM for my AtariMax or future 7800 SD cart, because I like the idea of supporting AtariAge and developers. I don't have a lot of room left for carts. This was meant to be a brainstorming session, just to see if anybody felt it. I think it would be one more way to support AA and developers, while justifying our SD carts. Somewhere, some Baby Pac stuff got carried over to this thread. I purposely tried to distance it a little from that. It looks like things are peaceful. With all of the potential for division in online chat/text, it's great that our community was able overcome.
  11. Nobody has noticed by now, it's probably nothing to be concerned with. I see a comment came through as I was typing this. Well said above by Kosmic Stardust. IF this is the case, it's KIND of like the glitch that sends 2600 Pac-Man floating down the center of the screen. It's now a hidden gem. lol.
  12. That's exactly what I was taking about! I remember taking my grandmother over to a department store Ms Pac-Man machine, while Mom was in line checking out. I know she didn't care, but I kept going on about how the monsters were smart. Lol. I told her they looked where they were going, but my Atari version wasn't that smart.. At that time, I think I believed they could see Pac/Ms. All great memories. Hypnotic was a great choice of words. Thanks for sharing!
  13. I really like the enthusiasm in these reviews. I have similar memories of Aladdin's Castle having the game. I only played it a few times, because I was turned off by the lack of monsters' white eyes & pupils. The moving pupils was one of the things that really captured my attention about Pac-Man, along with the sound effects. The other issue I had with Baby was that the siren cut out while eating dots. I thought it seemed like a really bad step backwards in "quality". The AI was also BRUTAL, and I sucked at the pin. lol. However, PinMAME and retro arcades have given me the chance to revisit the game. Played a LOT of Baby Pac and PRGE. I really enjoy it, now. I would love to own an arcade Baby Pac someday. This 7800 release captures all the arcade experience. (Except for the monster flicker and siren cutting out. I can live with that! HAHA!)
  14. While I very much appreciate the ROMs, I am sorry that it was under these circumstances. Other developers, like CollectorVision, do not make the final ROMs public until the cartridges have made a return on investment. I think the Intellivision people may do the same thing. Food for thought. You can always share with people in private, with whom you trust. (Even if that's not me, that's your right! ) There are other boundaries that you can set. It doesn't have to be this black and white either. Although I prefer to play on SD carts, I am kind of anxious to add this cart to my collection. (Not just because there isn't a 7800 SD Cart. I think this one's pretty special!) Thank you again for such a unique addition to our libraries! --D
  15. To clarify, this post was not to impose on developers in anyway. As I stated, I WANT to be able to support the developers and AtariAge, so I wanted to throw out another possible way to do so. This is not a response to complain, but as a possible alternative method. I am also not claiming that Carl Mueller Jr.'s method works. I am just throwing out a concept. Thank you for sharing with us. I have really enjoyed your work. Please know that this thread is not from a negative perspective. I do not feel you owe any obligation to anybody. In fact, I am extremely grateful that you shared such a great beta. I really enjoy it. The quality, along with the uniqueness, is going to make the final release a must-have for me, regardless of format. Thanks also for sharing about that additional behind-the-scenes effort. So, they never got back to you? Amen! Thanks. I wouldn't want any developers to feel I am trying to impose any additional work. My thought is, if a standard was in place, developers could take advantage of that. It might be too much work for such a small niche, but it was just a brainstorming thought, to allow multiple developer/AA support methods. Eventually, Cartridge/Digital bundles could be a thing?? I do agree that there's something cool about having a physical cartridge. I would want the cart for "special" games (Holy Grail). I do appreciate the cartridges, but sometimes I just want to game. I want to be able to go down the list of games, select, experience, and then move onto the next. I don't want to have to grab a pile of carts off the shelf for my gaming session, just to have to clean up when I am done. (This is just me sharing my personal laziness, not complaining.) Also, for early demos, it's really cool to be able to try them out. SD carts are sold on AA, and it would be another way to keep those purchases relative. I'd personally be very content offering $15-$20 for a final digital copy and be done. For those of us who have SD Carts, there could be a Cart + Digital purchase for a higher price, just like Amazon. Best of Both worlds. In the end, no biggie if it's more trouble than it's worth. Just throwing out an idea.
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