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  1. I get it now!! You mean the order of my incgraphics, not the order they appear in my tmx file!!! It worked!
  2. Is there a way that I can swap them without having to redraw my entire map? I tried manually changing the order in Notepad++. No luck with that. There HAS to be an easier way than redrawing the map? No? Darryl
  3. The score trick "works", but it doesn't. It is plotting in background characters. I have tried setting the characterset and such, but no luck. Any idea what to do in this case? I figure you or @RevEng might find that I am missing a simple step. Thanks, Darryl
  4. There was an update to .Net a couple days ago. I kind of wondered if that had any impact on it. Thanks for all that you do! -Darryl
  5. I am having the same issue exporting PNG files from the sprite editor. I have also checked my antivirus activity.
  6. Is the ADS forum on AtariAge? I don't see a listing for it. I reverted back to a previous version, and I still cannot export sprites. Weird! I upgraded again, and I can build again. That's good. --Darryl
  7. I thought this was the ADS forum? Is there another forum I should be watching or posting to? I am new to this group.
  8. When I press F5, I see the "Activating Extension" message, and it spins. There isn't any output in the window though... I only run Windows Security (formerly Defender) and Malwarebytes. Neither have detected anything. I have VS Extensions on the ignore list for Defender.
  9. I don't feel as lost now. I just tried to build after upgrading, and I have an issue. I do not see an evidence of my antivirus causing issues. In fact, I ignored the Dev Studio install folder. I am going to double-check anyway.
  10. As of yesterday, I am unable to export an png files, using the sprite editor. I downloaded the dev kit onto my Surfacebook yesterday, so I could tweak some stuff on a road trip. I couldn't get any exports to save. I kept getting this error: I tried opening VSC in admin mode. I suspected it was a fluke of the Surfacebook, and I gave up. I made the changes this morning, on the PC I have been using the entire time. I get the same error. I cannot export any graphics from the Dev Studio's built-in sprite editor. I tried reverting to the last version of Dev Studio, in case there was an issue with the upgrade. It didn't fix the issue. It doesn't matter if it's a new file name, existing overwrite (which I get a prompt for), or where I save it on the PC. I do not know what to do, but this affected a new install, as well as my existing. Any suggestions are appreciated. --Darryl
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