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  1. I am a fan of multi-carts and emulation myself. I don't know anything about how the digital releases will work. I seem to recall advocating for digital releases about 3 or so years ago on AA. I was really inspired by the protection on Carl Mueller Jr.'s Intellivision ROMs. I think I may have even started the thread. Everything is foggy these days. lol. Thank you for the kind words also. I am glad you like the game, and I hope the final version exceeds your expectations. I am just waiting my place in line for the next step toward release.
  2. I didn't check back until today. I don't think I can edit that. haha! It was preordered from that store. I wish the tag had some sort of date indicator on it.
  3. I tried these on actual hardware, and it was actually decent. This was never a fun port for me. I didn't realize the asteroids were in slow mode though. I am pretty sure the original unfinished version calibrated the stick after rotating it in all directions. This is much better. I also thought the game was just dog-slow. This was actually pretty fun, and it felt like Asteroids. I was able to play well with the stock controller. (I didn't try the keypad version yet.) Great job and Thanks!
  4. I had no idea there were to revisions either. I wonder if there is any indicator on the outside of the cart.
  5. This "bump" caused me to jump back to the "necro bump", from 2015. Man, am I late to the party! Is this a commonly known bug? I used to do this all the time with my 5200. If not, here's #4. (I used the bug fix version above, wondering if it had already been caught!) Pac-Man5200MonsterBug.mp4 4. Monsters cycle vertically through the board. Only Inky and Clyde can get stuck, because they regenerate off to the sides of the box. The monster needs to be exiting the box, right as the energizer wears off. Blinky and Pink regenerate in the center, so they clear the bar too soon. I used to make a game of this, and I'd try to get both monsters stuck in the center. I tried to demonstrate this, but I got ambushed! Coincidentally, this has happened to me in the arcade too, but it's not the same reason. It is just a random thing that I saw in the arcade, and the monster is usually off to the side of the screen. Probably just a static shock or surge.
  6. Sorry. I have no idea.
  7. Thank you. I "finished" the manual a couple weeks ago, and I sent it to Al. I think there are a few changes he would like to see, but I think he's swamped with the current batch of games. Can't wait to see it in the store. I use A7800 and an old version of MESS, so I never came across the yellow screen. Thanks @Trebor!
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Pac-Man Collection is @PacManPlus 's masterpiece. He was kind enough to allow one more hack of his game. I am assuming that it does, but I am not 100% sure. I tagged him, since he probably knows.
  9. I am glad you posted. I have been busy the past couple days, but I've wanted to post my unboxing pics. Thanks Joe! Great job. You really pulled through, despite so many roadblocks along the way. The game plays great, and the graphics pull me into Jinny's world. It has a great classic feel! Excuse that the gif capture doesn't handle the multi-color flicker well.
  10. Thanks. I have been running ragged lately, and I didn't know if I was confused. I thought I may have even seen it mentioned on AADay. Speaking of which, I just watched your interview. I am able to catch up on ZPH, during my lunchtime elliptical. Nice interview. Great game and presentation!
  11. Yes. I actually purchased INTY DK, DKII, and Ms Pac-Man. They work well on my LTO Flash. (I rarely play INTY. I found a deal I couldn't pass up) It's pretty slick.
  12. I still need to work on the manual. With all of the talk about getting the store back open, the current store release batches, and the AtariAge Day coverage on @ZeroPage Homebrew, I may have been a little more relaxed than I'd like to admit. I have to juggle a lot of other things going on in life right now too, so that's made it challenging. I am hoping to knock this out sooner than later. I would not object to a ROM release. I am a big fan of my multi SD-carts, because I like to just turn my systems on and go. I am also honored that Al approached me about a cartridge, so I don't want to do anything that could result in eBay bootleg carts being made before it hits the AA store. Did I see mention of possible AA store digital releases in the future? I might have dreamed that. If that's true I would probably want give the AA Store first dibs on handling that, since that would go back to supporting AtariAge and the work that goes into keeping it going.
  13. Exactly. I meant that as a compliment to Bob, while still keeping with the "what if" theme. Yes. I will add, I only felt comfortable making that statement, because it seemed Bob brought it up. There's no disappointment if he really doesn't feel like doing that.
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