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  1. Two and a half words: Alien vs. Predator
  2. Im surprised no one besides me mention replacing the POS first controller when the awesome Pro-controller as the standard controller, you guys actually LIKE that thing???
  3. How many successful mass-market VR units have there been? Zero, that's how many. True, what I REALLY wanted to see the light of day was the modem. Would've loved to play Doom with someone half a world a way, oh well, one can dream
  4. For the Pack-in Game I would've pulled a Sega and put my best Title (aliens vs Predator) with the Jag, instead of the incredible mediocre Cybermorph
  5. Another thing I would have done is made the Pro Controller the standard controller from the get go, cause face it, the original one is a POS
  6. So I've started this on other forums with other systems that didnt a get a chance and got some pretty intersting responses on how some people would've handled them. So any here it goes: What would YOU have done differently when it came to Marketing/promoting/developing for the Atari Jaguar when it was first released?
  7. Wow been literally six months since I Started this topic, and 5 months since I've been here, you guys miss me? I've amasssed quite a large jag collection btw...
  8. Jeez, TY for all the help you help guys (note the sarcasm)
  9. Gross I use an exact same ruler as that! And I REALLY hope thats not real sh!t
  10. Why? Just cause he has more money then you and can afford to buy all Jag crap? Srry to break to you pal, tis is what capitalism is. If he has the money to buy all these things and then sell it, then let the baby have have his bottle and stop bitching cause your poor. If you really wanted to bring him down you would try outbid him on everything. But no you're not going to do that, are you? You're just gonna bitch and moan cause like you always do...
  11. Battleshpere is a good game, but its not not worth $300+ for gameplay, it's cause its ULTRA rare (same as Aircars) So if you really want one just for your collection to be complete be prepared to spen $300+ for it, otherwise dont even bother
  12. Not that it matters, but it was either him or a British site that was charing $220 american for, not imcluding shipping. He charged $80. Now are you going to answer my question or not?
  13. Ok so I finally got Primal Rage for the Jag CD (from sweetstuff no less, go figure) and I am a little confused, on the picture of the main menu in the manual it has a section called the Making of Primal Rage, yet when I play the game I cant find that section anyware! Was that a misprint, or do you unlock that section???
  14. Apparently, you didn't know this debate has been going on for about 14 years... Starting this thread just opened up the can 'o' worms again. Great...now I wish I never made this stupid thread
  15. Jeez whats wrong with you people? I just wanted to see how powerful the Jag was compared to PSX and if it could have butted heads with, and here you people come turning into a childish fanboy war! So please, ACT YOUR AGE!
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