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  2. No worries. It was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for doing the trade, Captain_Combat you are a gentleman.
  3. UPDATE, my collection has not changed very much. http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/524-90-atari-2600/
  4. I have one sealed that you, CPUWIZ, sold me
  5. I have to agree with the "Immortal John Hancock"
  6. I also got a Flashback portable but the gold edition that has Pac-Man.
  7. Here are a few pics. First, Up N' Down, a CIB that took me over a decade to obtain. Many thanks to CPUWIZ. Second, we have a single ender Xonox cart, Ghost Manor NIB. Third, all the Playaround/Mystique games.
  8. Will do. I just have over 700 boxes and games.
  9. I thought I would share what i've been buying lately. Condor Attack CIB, Magicard (box by SHYONE),and Glacier Patrol
  10. I bought #6 from Mayhem. Please update accordingly.
  11. Bought Stronghold from Dave. Everything went smoothly. Great transaction.
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    Bought the Magicard from Mayhem. He was willing to negotiate on the price and kept in constant contact. I received the game in less than a week, which is a feat being he is across the pond, and it was packed extremely well. Overall, it was a very positive experience.
  13. Is AtariAge going to publish this game? Or going to be in the store? Al?????
  14. Looks like a cool game. Please put me down for a copy upon release. Thanks.
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