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  1. Walter- How much for Venture II? Please PM me.
  2. 5200 games originally came with the box glued shut; no shrinkwrap for you youngsters. But that was 1982!!!!!!
  3. Yep. Can you believe it has been a decade??!! That makes feel so old!!! I would receive the PAPER VERSION OF THE NEWSLETTER VIA SNAIL MAIL from atari2600.com.
  4. I'd be interested in a loose NES console (if it works) should you decide to break it up.
  5. I bought MGP from Zwackery about 10 years ago after Joe Cody from atari2600.com foreshadowed in a newsletter about how rare the CIB would get. He was right. Thank you ZWACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. But the Halo cart is worth more if you bought the CGE2010 version. I think it has a black label instead of a silver one and it has the box picture on it. Albert or CPUWIZ can confirm this.
  7. My wife got me the Atari Portable Flashback (actually I bought it and she me paid me back). But she did put it under the tree.
  8. Tell me about it. They've been expensive (and hard to find) for years. It took me 5 years to obtain Mr. Do's Castle! CIB.
  9. My apologies......... You did what I should have done............
  10. So you're the one who outbid me at the last moment!!!!!!!
  11. There are alot of sellers like that here. They quote you a price and when you agree, suddenly there is someone interested that was "there first." Very different from the way YOU do business, honestly.
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