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  1. It's beautiful...... (wiping a tear from my eye). But in all seriousness, what an awesome 2600 collection you have! Thank you for displaying it. BTW, Marc makes boxes for Video Jogger and Video Reflex.
  2. This was interesting.
  3. Fair enough..........That's a nice problem to have.
  4. Very nice. I especially liked all of the HALO memorabilia.
  5. This guy is reading this topic....................
  6. How about a couple of pics of everything in the mancave? I just love seeing libraries of Atari games!
  7. I have a sealed Atari 2600 JR. and a Vader 2600 which I bought off of Amazon at a reasonable price. I also suggest not to open the box.......
  8. Nice work Bob!!!!! Extremely creative..............
  9. Same here (except I also accosted my my mail carrier)..........
  10. Just watched "Pixels" and it was definitely better the second time around.

    1. Tempest


      Is that you Satan?

    2. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Maybe, but that requires sitting through it the first time. No thanks.

  11. And Go METS!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I would definitely buy a TIA version of Bentley Bear.
  13. You can be arrested in some states for doing that. LOL
  14. Congratulations Albert! You deserve this accolade and many more!
  15. Patience a padawan must have. When it is time, ship they will.
  16. I have around 725 including homebrews and variants.
  17. ntavio


    Just give it another go..... Atari style!!!!!!
  18. Is there some sort of "pre-order list" for Zippy?
  19. No offense CPU In all seriousness, it is a U.S. Games game. My guess is Name This Game. My eyes are horrible. Ahhhh, a minute late.
  20. CPUWIZ DID IT weird...............that prankster!!!!!
  21. Please put me down for one if still available and as long as it's NTSC.
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