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  1. I'm in for a Gore CIB or at very least cart & manual.
  2. I think that Circus Atari is loads more fun............. I hope Albert will finally release Super Circus AtariAge!!!! (for the 7800)
  3. Nice collection!!! Keep it up!!!
  4. Very nice setup! I used to have a similar setup but I was forgetting how to access some gaming systems. How do you remember which settings and switches to hit for so many systems?
  5. And back in 1983 my 4 port 5200 came with Pac-Man CIB.
  6. I will stick with the VIP Movie edition also.
  7. ntavio

    Atari boxes

    672 here. Take a look at my spreadsheet. It's a combination with repros, homebrews, and of course original boxes. Boxed Atari 2600 Collection.xls
  8. I also would pay more for a POKEY cart but, as UberArcade said, I would buy any version of the game!
  9. VIP edition here, please. And please check your inbox for my PM. Thank you.
  10. Bought the Atari Hot Wheels cars from him and he thru in a GB Advance case and adapter. Very cool. Super fast shipping and great communication. Also, excellent packing of the merchandise. Thank you Jim.
  11. You just need to send him a PM.
  12. That was annoying because it took the customer service aspect out of the picture. Back until 1983, I bought 2600 games from a shop called Video Connection. They would call me when they got a new game in and I always got to "test drive" any game before I purchased it.
  13. He did Powerlords, I believe the Wonder007 projects (Turbo, Charlie Brown, etc.), and countless personal projects. Trust me he and his wife, ShyOne, do fantastic work all around. And besides that, they are wonderful people.
  14. I bought the box for Mario's Time Machine from her for a GREAT price! Great communication and super quick shipping. Item is in excellent condition Thank you.
  15. I always look at the sold prices on Ebay and go from there. You have to keep in mind that this is only a hobby, so you don't have to buy something if you feel it's overpriced. I'm not defending the resellers but we are not talking about life or death here either.
  16. Sure, I do think that prices of 2600 CIB games do fluctuate WITH the stock market. When the economy is good or the indicators of the economy are strong, then the games are more expensive and people definitely will pay more. Example is 2004-2006 period when prices on CIB games went through the roof because the economy was doing so well. During that period I overpaid for a CIB Quadrun because I could at the time and the price didn't matter. Today I can buy the same CIB game for 50-75% of what I paid back then.
  17. If the seller is happy with the price they get, then it is no one's business. Just because a reseller lists something they just bought for 3x - 5x their purchase price, that does not necessarily mean that they will sell that item. Usually they price themselves out of the market. Example: I sold three Panda games to someone for $500. Weeks later I received a few PMs that they were listed on Ebay for outrageous prices. A boxed Exocet for $799?!? This was in August and they are still on Ebay. On a happier note, I took the $500 and bought the entire collection of Panda boxes for around $540.
  18. Marc is the man and one of the two greatest box makers (CPUWIZ being the other one). A good part of my boxed collection is from Marc. I especially like when he also publishes a manual with the box. Don't forget all the repros he does for unreleased games. He is not just a box maker. Thank you Marc!
  19. I'll also take one CIB. I really enjoyed Endless Snow.
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