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  1. I think doing HSC for Apple II games would be fun, even if it only wound up with a handful of participants. I am often scouring youtube for high score runs or speedruns of older games (Apple II included,) for games I played a lot growing up, to see just how far people were willing to go with them. I know a lot of the magazines from back in the day (that are now available online) had high score listings.
  2. Simple yet fun. I got to screen 5 so far. I installed this on my Wii, having a blast with it. Thanks.
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    I didn't follow the development of this from the beginning, which is probably why I was so stunned when I tried it. This had me misty-eyed. I spent the whole time playing with my mouth wide open, aghast. Why? It does the things I wanted the original 2600 version to do: 1. Eating dots slows you down so the monsters outrun you. 2. The ghosts go slow through the tunnels. * 3. The maze flashes when you finish a screen. 4. It has all the prizes. 5. The monsters have individual behaviors, and face whatever direction they are moving. 6. The monsters flash the appropriate number of times for whatever level you are on, after you eat an energizer. 7. The scoring matches the arcade. 8. You get an extra man at 10,000, complete with sound effect. 9. THE SIREN! It even changes pitch and speed as you eat more dots, like the arcade! 10. You DON'T stop when you eat the fruit. 11. Pac-Man dies with appropriate animation and sound effects. This is absolutely great! By any chance do you have any more bytes left? There's only two things that I noticed that I think might be possible, and I think would make it even better: 1. * The ghosts do NOT slow down in the tunnels when they are blue. Is there enough room to make them do this? 2. Can you implement "DIP switches" using either game select or the difficulty switches? In the arcade you can select 3 or 5 lives, and extra life at 10,000 / 15,000 / 20,000. I would imagine there's not enough space left to implement game difficulty at easy or hard, or 1 or 2 players. I gotta say the achievement on this just blows me away. This is the Pac-man I wanted as a kid so badly back in the day. I was instantly transported back to my childhood and was sitting on the floor playing atari, only this time playing the REAL Pac-man!
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