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  1. tregare


  2. got a box o joysticks from Bodyshots, Was shipped promptly and packed well.
  3. larry, are you using the adaptor?
  4. could only find one other reference to those drives, someone said they were 810 drives in a metal case with the archiver add on
  5. i use a g540 for most things these days, it even programs gal chips
  6. 74HCT, the HC is high speed cmos, HCT is high speed cmos, ttl compatible
  7. you're right... i found info online...
  8. ok, which of the 2 x?m printers is the better? xdm or xmm. i know nothing about them....
  9. yup, james was kind enough to provide scans, i did ocr and manual editing on them to fix ocr problems. currently i am working on a parts list i will be inserting into the indus FSM.
  10. -begin memory dump- all mfm/rll drives are rll, rll stands for run length limited iirc, if i remember right, mfm is rll 1,3 and what was called rll was rll 2,7. the main difference between the 2 is the speed/frequency (it is one or both) of the datastream. 'rll' was 50% faster and/orhigher freq it does not require any more accurate mechanism than 'mfm' it needs a read amplifier and write amplifier that can handle the datastream, i salvaged many "dead" st225's that had been run on a 'rll' controller and failed as i could remove and replace the amplifiers and add heat sinks and compound to them. then there was arll from perstore(sp) it promised 90% capacity increase on a mfm drive but was better at burning up mfm read/write amplifiers than running a mfm drive on a rll controller. -end memory dump-
  11. i think the reason you saw duplication upgrades for the atari drives but not the indus was the processor in the device, where the atari drives use a cost reduced 6502 compatible chip, the indus uses a z-80, and while assembly for most 8 bits is somewhat similar, it is different enough to cause a programmer issues, not to mention hardware differences in the different cpus.
  12. another indus gt to replace my 2nd one that seems to have vanished.
  13. have you checked out http://forums.arcade-museum.com/archive/index.php/t-217250.html
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