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  1. Not that I forgot. My memory is quite good actually. I just can't remember where I put my car keys. Kudos to MacRorie for his assist on this side of the pond in dispersing the SIO connectors to their various new owners. Now where was I when I had the keys last in my hand.....
  2. Received my order via MacRorie in the mail today. And I wanted to make a couple of observations. Understand I am not criticizing just to be complaining. I have an overall good impression for the first mass production of SIO connectors since Atari stopped production of the 8bits. But there are some things I'd like to suggest be changed in the next production run. 1st. The wings on the side are not complete. They should be longer and have the mounting holes of the original SIO connectors. In my mind it is a must. All you have to do is imagine a contrary SIO cable insertion into the back of a disk drive unit on the bottom of a stack of such drives while standing nearly on your head and trying to do it by feel. The amount of pressure asserted will be massive in multiple directions to a connector whose only anchor point to the pcb is it's soldered pins. 2nd. This kinda of relates to the first observation. The pins seem to be ever so slightly thinner than the originals. I can't prove it and I might be dead wrong, but they seem thinner. Understand I don't know if it's possible to get an exact match. But taken with no mounting holes on either wing to provide stability, thinner pins could be a source of failure that will make these SIO connectors less reliable than the originals. Otherwise I am satisfied with the quality of the connectors. There is no roughness that I can find and the SIO cable and connector fit is good. Foft has done an excellent job. 🙂
  3. This should also work with 800XL too. With minor changes if at all. Please publish info if you are willing. 🙂
  4. Just checking on the current status.
  5. I know you were talking about possibly doing an OTA option as the firmware gets updated. I was on Hackaday a few minutes ago and saw this article. Not sure how you would incorporate it, but it might give the person working on this some ideas at least.
  6. Mozzwald, Can you illuminate the reason for the button marked 'Other'? What is it's purpose?
  7. So maybe I'm thick headed today, but according to your schematic legend C4 should not be populated. Why is it listed on the schematic then? What am I missing? ❔ Does that mean that C3 connects SIO_AudioIn on one side and to only R5 on the other or does it also connect to GND through the none existent C4? I'm confused and triggered. 😮 🙂
  8. Thanks! I was able to locate the 16MB with the IPEX connector finally. 🙂
  9. Mozzwald, Been pretty quiet here for the last week or so. 🙂 Other than the 3d printer designs have you reached a RTM hardware design? At least the schematic version? I know the firmware is still in flux. Also where are you getting the ESP-32 Wrover-1 module with 16mb?
  10. Up my order to a full 10. I'll scramble together the money someway. If they turn out good, then I will be looking to do another larger order. There are some projects I'm considering that need standard SIO connectors. Will these be white or black? How and when do you want payment?
  11. I would be in for 5. Should we get a list going?
  12. I'm planning on it being part of the Super I/O project that won the contest a few weeks back. Hopefully I can get a proto board routed out in the next couple of days and off to the board house. I doubt it will be ready for prime time for at least another couple of months or more though.
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