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  1. Current Status of Vote In the lead for dollar amounts (the winning metric): XF551 Versions with only 4 votes Next up: SIO2IO with 7 votes Bringing up the rear Wireless CX40 with only 1 vote
  2. Here you go.... Atari_WiFi_w_OLed.zip
  3. Just another little update: Not much has changed in the stats. One more person weighed in on the SIO2IO project, but the XF551 Internal/External is still way in the lead for the donation amount. Remember that is the winning project metric. There's still time to donation as little as $5 towards your favorite project.
  4. Marius is correct in that at this point this is a single developer approach. However the problem right now is not how well a particular project is completed, but to determine demand and gather funds needed to complete the project. Once the demand is determined by the donation vote, the funds are automatically in place creating the development cost constraints of the project. At that point I can look for and engage in collaboration with the winning donor and others to minimize development and production costs and increase value. Collaboration, before a defined direction and development cost constraint is in place tends to lead to an overly complex and unworkable framework as everyone pushes to implement their particular pet desire/viewpoint. Collaboration can be costly and time consuming, ask anyone who has engaged in or had to manage multiple collaborators scattered all over the globe in different time zones in different languages etc. It can be fun and an effective tool to bring a product to market too. But it is the next phase, not the one we are in right now.
  5. Unfortunately I doubt there will be even one original SIO port unless it is sold as a DIY project. SIO ports are gold currency. Trying to do even one on an assembled board is going to severely limit the volume of boards. More likely it will be a single pigtail or a DB15 connector.
  6. Not really. 😉 The Donation Vote count is how much money has been donated for one of three proposed projects, and then in the winning project who donated the most. For instance you can have only 3 people donate the most money for the SIO2IO project, such that it wins and of the three Susie Q donated the most. In this instance the most money donated has gone to the XF551 clone project, but more people have voted for the SIO2IO project. I'll definitely cut off the vote if the individual donation amounts get ridiculous. That's why I chose such low minimum donation amounts. So the many can overcome the few or the one.
  7. I think at least one issue is with the availability of those boards. Zaxxon's boards are hard to come by here in the states. And it appears while he is still producing them, it's not in any volume. Ten here and there. My contributions except for the SF551 board(a SF314 case drop-in board) don't natively support 3.5" drives, much less the slimline laptop drives that are dirt cheap now. Based on the donation vote lead that the XF551 clone project has I would have to say that the demand is still there. And people willing to pay money for continued development of that format. You can certainly debate whether it is needed and I hear you on that. But at one point or another some 68 different flavors of Jello have graced our grocery store shelves, including Spam. 😮 Currently there are 27 active flavors. Surely we only need four flavors, grape, cherry, strawberry and watermelon.
  8. Just to give a little update. XF551 Internal/External Versions is ahead in the vote at this point 2 to 1 to the SIO2IO and 20 to 1 to the Wireless CX40 as far as total dollar donations go. SIO2IO is ahead in the vote at this point 2 to 1 to the XF551 Internal/External versions and 5 to 1 to the Wireless CX40 as far as total number of voters go.
  9. Hi, I wanted to try something new for the new year. A lot of times us developers decide what we are going to work on and if you, the enthusiast, are interested as well, then so be it. But you don't get to call any shots to speak of. We do this for a variety of reasons, all of which are valid to us. This time I am giving you a chance to vote on one of three projects I am currently working on and not only vote but have some say in the design and implementation of the project. I'll still have final say to keep things within budget and my skill level, but many of the features of the project will be up to you if you are the highest donor of the winning project at the end of the voting period. This does two things. It helps me with development costs and it gives you more control over what is developed and how. It also reduces the final cost to everyone, since I do not have to recoup nearly as much development costs from every finished item sold. Understand this is a donation and no monies will be returned. I've tried to keep the minimum amount small enough to not hurt anyone who wants to vote and yet still matter when you do vote. I need at least $100 donated for the winning project. Any less than that and it's not enough to begin to handle the two and sometimes three version costs before the final release one. The voting period will be 60 days in length. The start date is today and will go to April 5th. At the end of that period I will tally up the donation votes for each project and the first and second place max donors for the wining project and report on my website and this thread. Understand this is a money donation vote for one of the three projects you want me to complete. Once the wining project is determined, I hope to have the finished project done within six months or less. The first place highest donor will receive upto 75% off of the build cost of the finished project. The second place highest donor will receive upto 50% off of the build cost. So for instance Project Two is declared the winner of the vote and John Q donated the most money towards the cost of development of the project. Susie Q is the next highest donor for that project. Project Two costs $35.00 to assemble and test to build out specifications for one. That means that John Q would only have to pay $8.75 + shipping for one. Susie Q would have to pay $17.50 + shipping. If you choose to not vote for whatever reason, I understand and it's all good. You don't need to explain why. If no one is interested then this thread will die on it's own. Go to this link for more information on the three projects to donate vote for. You will need to have a Paypal account to make a donation vote. Thank you,
  10. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. A quick question that has cropped up. What power supply are you using?
  11. So is this being printed on a network attached modern printer? Or is it just being sent to a pdf file?
  12. I'm assuming you would use the same schematic as the one for the ESP8266 with the transistors?
  13. I think I left out some words. Sorry. What I meant to say was a small LCD display. Almost a senior moment. 🙂 I've had his board sitting in my todo pile for several months now. Seemed like a good project to see if it could be used. I'm thinking more along the lines of it being part of a multi-functional board design. I hear you about a custom board. Not sure about the eye smarting small SMT parts necessary to make a completely customized small board though. At least as a DIY for myself. Not sure about the cost difference between a combo board and a completely customized one either. Might be informational to do a cost comparison once we've both a finished design. 🙂
  14. One option for a ESP32 board I was looking at was this board. It's not 'standard' but it gives an external antenna option that you don't find on the boards coming out of China. Based on the pinouts you've given, I'm trying to match the GPIO pins. I was kindof thinking about a small LED board for bling too. Can't get it complicated enough......🙂
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