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  1. I think the scores only go up. 4's look a lot like 9's in this game. Your score is actually 1,430 and roadrunner's score in post #25 is 470 not 970.
  2. I don't think anyone really used it bitd. Loading from disk is so much faster and easier. The only program released on tape was a diagnostic program by IBM. The donkey.bas game only takes 3 seconds to load from disk. 23 seconds to load from tape.
  3. Here's a video I uploaded using the cassette tape interface on an IBM 5150. I've booted up IBM PC DOS 1.00 and loaded basica (Advanced BASIC) and then load the donkey.bas game from tape. I'm using a Mattel Aquarius data recorder and a cable made for the TRS-80.
  4. I recently sent a tweet using my Colecovision video game system and its Expansion Module #3 (ADAM Computer) using a 300 baud modem over a landline. The Level 29 BBS (retrobattlestations.com) can be reached via dialup, telnet or the internet. It also has a gateway to Twitter.com to send tweets.
  5. Yep, there is a dial inside to adjust the colors.
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