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  1. Here's a video I recorded a couple years ago of the the ECS using the Aquarius printer. Printing the ECS BASIC game Road Race.
  2. My main DOS computer is a Tandy 1000 SL. It has an Intel 8086 at 8/4 MHz, 640K RAM, ms-dos 3.30, 20MB hardcard (Seagate ST-325X) and a 300/1200 modem card. Deskmate gui.
  3. I think the ECS reads/writes at 300 bps (25 characters per second). The Aquarius at 600 bps (50 characters per second).
  4. Top 5 (alpahbetical order) Intellivision: Boxing Dreadnaught Factor Night Stalker Space Armada Tron Deadly Discs Atar 2600: Asteroids Galaxian Missile Command Pac-Man Space Invaders Colecovision: Cosmic Avenger Donkey Kong Galaxian Mr Do! WarGames
  5. My Top 5 cassette games (alphabetical order): D-Fender Grid Bug Millypede N-Vaders Pac Mr.
  6. Here's a link to my Youtube playlist for Coleco ADAM - 75 videos - a lot of them games. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC5D531A62475BD13
  7. Here's a video I uploaded of the Tandy 1000SL playing a Christmas song. The SL and TL were the first models with the Tandy DAC 11-voice integrated sound card. I recorded this from a MIDI file on my Windows 10 laptop to the microphone jack on the Tandy. Had to switch the microphone jumper from E2-E3 to E1-E2 for Line feed. Recorded with the Tandy Deskmate gui's Sound program.
  8. Here's a video I uploaded of of the ADAM with Midi-Mite interface and Casio MT-240 keyboard playing a Christmas song. Merry Christmas!
  9. Non-Tourney Score - 753,374 This is my personal best. Previous best was 639,374 on 6/10/2014 for High Score.
  10. Very Cool! I have LYNX on my 1995 Packard Bell Windows 95 computer. I've used it to visit the old Gopher protocol sites that are proxies for Wikipedia, CNN and Reddit. I didn't think it would be possible with an ADAM.
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