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  1. The Atarivox plugs into the joystick port and doesn't use an external power source. The port does provide +5vdc, but the standard Atari joystick cable doesn't have a wire for it. A nine-wire genny cable is very handy for projects like this. I agree a 9 wire cable would be ideal for this project. You could use a 555 running in astable mode with a pot in between pins 7 and 8 to adjust the frequency (timing) of the output pulse. It would work and be awesome as well! Good luck! Oh yeah look up 555 circuit calculators online so that you can figure out the values of your RC circuit. (RC means Resistor Capacitor). Plus build the thing on a breadboard first so that you can play with different RC values to get pin 3 pulsing the way you want it. If you have an oscilloscope you can see the duty cycle of your output pulse. I guess I would want it to be as close to 50 50 as you can get it. That means that when the pulse is triggered, it goes up to 5 volts and stays up at 5 volts for half a cycle then drops to threshold for the remaining half before it goes back up again. It'll be a square wave. Have fun!
  2. That sounds pertty cool! Good luck!
  3. Hey. Does anyone understand the gun metaphor?
  4. I just got finished whipping my laptop. It was good. We're both enjoying a smoke now...
  5. Yeah, sorry Clockwork Smurf. It just won't jive.
  6. No I dont think so, it was working just fine before i took it apart and started fixing a loose component that was causing my paddles to jitter What loose component did you fix? Jittering paddles are usually caused by a bad or dirty pot in the paddle it's self.
  7. Aaah yes! Molten lava should do the trick!
  8. My sixer had a loose power jack too. I got a new one from Best Electronics, soldered it in and viola! By the way, the even though it runs on 9V, I think its a TTL device. The voltage in your DDM is more than the regulated 5V the TTL ICs can handle. I hope you didn't fry your sixer when you were checking for continuity. Just a thought.
  9. I'm going to try a frying pan. You know, to melt the solder all in one shot. It might work...
  10. Ugh, is this normal? Right now it's $455.00 + shipping for Haloween http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=200253213747
  11. How's your trackball play with Golden Tee?
  12. It looks like they left you hangin' for a reason. Look bud if you're not sure about the psp damage then just go to your local thrift store and get your self a good ol' tape recorder. Then you just stick a tape in it and record the audio signal that comes out of your computer when you play the audio for your game. Sound good?
  13. Best Electronics has them, http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/
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