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  1. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww looks greaaaaaat!!!!!! Thanks for your time and count with my order
  2. Hi Excelent job!!!! Can you add me to your list please? Thanks
  3. Waitng to recieve this one and Unseen … very good year for Lynx's Fans
  4. Excelent demo!!!! Just waiting to buy final version ...
  5. Hi all Just see this game on eBay: https://www.ebay.es/itm/International-Karate-Atari-Lynx/283304927053 Is the same game? Regards
  6. I want all of theeeeeeem!!!!!
  7. Hi all!!! My copies are at home ... I'm happy With my other games : Great job!!!!!
  8. Game is here, wellcome to Spain, as soon as I get home I'll prove it xD
  9. I hope game arrives to Spain soon Thanks!
  10. Hi Still waiting my game from one month since I made payment, no emails, no answers, I am very disappointed
  11. Hi everyone Yes, I bought this game on Ebay, has a custom box I've been collecting since it went in sale in Spain but I've only spent time and money to the collection in recent years. I think I only have to get some homebrew games and betas as Hotdog , Poker, etc ... Probably I have the best collection of Spain, in my country Atari is not very popular, people collect Nintendo and Sega consoles. Thanks for your comments
  12. Hi I am a regular reader of this site but I have not much time to write everything I like. I am a happy owner of Atari Lynx since it went on sale in Spain and after many years I want to share my collection with you. Hope you like it Thanks! Reviews from a Spanish Magazine, Hobby Consolas xD
  13. Hi I wanna a boxed copy Thanks!
  14. Purple hampton was a producer at atari; this ROM was a demo that featured 1-2 levels of every world that was going to be present in the final game. This was more or less meant for Purple to make recommendations for changes before the developers proceeded to add new enemies and generate new levels with the existing tilesets. Nothing was really fixed or changed (besides the inclusion of a Beta Phase Games logo). If you watch the youtube videos you can get a better idea of what the game is like. Hi I send severals emails to [email protected] but no answer, dou you have stock of Hotdog and Poker? Thanks!
  15. Hello I have sent several emails to buy all three games but have not received a reply Do you have stock? Thanks
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