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  1. Many extras added to the website for free downloads. Plus almost every patch in stock. Also have a Stampede promotional belt buckle too. Activision Patches for sale.
  2. 1. The post office never scanned the parcel into their system when it was received (this happens frequently) and it subsequently got lost. 2. The seller never presented the parcel for shipment (if they do this they can get a refund for the label when it wasn't used). It could be an honest mistake or on purpose, who knows. If he sells a lot of stuff, he may not even know himself. 3. Sometimes a parcel will show up delivered with only the delivery scan and no other scan along the way. This used to happen a lot when they only offered "delivery confirmation". But now they actually call it "tracking", so it's supposed to scan at all locations.
  3. Today -- some VERY RARE PATCHES almost never seen for sale. Newer strategy blogs for Activision games, Award patch letters, tons of patches for sale, and MORE! Activision Patches Website
  4. Lots of new stuff on the website. Please stop by and check it out. Newer strategy blogs for Activision games, Award patch letters, tons of patches for sale, and MORE! Activision Patches Website
  5. I have a rare Starmaster stripe and a Plaque Attack patch listed. Lots of other patches to choose from. Also tips and tricks for all Activision games in my blog here. http://www.ActivisionPatches.com
  6. That is a rare patch. Send me a PM here on the board. Maybe we can arrange a sale.
  7. Got a Starmaster (ensign) patch up for sale now.
  8. I have one Frostbite Patch today plus many other Activision Patches to choose from. Thank you everyone for your support. Activision Patches
  9. I have only one "new in package" Stampede belt buckle remaining. I have a couple more that are not in the package but are in very nice condition. Thank you everyone for your support. Activision Patches
  10. Thank you so much to those of you who visited me on eBay. Sold quite a few patches and gave out some great deal just recently. I'm still ready to roll on more patch sales. Who needs some patches? I really appreciate the support from everyone here on the forum.
  11. Yes, I have a Dragster certificate of my own from the early 80's packed away in my collection. Here is a photo of what one looks like. This is not my certificate, but only an example. I couldn't attach a file so here is a link to see the certificate. Dragster Ceritficate
  12. Thank you for the link ROM. They don't look exactly the same to me, but you are probably right. My thought was since Skiing was the first patch ever done by Activision that this could be an exception. Side note: some of you may be thinking that Dragster was the first patch. But Dragster originally had only a certificate for the award. The patch for Dragster came later. Dragster was the only Activision game that had a certificate. It was personalized in the name of the player and the player's Dragster time typed in on the certificate on an old typewriter by hand.
  13. I have a couple of these. I didn't get them directly from Activision, so I cannot say for sure if they are original or a reproduction. My guess is that it really is vintage. My guess is that Activision did a very early run of skiing patches. Maybe the very first run of patches they ever did. This may be from that run. I can't prove it, but that is my strong hunch.
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