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  1. Thank you so much to those of you who visited me on eBay. Sold quite a few patches and gave out some great deal just recently. I'm still ready to roll on more patch sales. Who needs some patches? I really appreciate the support from everyone here on the forum.
  2. Yes, I have a Dragster certificate of my own from the early 80's packed away in my collection. Here is a photo of what one looks like. This is not my certificate, but only an example. I couldn't attach a file so here is a link to see the certificate. Dragster Ceritficate
  3. Thank you for the link ROM. They don't look exactly the same to me, but you are probably right. My thought was since Skiing was the first patch ever done by Activision that this could be an exception. Side note: some of you may be thinking that Dragster was the first patch. But Dragster originally had only a certificate for the award. The patch for Dragster came later. Dragster was the only Activision game that had a certificate. It was personalized in the name of the player and the player's Dragster time typed in on the certificate on an old typewriter by hand.
  4. I have a couple of these. I didn't get them directly from Activision, so I cannot say for sure if they are original or a reproduction. My guess is that it really is vintage. My guess is that Activision did a very early run of skiing patches. Maybe the very first run of patches they ever did. This may be from that run. I can't prove it, but that is my strong hunch.
  5. I've made some special prices for a 4th of July sale starting today. I'm in a really good mood to move some of my patch inventory over the next week. Take advantage of my good spirits! I'll be accepting all REASONABLE offers especially for multiple patch purchases at the same time. No "lowball" offers please. If you want to make deals with me outside of eBay, that is perfectly acceptable. Private messages always welcome here on the Atari Age website. Thank you for looking and for your support. Activision Patches for sale
  6. I think I made an error in my post above. Ice Hockey did have a patch originally. You just didn't have to take a photo. All you had to do was have a friend sign your letter with you saying you had beaten the computer in a game of Ice Hockey. It was the most popular club patch I think because of not requiring a photo.
  7. There were a few Activision games made prior to Cosmic Commuter that did not have patches. Here are a few that come to mind: Bridge, Checkers, Boxing, Fishing Derby. Tennis and Ice Hockey originally did not have patches, but later patches were made for them.
  8. Welcome to the new forum version everyone. Please visit http://www.ActivisionPatches.com
  9. Bump. Always getting new patches in and selling quite a few. www.ActivisionPatches.com
  10. Intellivision Stampede patch sold. I now have a Promotional Stampede belt buckle from Activision. www.ActivisionPatches.com
  11. Just listed an Intellivision Happy Trails patch and an Intellivision Stampede patch.
  12. All of my patches are 100% authentic vintage 1980's real Activision patches as stated in the listings. Returns are accepted if you are not satisfied. Is there something in the listings that make you think they are reproductions? If there is, I would like to correct that immediately. I try to be extremely clear in my descriptions. There are TWO listing for a reproduction patch, which are clearly labeled as a reproduction in the title and the body of the listing. They are the patch called "You Suck Loser" and "Master Baiter Fishing Derby". They are not really RE-productions because they were never made by Activision. They are just patches made for fun and are labeled as such in the listing. Thank you for asking. And thanks for looking. David
  13. Thanks for looking. ActivisionPatches.com
  14. Here is a better PDF scan of the Laser Blast Commander letter for 100,000. This is the absolute best I can do with this file. I know it has slight fold lines in the scan. Hope it helps. David Laser-Blast-Commander-Letter.pdf
  15. Today only 10-25-2018. There is a coupon "PICKUPTEN" that can be used for 10% off EVERYTHING! Use at checkout. ActivisionPatches.com
  16. I also have a Cuttle Cart and a Cuttle Cart II. It's worth every cent of what he is asking. I use Cuttle Cart II all the time.
  17. HERO and Robot Tank Star of Honor patches sold. Still have both Dolphin patches, Silver Decathlon, the Stampede belt buckle, plus much more.
  18. Robot Tank Star of Honor listed today. "Best Offer" accepted on this listing. Several other rarities also listed. If you want to contact me here on the forum about a purchase, that is also acceptable. Maybe I can save some of the huge eBay and PayPal fees and pass the savings on to you.
  19. You earned the patches. And that wasn't easy. But finding them online is easy. Stop by for a visit at: Activision Patches
  20. I found this scan years ago on the internet. It seems, I do not have this letter. It is not possible for me to make a better scan of Laser Blast 100,000. Sorry.
  21. I have a low quality scan of the Laser Blast 100,000 letter. Here is that one. It may not be the best, but at least you can see the letter.
  22. Here is the Starmaster Leader letter. Starmaster-Leader-Letter.pdf
  23. HERO patch listed along with some other rare gems -- like a genuine sealed Stampede Belt Buckle. "Best offer" accepted on many of the patches. Thanks for looking.
  24. I did accept a very good best offer on the HERO patch. But I think I may have a line on another one coming soon for those that have an interest.
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