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  1. Update for those with similar issues (garbled characters in game list): - I re-flashed the BIOS to from 1.06 to 1.05 (thank you Fred Quimby!) Issue was still present - I re-flashed the BIOS again from 1.05 to 1.06 Issue resolved All is well with the game list (no gabled characters at all, no matter what way I move the stick). Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Fred for assisting me with this Jason
  2. Well, as suspected the TV was the culprit. I hooked up the Atari to a smaller Insigna HDTV and all games that were scrolling were not on this TV. Thanks again guys for pointing me in the right direction.
  3. Thank you guys. Understood about the issue not being the Harmony. I'm still learning about how these things work, so I do appreciate the patience. I'm using an Insigna HDTV. That's probably the issue.
  4. Hello, Are there some games that just do not work correctly with the Encore? Some games roll horizontally (Basic Math, Alpha Beam with Ernie, Wings (Prototype)). The games are all NTSC and I've tried downloading from several different sites with the same results. I did read another thread on this but the original poster there was using a 7800. I am using a 2600 "light sixer". I just need someone to confirm that these games work correctly with the Encore. Then I can rule out an incorrect/bad ROM and focus on the Encore. Thank you, Jason
  5. I have firmware 1.06 - the firmware that came with the Harmony Encore cart when I received it a few days ago. I haven't tried to do any updates to it as I assume 1.06 is the latest version. Well, I seem to have it working, sort of. If I power on the Harmony Encore the game list will sometimes be garbled. If I power off and on once or twice, the game list looks normal. If I move the joystick to the left, the game list becomes garbled. If I move the joystick to the right, the list stays normal and remains normal If I move the stick to the right, all is okay. If I move the stick to the left, the list stays normal UNTIL I get to the beginning of the game list. I f I move to the left from the beginning of the list, the game list becomes and stays garbled, no matter how I move the stick. It seems that as long as I move the stick to the right, all is well. I tried another joystick and got the same results I tried replacing the SD card and got the same results. At this point, I am going to enjoy the Harmony Encore and just deal with what I have, as long as I can get A list to work, I don't care how I have to move the controller. Thank you for all that have tried assisting me with theis very strange issue. Jason
  6. Okay, did more testing. The first time I fire up the Harmony Encore cart, most of the games show their proper file name. If I move the joystick back one page and then forward to the first page again, the game listing becomes jumbled (incorrect file names). If I turn the power off then back on again, the game list shows jumbled text and not the proper game list. If I power off and back on again, 3 out 4 times the game list is jumbled and incorrect. The 1 out of 4 times it shows the first two pages correct but then after that, jumbled text. Very strange. It doesn't matter where I get the ROMs from. It does this no matter what ROM sets I use.
  7. Yes, I am using Windows 10 x64 I have one Adventure ROM - downloaded right here from AtariAge
  8. Thank you groundtrooper. Let me ask this - Would it matter where the ROMs are from? I ask because if I have one ROM on the SD card and name it 123.bin, shouldn't it show as 123.bin on the Harmony cart? I didn't manually name the ROMs a3~15d.bin or anything like that yet that's how they appear on the cart. On the SD card (via Explorer), that ROM shows as adventr.bin yet the Harmony lists it as a3~15d.bin Strange indeed. I'll play around with the ROMs and see what happens.
  9. Hello, I just received a Harmony Encore and all I can say is ... WOW! This little gem brings back MANY childhood memories. The issue that I am having is that I have copied some games to an SD card, then plugged the SD card into the Harmony Encore cart. When I fire up the Atari 2600, I can get to the game list, but the names on the list do not match what the actual names of the files are. Example: Adventure Name of file: advntr.bin Name that shows on Harmony Encore list: a3~15d.bin There are others as well. Some do show the correct file name but a lot of them show this type of text. Any ideas how to resolve? Thank you, Jason
  10. Thank you everyone for the quick replies.
  11. Hello, Using Nostalgia 5.0, is it possible to add games to the games.db file and have Nostalgia recognize them? I'm trying to add games to the database file but am running into issues. I can tinker more in the morning but wanted to ask if this is possible before I spent any more time on this. Thank you, Jason
  12. Hello, First time poster, long time lurker/visitor. Does anyone know why Atari changed the name of Basic Math to Fun With Numbers? It is the same game, right? It appears they are the same game, just renamed. Just curious if anyone know why the rename or if I am totally wrong in this. Thank you, Jason
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