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  1. Laser Blast, River Raid II, and Oink! are at the top of my bad Activision list. I also really dislike Pitfall II, but I realize I am in a minority there.
  2. I have a game so rare, that no one knows if it even actually exists or not. What's the name of it? Just the mention of one of the letters in the title may summon a horrible monster worse than Cthulhu, even worse than those jokers who grade the plastic wrap around video games. Yeah, that horrible. Who wants to touch me?
  3. The problem you're likely to find as you search (and in the brief search I did) is that Nintendo even seemed to kind of "outsource" their work to other companies. So, if you found a board game made in Japan in the 1970's or early 80's, not only would it not have Miyamoto's name on it, it's very possible to not even have Nintendo's name on it. This is extremely popular practice (sadly) even today. If Hasbro publishes a board game, 95 out of 100 times, you will not see the designer's name anywhere on the box at all. Very unlike the European style games that have gained popularity over the past 20 years, where the designer actually tends to get a heading above the actual game title.
  4. If I had to pick any nits with the show, this is it. The OMG RARE stuff is cool to see, no question. But it's mostly out of my price range. The common stuff...well, I'm a good collector, I have it all What I'm looking for is that middle of the road stuff that would really fill some of the key holes I see in my collections. I know I left 2 of those middle of the road games behind (foolishly I may add), but opther than those 2, my want list was mostly absent (especially in the Sega Saturn / Playstation / Game Boy realms that I'm currently working in). Of course, I'm thinking about having a table next year, and all I have is common stuff...so maybe I shouldn't complain
  5. Yeah, I got the Protector / YASI And I had three people offer me $50 for it within just a few minutes of my purchase...which surprised me because I didn't even get it until close to 11 AM, over 2 hours for others to pick it up (for $20 even). But I held firm, I wanted to play it (and oh yeah, it's goooooood) My new Vectrx has a happy home next to my computer monitor here on my desk. I'm a proud papa, the Vectrex has been my Holy Grail for quite a long time. I know there were pics taken from the balcony, hopefully the will show up on the Cinciclassic site sooner or later.
  6. For the record, here was my take (I have an illness when it comes to shows, I always spend a ton of money). Odyssey: Odyssey 1 system (mostly complete) RCA Studio II: Blackjack Atari 2600: 3 copies of Combat were given to me throughout the show Snoopy and the Red Baron a 6 cart game switcher thingy C64: World Class Leader Board + Great Courses of the World Vol. 2 & 3 Indoor Sports Radar Rat Race Kickman Vectrex: System Star Wars Vec Sports Boxing I, Cyborg Space Hawk w/ overlay Protector / YASI Game Boy: Aladdin Batman Aliens vs. Predator PS1: Irritating Stick Tall Infinity Spider MLB Pennant Race Nightmare Creatures Junior League Dodgeball PS2: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Gun I-Ninja XBox: Top Spin Books: Confessions of the Game Doctor Retro Gaming Hacks Gaming Hacks 3 CDs of Arcade Ambience and a t-shirt Whew, I think that's it...I have a lot of gaming goodness ahead of me!! Probably cost less than you would imagine as well
  7. It was great to see a few of you folks after so long, Stan and Aimee (although I somehow forgot to say hi to Aimee again...I blame Stan's eyes...so dreamy), Bigplayer (congrats on the Vectrex win, hope it works out well for you), CHrisbid and all the others I'm too tired to mention. I hope it won't be another 3 and a half years, because I'm already getting a stack of stuff together...possibly to set up shop there next time.
  8. Awww damn, that was my favorite one...it had the best of the Gameboy collections... Hopefully they will move those GB games to the Grovetucky...I mean Grove City location so I don't have to drive as far...
  9. Northpointe?? Is the the one on Schrock? Or a different one, sorry but my knowledge of the north side is a little weak
  10. No, you're thinking of the right place...it's just not there anymore...I used to live there it seemed, went for a while every 2-3 days...then once I went, and the guy there gave me a card to their store in Pataskala...I've been twice, but their Atari stuff is gone. Most of their older stuff is gone from the store, they have a lot less showcase space now. The only reason to still go to Brice is the British Papermill (comic book store), but unless I get to see the goth chick behind the counter...it's not worth going to. Blur, thanks for the info, I was in that area today. Didn't have much time, and I picked the wrong center to drive through.
  11. That moved to Pataskala about 3 months ago. It's a pain and a half to find now. Prices are a bit high on most stuff when compared to Video Games Express. Games Underground is a very good store, and probably my current favorite, especially when I'm looking for cheap new gen stuff, it's a little light on the classics, but they have a few good things. I haven't actually seen more than a courtesy 2600 cart in any of these stores in a long time. Another really nice store is Press Start Gaming in Pickerington (I don't have an exact address), if going south from I-70 on 256, it's on the left past the upscale shopping center...if you get to Refugee road going south, you just missed it. I'm not sure if it is still there, but there used to be a booth at the Southland Expo that had some classic stuff. Sadly, I'm not using these sources much because I'm collecting for Gameboy hardcore right now, and EB has the best GB prices that I've seen in town... Thanks for the heads up on the new location for VGE in Westerville...that's the same center as the Micro Center right??
  12. I have that one. It's definitely harder to find. Although I got the blue label before I ever found the regular versions.
  13. Basically, people still really like Tetris, so they don't get traded back in as often as other games. Although, with the DS release, and the lack of baqckwards compatability...I'm seeing more Tetris carts in used stores...and the price is coming dow. Still a $10-15 cart though.
  14. I love mine...the controls are great, I love everything about it (although I wish I could still have Barrel Jumping and Cliff Diving from World Games). Although the addition of Eliminator (one of my top 5 all time C64 games) made up for it. I also thought of some of the games I would love to see on this...since I don't have originals anymore: Kikstart 10th Frame Leaderboard Golf Skate Rock Stunt Car Racer maybe I need to hack the extra one I got...
  15. 754.9 about the best that I am able to do...
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