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  1. Dreamcast Atari 800 emulator with large collection of games, sound and graphic demos and Atari 5200 games as well.Emulator has DC keyboard support but one is not needed as it also has a virtual keyboard function.Tested and burned with Imgburn for Windows. This is a self booting disc. This is a new collection of games and demos I put together in December of 2013 so it is a new collection for the Dreamcast as of late in 2013. You can download it here: http://cloudstor.es/file/Qs_3zr/
  2. I have put up 2 Atari Auctions and thought to post them here. I ship from the USA and will ship to many countries around the world. Many other computer and gaming items up for auction as well so get a look if interested. Atari Mega ST 2 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230987150703 SH205 Hard Drive eBay Auction -- Item Number: 251280671667
  3. New batch of Rasta Goodness mrnukem_yoda.xex mrnukem_avgn.xex mrnukem_devil girl.xex mrnukem_r2.xex
  4. You need to let Dither run in the rasta proram, it makes a huge difference I have found. The Knoll method is slower but gives much better results. The car photo you converted is nice though.
  5. That was my fault. I did a resize of the pictur before processing and did not keep the correct aspect ratio.
  6. My Newest conversions mrnukem_squirrel.xex mrnukem_zeldashld.xex
  7. Using Knoll dithering, 10000 or more solutions, I try different pallets until I get one that looks good on destination screen I let them run for 100 million to 200 million cycles which can take 8 to 12 or more hours depending on the picture. I let it run, minimize it and kind of forget it's there for hours at a time.
  8. Newest Set for your enjoyment mrnukem_foo_dog.xex mrnukem_wolf.xex
  9. mrnukem


    I see it there, had to translate page from Polish to English. Thank you very much!
  10. mrnukem


    The download link seems to be down, can someone attach the latest version to this message thread please? Thank you
  11. Some Lovecraft Cthulhu goodness cthulhu1.xex
  12. Here is my next batch mrnukem_jrrtolkien.xex mrnukem_dmguide-art.xex mrnukem_dmguide.xex
  13. Newest creations. I have to say I am happy how well the King Tut image turned out. I let the conversion software run for 24 hours on it. mrnukem_tut.xex mrnukem_coke1.xex mrnukem_tolkien runes.xex
  14. Here are some of my new rasta Conversions. mr_nukem_burger.xex mr_nukem_gandalf.xex mr_nukem_wfall.xex mr_nukem_djin.xex
  15. Some Pictures I converted. Trying more complex ones now, will post those worth sharing mrnukem-dpanic.xex mrnukem-pitfall.xex
  16. Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question. I will give it a try.
  17. So if I take the original picture then cover with a black layer and use an erase function to re-expose important areas of the photo would that work as a mask picture?
  18. Thank you and thanks for all your great work and pictures you have shared here. Do you happen to have a link to a document explaining how the details mask function works?
  19. I forgot to ask if there is a utility that will let me extract the raw picture file from the.xex files? Would they extract to a known atari picture format so that i could use one of the many picture viewers with slide show function? thank you
  20. How does details mask work and how would I generate a details mask from a picture to use in the Rasta Converter. I poked around the Rasta FAQ and Forum Posts but still did not find the answer to this question so decided it was best to ask. BTW all the pictures are really great. I love this tool and have been playing with it for a long time now and still enjoying it.
  21. Pitfall followed a close second by Phoenix and Adventure
  22. This is my auction. I have verfied that both of these cartridges work. Any questions please leave me a message on e-bay. I ship to USA and Many other countries around the world. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230926198359
  23. Sharing some Atari Zelda Christmas Cheer with this Zelda Christmas Rasta converted picture. Happy Holidays to all zeldaxmas.xex
  24. Description says mint condition but the label looks to have discolored and maybe stained a little, think they need to look up the definition of "mint condition"
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