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  1. I cleaned all my carts, and it works great now! It only takes a couple tries to get the games to work, and when they do, they never crash or screw up! I'm happy! I am going to get a new 72 pin connector and then see what happens then!!!!
  2. I just got an offer for another PP cart, thanks anyway. But ya, I told him today that I was going to bring the atari in. He really wants to play it.
  3. Thanks!!!! I'll take those, hold on to those, I'll get back to you in a couple days.
  4. HAHA! but seriously, I want these games!! they are super common, and I dont have them! I'd prefer to use paypal to send then money.
  5. When did Frogger and Circus Atari become so rare!?!?
  6. Lol! but honestly, do you have a copy of PP that I could have or buy for cheap??
  7. I want one Soo bad! How much!??!?!? I cant imagin what it's like to put in a game, turn it on, and have it work, it must be amazing!!!!
  8. oh yea, I'll let him play it, thats why I want to bring it, so he can play it and thats why I want pole position, cause thats one of the games he mentioned.
  9. I was in school, and mentioned to a friend that I played some atari the night before, then, my teacher said "what did you say????", I told him that I played atari. He said, he'd Love to have just 10 minutes again with an atari!, he went on to say that he loved Pole Position and Combat. It was so cool, you should have seen how excited he was. It must have brought back alot of good memories. P.S. Does anybody have a copy of Pole position I could buy for cheap, so when I bring my atari in, he can play it???
  10. Sorry to get off topic but... Vic George 2k3 I love your sig!!! I love that song and I never know what he is saying!... that is funny! ok, back on topic
  11. I still dont have Circus Atari (yet I have Circus by Zellers) and frogger (among many others, but those are the ones I really want for the playing aspect more than anything...I'm more of a player than a collecter)
  12. There are 5 very common games I want. I can only pay about $1 each Frogger Pole Position Circus Atari Video olympics Defender
  13. I was looking at the latest issue of our school newspaper, and there were top 10's of everything, incuding games, here you go (see attached file) BTW, man it's been awile since I posted, There are so many new names, I thought I was at the wrong forum!
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