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  1. After holding on to these for years I am now auctioning my two rarest video game carts for the TI-99/4a. 1. Navarone "Frog Stickers" (created when Navarone bought over Romox and was still reusing there old cart cases). c. 1986 2. Romox "Princess and Frog" on ECPC edge connect programmable cartridge with paperwork. c. 1984/84 Both are tested and are currently up for auction ebay. with no reserve.. hoping these both make it into someones collection who can enjoy them.. thanks http://tinyurl.com/kk52c5g
  2. I have four working titles on Romox ECPC carts: Mash Fun with art The bartender Monster maze
  3. I uploaded some quick pics of the four ecpc carts to: AtariAge Forums > Classic Gaming > Rare and Unique Items > Posting picture in Rare and Unique Items thanks for all the inputs and advice on these carts and getting back into 8-bit, will no more in a few weeks when I can load them and it will be interesting one way or another so keep your fingers crossed any idea rough etimate how many romox programming centers came online in stores in usa? I dont remember seeing any of these in my town or in my atari mags and never heard of romox eproms until picking up these carts and comming on here...
  4. will keep you informed of how the tests turn out and what code is on them, that would be excellent if it is what it says on the label and is intact .. must get shoppin for that 800 then..
  5. It was actually 1982 and it was around $400 new if I remeber right (man im gettin old...) must be that al's heimers
  6. thanks for the quick responses - never had an xe/xl model so may check one of those out but allways loved the 800 model since i could only afford buying a new 400 when i was in highschool but not the 800 I really wanted. Anyway thanks again, will get the 800 or newer to check the carts out..Hopefully the ECPC have not become corrupted over the years or are blank... my original 1985 system: atari 400 16k joytyper 400 add on typewriter style keyboard (w/ 4' ribbon extension soldered to membrane keyboard underside - could type away from desk) microbits mpp-1000c 300 baud modem (blue one) pluged into joystck port 410 cassette (what a pain that was) lots of creative basic books & antic (typed and save the $) 13" montgomery ward b/w TV for monitor dow jones & compuserve followed by many late night BBS's ...good ol days
  7. Hello, trying to get some info on romox ECPC carts for the 400/800. Just came across 4 ECPC programmed Romox carts I just recieved buying as a group lot of 20 400/800 carts, titles are: the bartender, Mash (M*A*S*H), monster maze and fun with art (2 blue & 2 black carts). I want to check these out since I am going with what is written on the romox labels hoping they are still playable , but - I sold my atari 400 system (my bad) a few years ago and now I am excited about these titles that I never had before so am contemplating the purchase an atari computer again just to check them out. Does anyone know if these titles required the 800 to play (memory module reqs?) or will they run on the 400, heard the 800XL is iffy on running some titles so I was gonna stay away from it unless the group thinks otherwise. anyone running these carts that can let me know their hardware requirements or any other concerns I would appreciate it...
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