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  1. I opted for other, cause I dropped a bit too much time in Animal Crossing a few years back.
  2. Anybody still playing this? I started up on the PS3 again. I own all that it had to offer for that platform (seasons 1-6). Still a mighty good time. Wondering if its worth downloading the Pinball FX on the PS3 and trying out those games?
  3. Drats, I was about to drop a lot of Midway, Capcom, Atari, Namco and Taito Arcade compilations on the list for the ultimate list... but yeah, it is kinda cheating (although that PS2/Xbox era when you'd get 20+ games on a disc for $20-$30 was incredible) Anyways, here goes (in no particular order) Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (PS2) Need For Speed Hot Pursuit II (PS2) SimCity 3000 (PC) Wii Sports Resort (Wii) Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox) Animal Crossing (GameCube) ESPN NFL 2K5 (Xbox) Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) Doom (PC) Grand Theft Auto Vice City (PS2) Quite a bit more heavy for that early to mid 2000's era than I originally expected... but that's kinda my gaming wheelhouse, so it isn't too shocking. On a side note, if I could have the Pinball Arcade on the PS3 (granted, its a compilation of pinball machines) I'd add that in a heartbeat! Edit: Probably take out SMB3 for a Tetris game. I love Tetris and it would be more enjoyable over Mario in the long run.
  4. It seems somewhat troubling that the guy in the video didn't know what MAME was, and couldn't for the life of him pass the first goomba on SMB. You'd think that they could have done a better job presenting their product. Its just a packaged Raspberry Pi set-up with a ton of ROMS, which isn't anything overly special and I'd imagine fairly illegal... but, for a electronic dunce who has no real desire to put one of these things together himself, perhaps this kind of thing is an option?
  5. Well, I was young ( 8 ) and coming from a family that was lower middle class, so in the late 80's I was still rocking the Atari at the time. No NES for me until it was getting phased out. I do recall going over to friends houses in the early 90's and seeing Super Mario 3 and just being in absolute awe of it. There was me, just wandering through the level just getting by, and them running/flying and getting warp whistles. They'd want to go off and play things other than video games and I was mesmerized with their Nintendo. SMB3 was one of the titles that I received when getting the NES, and I played it to death. Many great times going from world to world, seeing how far I could go, and how many lives I could collect. Lots of controller slamming and throwing in world 8... but all in all, good times for sure! To this day, it is probably my favorite Mario title.
  6. If we are including add-ons, The Pinball Arcade on the PS3 trumps everything for me. I purchased every season pack available, with the only regret being the last two seasons (due to me not playing them too much). I'll tell you though, those first 3-4 seasons got their moneys worth out of me. Some of the most enjoyable gaming moments in my lifetime came on this game. As for a physical release, I'm sure at some point I regretfully dropped $50 on some goofy sports title when I was in my early 20's (sigh).
  7. I was just thinking, AtGames has a working relationship with Capcom, Data East, Atari, Namco and Taito. There are quite a few arcade ports that would be really nice to have in a device like this. Having these compilations on the PS1-current gen consoles are nice, but in terms of convenience factor (and a hopeful HDMI upgrade), if done properly, it would be really slick!
  8. The Capcom joystick shown above looks interesting. Is that something that was made specifically for them, or could we possibly see larger compilations from other developers put into this arcade stick? Living in a small apartment, while an arcade machine would be nice, something like this would be a lot more reasonable.
  9. In the early 80's, my parents were in their mid 20's, meaning the 2600 was more for them than it was for me. I remember dad playing games like Vanguard, and later Xevious on the 7800. I remember one epic gaming morning where they were totally dominating 2 player Galaga on the 7800. Later on, I don't think either ever touched the NES or any Sega console I had. In the early 90's we got a PC where dad would play Minesweeper and mom would enjoy Solitaire. They'd play games like Mahjong together on the computer, but not much else comes to mind.
  10. Okay, its been just over a month now, and no leak as to what the 15 other games are? Given its been this long with no update, I'd bet its another month before news comes out to remind Black Friday shoppers to save a little bit of money for it. ... that, or the remaining 15 are kinda duds and uninteresting. Less time for critics and ourselves to bash what is/isn't on the thing.
  11. Working retail, I understand the demands that are put in place on a company like AtGames to have a product ready to put out at a very specific time. There is no flexable timeline to where they release their product once all the kinks are worked out and its in its 100% ready to go. I don't think AtGames had the intent initially on these Namco Blast! having the NES roms instead of direct arcade ports, but it just so happened that way. Once they did know that they were going to have to go that route, I wish that they would have been more upfront about it, but at the same time, outside of our "community", no one else would probably really care either way. Like Bill has stated before, we are not exactly their target market here. Its a product for the casuals.
  12. I'm trying to think of an NHL game that I DIDN'T really care for? A large portion of the EA series has been good. I even enjoyed Sega's 2K series of hockey games. Even NHL Hitz was fairly enjoyable for what it was. I think my favorite though was on the PS1, NHL Faceoff 98. Granted, I haven't played it in a while, and it has probably aged poorly, but I invested a nice chunk of teenage adolescence in that title. The gameplay was fast and the announcing (while sparse) was fun as well. I had the Gortan Fisherman era Islanders running like a well oiled machine!
  13. Just a heads up for those that are interested, but the Asteroids mini arcade (the one with the monochrome LCD screen), was seen on clearance at the local Walmart for $7. If you were waiting, hoping to get a deal on these things, now might be the time to buy.
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