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  1. Go to play-asia.com and buy one of the USB Sega Saturn Pads. They are the best damn controllers for emulation around.
  2. Could you possibly upload some (or all) of the video to YOUTUBE.com so we can all watch?
  3. I had a similar problem... Chad told me to change the power supply and it worked like a charm!
  4. There was an appliance and furniture rental place here in Indianapolis that also rented Atari VCS carts. I never rented any because my family was too poor for a console back then. The good thing was the old guy would let us play for free nearly everyday.
  5. actually, I just got an email today saying that I got the last one.... They must've found one under the couch or something....thats where I lose everything
  6. I've had luck carefully drilling a hole in the disc and JB Weld'n a dowel rod in there!
  7. I too am in the planning stages of a portable 2600 & NES combined into one unit! I think it would be a good idea to start a webpage, messageboard, etc. devoted to console tinkering and development. Keep in touch.
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