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  1. Thank-you, I must have missed the links in the main page.
  2. Doesn't have the program I am looking for...plus a lot of the links are dead
  3. Hi, Many moons ago I used to have a program when it was compressed it was called MMM226.LZH, it was a great MIDI music player that worked on the Atari ST/STe (maybe beyond I never was too sure as I never had anything beyond the STe). I also at one time used it in an emulator and for the life of me I can't remember where I downloaded it. It was a shareware program is all I know. I tried to type up the name of the file in my search engine and I got a site that lists the description of the file but no download (http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/programs/mmm226.lzh) It does NOT have to be a rom image, the file itself would be good enough as I could copy the folder to my Atari "hard drive" in which I use for my emulator. FYI Shareware version is perfectly fine for me.
  4. Even in the year 2018 the site is still up and operational. I am downloading a bunch of Atari stuff for my emulator to use. I really really do appreciate you posting this. I was looking for .IMG files but ended up finding this. I will be exploring it and having more fun.
  5. Hello, I am currently using hAtari on my LinuxMint 18.1 system and I absolutely love it but I am having a question about the keyboard layout. I am trying to use the \ and _ keys but for some reason when I type these within the emulator all I get is a ? instead. I am trying to change configuration in one of my ST programs and it won't let me change the directory without the \. I also want to rename some files with _ in it. Example hi_there.bas instead of just hithere.bas. Thanks
  6. I will try that emulator...there is a version for my linuxmint I can download. btw, I know it will be slow I just want to be able to go to basic websites anyway, nothing fancy.
  7. That is the exact order I did it in, but some reason it doesn't load up NeoDesk right after Geneva loads up first time nor the time after I do the changes to my desktop within NeoDesk.
  8. Here I am again asking questions....I hope you all don't mind as I am a newbie to the emulation scene. I am wondering has anyone ever gotten hatari to ever work with actually going to a web site? I have version CAB 2.7 (english) and I just would love to be able to connect to some basic sites while using my hatari emulator. I have it set up as an Atari Falcon 040 at 16mhz and 14mb of RAM. I am not planning on going to sites like YouTube, etc...because I know that the plugins required are most likely not going to work in the browsers written for the Atari. Also is there an English FTP and/or TELNET one? Thank-you.
  9. It is ok, it did have some samples within there and it was actually useful. I will continue my search.
  10. Ok about the later not working, that is what I want to load. I will look for SpeedoGDOS or NVDI to install. I am trying to run Atari Works btw, that is why. Thank-you for making me become clearer than I was because it does seem vague what I said.
  11. Hi there, Is there a way to get GDOS Fonts to work in HATARI? I tried to do an install of them and it said they installed properly but then when I do a reboot of the system, it just locks up on me. I have to do a "reset" after I delete the files out of my "hard drive". I am emulating a Falcon system with TOS 4.04 (Atari TOS) with 14mb RAM. Thanks
  12. I downloaded the files, I guess that will have to do. I just was really wondering if there was a site (web or FTP) that just has the images by themselves. So if I wanted to get a lot of .tny pictures I can download them and put them on my emulator (hatari) "hard drive" and view them from there.
  13. Hi there, I recently downloaded NeoDesk 4 and Geneva from the website and I absolutely love them. I am now just inquring about how to edit the configurations with it. Here is what I want to do... 1) Autobook NeoDesk right away after loading Geneva 2) Auto set resolution to 256 colors instead of 2 colors I am running hAtari and I am emulating a Falcon computer (which I love doing it) and it keeps on just loading up the Geneva and then it stops and then I have to click the Open and then run NeoDesk. Even if I do a save desktop to the 256 colors, it still boots it up to the 2 color screen. I change the settings to 256 colors and then it loads up Geneva and then I can load up NeoDesk with the 256 colors.
  14. Hi there, is there a place where I can obtain a huge collection of the various formats for pictures for the Atari ST/TT/Falcon. I am looking for Degas, Degas Elite, Tiny (all resoultions), Spectrum 512 (compressed and uncompressed), and any other formats that were exclusive to the Atari ST/TT/Falcon computers.
  15. Does anyone know where I can find a US Atari STacy "laptop" computer? I would love to have one that has 4mb of RAM and at least a 20mb (prefer 40mb or higher)? Thanks
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