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  1. Hey look, December, 2019... Where does the time go? Reward is up to $0.08. This is going to cost me big time in about a decade. I admit I haven't had much time to search this year. Honestly I think I'd be better off just writing my own version of BB/ST. I can probably learn x language, and build up something from scratch before I find a copy of v2.xx
  2. Off-topic, but any chance you've seen a copy of a lesser known BBS Software called... BB/ST Was hoping to find a copy of v2+, I found a v1, but there's a lot of stuff missing. Sorry to butt in, back to your topic.
  3. Fine, I'm doubleing my offer. First person to located a copy of BB/ST v2 or higher gets my eternal gratitude and 4 SHINY pennies. I might even be able to find copper pennies to sweeten the deal. (This is my annual thread bump)
  4. Huge fan of the original game. I'd pay for a personal disk copy again. -Andy
  5. Once you use one you'll justify it. Honestly I get the most use out of the Network Shared folder and 3 hot swappable floppy images. Being able to use my USB kb/mouse/joysticks is also a huge bonus. I wish I had a Falcon, I'd get this in a second.
  6. I like my US NEC 1970VX. You can often see them on eBay for around $50-$100. I bought 2 for $100, but alas one was damaged (Cracked LCD), but the other was really clean. if you're lucky you can get them in White. Lots of hospitals use them so you might be able to find some when they dump em.
  7. There's some cool CD+G music discs out there, off the top of my head Information Society, the one with that "pure energy" song on it is a CD+G has a bunch of fan art and other cool things.
  8. Found a place to post this, sorry all, I'm sure it's been said a thousand times, but... What is your refund policy? Refund at any point in time through Indiegogo. After the campaign, we will lock refunds in order to go into production and shipment. We will honor the returns and exchange policy after your Atari VCS is delivered. So no refunds after end of campaign What is your return / exchange policy? If you received your product and you aren't satisfied, you may exchange it for a new one within 30 days, less shipping & handling fees. Did anyone really think this through? If I got a product that I'm not satisfied with, why would I exchange it for another one? How bout, "We can only exchange if your unit is defective." and instead of 30 days, make it a year. I'm glad they seem to be getting a lot of money for this "product", but there's just too many red flags for me to even risk this kid of money investment. (or is this how everyone feels?) I can't be alone here. I want this to be a special thing, but barring Jeff Minter announcing T4K is going to be exclusive to the AtariVCS...
  9. All the good laser disc games like Dragon's Lair, their licenses are held by Digital Leisure, back in the day (1999) when I worked at EA I used to call and do "trades" with different software companies. I made friends with one of the owners of DL, Liz I think, and setup one of several trades for copies of Madden or whatever else they want and got back a huge box full of their current titles. I gave a lot of them away, but I bet I still have a bunch of em in storage. Alas, never got actual LaserDiscs for the actual games, though I thought of buying a Daphnie box once which is basically a LaserDisc player emulator. You load it up with ripped laserdisc images and you could connect it to an arcade cabinet to replace a failing LaserDisc player. Used to love those games. Cobra Command, haven't played that one in a while.
  10. Where is your area? Always keeping an eye out for cool box art. If there's a game inside, so much the better.
  11. If you have a PC with a 3.5" drive there's a program called Floppy Image that'll write .st disk files to an actual DS/DD 3.5" diskette. You can buy a pack of DS/DD diskettes on ebay. Note, the Floppy Emu program does NOT work with USB Floppy drives, so you need an actual internal diskette drive with a lot of PCs just don't have anymore. You can still find PCI-e floppy drive controller cards that'll fit the bill.
  12. Worked in testing at EA from 97 til 2005, I'd love to do some compatibility testing for you. Right now I can only offer testing on Emulators like Steem. I have a 1040STf and a STe in storage at the moment, but once I get them out next year I can certainly do more. I'm not the best completionist, but I can at least ensure several hours of game play and do a good amount of compatibility testing. Drop me a note, I recommend starting a Discord group, it's a great way to keep in touch with a group.
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