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  1. I had a couple Laserdisc players from old Dragon's Lair cabs (LD-V1001's) that I used this program for a long time ago. The cable was simple, the hard part now will be finding the 15pin Centronics connector (looks like a Parallel printer cable connector. The end that goes on the printer.) Maybe they are still readily available?
  2. Nope. I feel like I just committed a cardinal sin. Am I being reprimanded? I do have a few Atari bases, and my system does recognize ATASCII terminals, but alas the menus are just .txt in that mode. Someday I'll tweak everything to look good on the 8-bits. PETASCII also works, but I have to fix my rev.proxy, it's not configured properly.
  3. My board has Rogue-JS on the web server. Runs great, but Moria is a huge upgrade from Rogue. I need to fix my server, all the ports are forked up. What happens when you want to run Foundry VTT.
  4. found someone on reddit who said he had a lot of old BBS software for ST. I asked about BB/ST, but alas so far he's only found a couple copies of 1.0. He said he'd keep looking, so the bounty still stands. Probably be less work to rev. engineer what we have now and put it on github.
  5. I loathe atariage's 3 wrong logins and you have to wait an HOUR to try again. I don't login often, but when I do, I NEVER remember my password the first 3 tries.

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    2. Albert


      I think your anger is misplaced. Locking an account after several failed login attempts is quite common for websites, including forums. I strongly suggest using a password manager that's not tied to a specific web browser. Plenty of options out there. 

      The hour long reset is to slow down hackers/bots attempting to hack into someone's account. Which does happen, even on forums like this. 

    3. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Did anyone else read the last sentence in the voice of the Dos Equis guy? :D

    4. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Oh boo hoo, get your Sh*t together 🙄😆

  6. My bbs (running Synchronet) has a check for ATASCII. It was a work in progress. Basically you just ask the user to press enter before logging in. Since ATASCII responds with a non-standard enter command, if my board receives that character then it "activates" ATASCII mode. Originally I had planned to make it once logged in the bbs would rlogin the user over to an actual Atari 8-bit. I still have the logon.js I modified to do it, but there've been so many updates since I stopped futsing with it. My board is neglected at the moment, mainly because it's running so well on Linux now that I rarely have to check it, but I wouldn't be shocked if it's been hacked and someone has tied it into my home security camera network. :P
  7. How much? I mean, how are the internals? clean? Does it work? How does the PSU fair? I mean sometimes I look around ebay and I just get exhausted. If I just want an ST that's been tested and works and I could return or exchange if it doesn't work, then being able to buy from someone directly is appealling. Retro computing (for better or worse) just just going nuts these days... I don't know how to finish this message.
  8. Just saw on Reddit, came over to ask for 1 to CA, USA.
  9. Hey look, December, 2019... Where does the time go? Reward is up to $0.08. This is going to cost me big time in about a decade. I admit I haven't had much time to search this year. Honestly I think I'd be better off just writing my own version of BB/ST. I can probably learn x language, and build up something from scratch before I find a copy of v2.xx
  10. Off-topic, but any chance you've seen a copy of a lesser known BBS Software called... BB/ST Was hoping to find a copy of v2+, I found a v1, but there's a lot of stuff missing. Sorry to butt in, back to your topic.
  11. Fine, I'm doubleing my offer. First person to located a copy of BB/ST v2 or higher gets my eternal gratitude and 4 SHINY pennies. I might even be able to find copper pennies to sweeten the deal. (This is my annual thread bump)
  12. Huge fan of the original game. I'd pay for a personal disk copy again. -Andy
  13. Once you use one you'll justify it. Honestly I get the most use out of the Network Shared folder and 3 hot swappable floppy images. Being able to use my USB kb/mouse/joysticks is also a huge bonus. I wish I had a Falcon, I'd get this in a second.
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