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  1. Has anyone got any more info about Pong 2000? Was going to be a platform game with 3d elements. I have only seen it mentioned on a magazine called "VideoGames The Ultimate Gaming Magazine" September 1995 issue. I think i posted a scan on this forums some years ago. Cant find the tread.
  2. I would settle for this 10 games: Turrican 2 (Lynx needed some decent run and gun action) Bubble Bobble (cant get enough of it on any system) New Zeland Story (fantastic platformer) R Type (i need this game on every system) Splatterhouse (love it) Ghosts and Goblins (we never got a truly great port of it back then) Mortal Kombat (its happening!) Street Fighter 2 (it was everywere else dammit!) BC Kid (the Amiga version of Bonk) Street Racer (some 3d kart action would have fitted the Lynx well)
  3. Its a shame it wasnt on the ST, it would have a better chance of happening. But if we are dreaming, lets go for Mega Turrican instead. And if we are really gonna dream about it... lets get Mega Turrican with Native quality graphics on the Jaguar! The first level of Turrican 3/Mega Turrican even has some aliens trapped behind some crystals just like in Native!
  4. Lets say Atari had some extra cash back then, to "buy" a port of a huge game from BITD and have it ready for the Jaguar launch. Which big third party game from that point in time, do you guys think would have had the biggest positive impact on the Jags launch reception? I know it wouldnt really "save the Jag", but put it in more positive perspective. Of course lets imagine the game was ported by a competent team, was given the assets from the original to work with, and had the time and money to make a version that trashed the 16 bit ports. I know...big ifs, but lets imagine. On what game would you put your money into: Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Wolfenstein 3D, NBA JAM...? Any others?
  5. Is there a place to check the progress on this? I still cant believe how good this is turning out. The colors, the animation, the parallax, the voices...OUTSTANDING!
  6. Sounds legit...But did it display as many colors as Bert in Rayman?🙃
  7. I did beat it some years ago...with a hammer
  8. My point was that most decent developers werent interested in the Jaguar, unless they first saw it was selling. Thats why i asked were would those great 2d games be coming from. Support from Japan wasnt going to happen. And developers like Factor 5 and Shiny werent taking the risk. So, if the good developers werent supporting it, from were was it going to get great 2d games? We ended up with a lot of mediocre ports of decent 16bit games. Which in turn ended up damaging the Jaguars reputation. Again, Atari just wasnt up to it at the time. Would have loved to see enhanced version of Turrican 3 and Earthworm Jim myself... but judging from what we got BITD, they would be almost the same as in the SNES/Genesis, and probably running at a lower frame rate!
  9. Dont get carried away. Tempest 2000, Doom, Rayman, Iron Soldier, Wolfenstein 3D, etc would have no problem making the top 10 games on the Amiga CD32, Pippin and NEC PCFX, and would contend with the best on 3DO, 32X and FM Towns Marty... you said "ANY OTHER SYSTEM FROM THAT ERA".
  10. The problem with all this "ideas", like AVP and Doom at launch, Capcom support, more great 2d games, etc, is that if you know the history of the console and Atari, it just wasnt possible at the time. Its not like Atari decided NOT to have AVP and Doom at launch. It just wasnt possible to have them ready for launch. As it was, both games were rushed to the market. Capcom support was not gonna happen unless the console sold well. Not the other way around. Same with any other big software house like Konami, SNK, etc. Just doesnt make sense. More great 2d games? From were? You need good developers to get good 2d games. Or you end up with the 2d equivalents of Air Cars, SuperCross 3D, etc. Like Crescent Galaxy, Bubsy, Double Dragon V, etc. Even ports of good 2d games like Raiden and Pitfall were botched attempts. Without good developers, games wont be good. Be it 2d or 3d. Looking back with all the hindsight we have now, its hard not to think that Atari shouldnt even have bothered. Sadly. Por Jaggy i had so much hope for it BITD. I am glad they tried though.
  11. Being a Sega or Nintendo console might have saved it...maybe. Sega makes more sense since the Jag launched 5 years after the Megadrive, at that time it would have seemed ok to release a sustitute to the Megadrive. And Sega had the money to back the project better than Atari. Maybe Tom and Jerry would have been clocked at 40mhz as originally intended. Maybe most bugs would have been ironed out. CDROM as a standard. Maybe a better CPU than the Motorola. Maybe more RAM. Maybe a better controller. Maybe launching with Virtua Racing and Sonic 3. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Then again, Sega made a mess out of their own Saturn, so...there is that. Under Atari... sadly i dont think it was posible to save it the way things were.
  12. But the Genesis 3 button pad was designed for a system launched on 1988. By late 1993 it just was bad design to not have 6 action buttons. I mean, didnt Atari know about Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat! Besides that, i hated the dpan on the Jaguar controller. To me it feels stiff and cumberstone... after playing so much with the Genesis 6 button pad and its so comfortable dpad, the Jags just didnt feel good to me.
  13. phuzaxeman, i liked your post...except for the part were you put Rayman and Pitfall Mayan Adeventure on the same level. Lets not get carried away, Rayman is way better than Pitfall. Not only gameplaywise, but it takes better advantage of the Jag hardware. Jag Pitfall cant even match the Sega Genesis version framerate! Rayman is really good even when compared with the Playstation and Super Nintendo best platformers. Its definitely NOT a crappy game.
  14. The FM Towns Marty doesnt really have a worse game catalog than the Jaguar... its pretty close actually. Hey, its got a better port of Raiden with the best version of its soundtrack! Its got some great arcade conversions of Raiden, Operation Wolf, Twin Cobra, Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, New Zeland Story, Splatterhouse, Tatsujin 2, After Burner, Galaxy Force 2, Survivor, Puyo Puyo, Viewpoint, Pulirula, Chase HQ, Flying Shark, Marble Madness, Muscle Bomber, etc... those old arcade games have as much fun factor as the Jaguars best games. Fun fun fun. There is some early polygon stuff, like 4D Driving, 4D Boxing, Advantage Tennis, and... Alone in the Dark! Its got something the Jag doesnt have...RPGs: Dungeon Master 1 and 2, Ultima 6, Drakken, Emerald Dragon (great JRPG), etc. Ports of some PC classics like: Shadow of the Beast 1, 2 and 3, Prince of Persia, Flashback, Syndicate, Lemmings, Wing Commander, etc. And its crowning jewel... some of the best versions of classic point and click adventures, like: Monkey Island 1 and 2, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Loom, Zak Mckraken, etc. On the other hand, the Jag does have nicer exclusives... and is more powerful overall. And the Marty was crazy expensive for what it offered and was quickly overpowered by the Jag and 3DO in 1993. So, yeah, i like the Jaguar more for its uniqueness, but have had as much fun with my Marty as i have had with my Jaguar.
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