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  1. That layer of parallax really adds a lot to the graphics. Music is really good and gameplay seems to be coming along nicely. I didnt expect so much progress in so little time. Congratulations! I am kinda slow, so i gotta ask. From the specs you mentioned for this engine... the only thing holding this to its "superficial" 8-bit looks is how dificult and expensive it is to get high quality pixel art? Anyways its shaping up pretty nice... looking forward to see this progressing.
  2. The thing about the SNES is that in theory it can display 256 colors, but no game hits that mark save for maybe menus or static screens. It’s usually around 150 colors due to limitations in the way it can display them. The PC version looks more colorful because even though it could also display 256 colors, it has less restrictions in the way it can display them. But i am not sure the Jag version is identical to that one. The Jag port sure is more colorful than the other console versions but I doubt it’s in the thousand of colors.
  3. To me the extra colors don’t make up for the lower frame rate. I did notice it immediately since I was used to the Genesis version. The Sega 32X version suffered the same fate. They just feel choppy and laggy compared to the Genesis game. I also noticed the same problem in Raiden BITD. Funny how 30fps bothered me in those games and also In the Sega Master Systems Wonder Boy 3, but didn’t bother me on Streets of Rage 1 for the Genny nor Metal Slug for the Neo Geo. Maybe because the former i had played on other platforms at 60fps and not with the later. So to me, Jag Pitfall and Raiden do play worse than the Genesis versions (and sound but that’s debatable). But Raiden in the SNES has the worst performance of all, that one is unplayable. Also, I feel like even color wise Jag Pitfall isn’t that impressive... compared with some of the Jaguar exclusives. Isn’t it based on the Windows version? Which is 256 colors. Thus there would be no thousand of color graphics on the Jag port.
  4. Maybe a stupid question: Why didnt they use some official art from the cartoon for the game box art?
  5. Great game. One of the times the Playstation beat the Saturn version of a 2d game.
  6. About Defender 2000, isn’t it running at only 30 fps? I think Minter mentioned it on an interview. It’s nice, but didn’t blow me away...maybe because I didn’t like the artwork
  7. On a recent tread, Duranik confirmed that there was a lot they could do to further optimize Native, and thus add sound and everything needed to turn it into a complete game.
  8. From what i have read, the PS1 wins when it comes to pushing sprites (it uses its polygon engine to draw sprites as quads), and Saturn wins when it comes to background layers (its VDP2 is a monster when it comes to background layers). Both the Playstation and Jaguar have to generate backgrounds layers with sprites, so they are at a disadvantage here againts the Saturn. Also Saturn and Playstation have 1.5 and 1.0 MB of RAM dedicated just to video respectively, unlike the Jaguar. So when all its balanced out Saturn come out on top in 2D, Playstation comes in second (with advantages like transparency and lightning effects) and Jaguar in 3rd. I guess Jag haters will point out that games like Raiden and Pitfall fail to run at 60FPS which even the 16 bit consoles managed...thank god we have Rayman t counter that argument. This is my perspective according to some stuff i have read. Feel free to correct me on whatever.
  9. Its a shame we didnt see more Jag games from Eclipse. Their 3d engine was about the best on the system. Werent they also working on a racing game for the Jaguar?
  10. Has anyone got any more info about Pong 2000? Was going to be a platform game with 3d elements. I have only seen it mentioned on a magazine called "VideoGames The Ultimate Gaming Magazine" September 1995 issue. I think i posted a scan on this forums some years ago. Cant find the tread.
  11. I would settle for this 10 games: Turrican 2 (Lynx needed some decent run and gun action) Bubble Bobble (cant get enough of it on any system) New Zeland Story (fantastic platformer) R Type (i need this game on every system) Splatterhouse (love it) Ghosts and Goblins (we never got a truly great port of it back then) Mortal Kombat (its happening!) Street Fighter 2 (it was everywere else dammit!) BC Kid (the Amiga version of Bonk) Street Racer (some 3d kart action would have fitted the Lynx well)
  12. Its a shame it wasnt on the ST, it would have a better chance of happening. But if we are dreaming, lets go for Mega Turrican instead. And if we are really gonna dream about it... lets get Mega Turrican with Native quality graphics on the Jaguar! The first level of Turrican 3/Mega Turrican even has some aliens trapped behind some crystals just like in Native!
  13. Lets say Atari had some extra cash back then, to "buy" a port of a huge game from BITD and have it ready for the Jaguar launch. Which big third party game from that point in time, do you guys think would have had the biggest positive impact on the Jags launch reception? I know it wouldnt really "save the Jag", but put it in more positive perspective. Of course lets imagine the game was ported by a competent team, was given the assets from the original to work with, and had the time and money to make a version that trashed the 16 bit ports. I know...big ifs, but lets imagine. On what game would you put your money into: Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Wolfenstein 3D, NBA JAM...? Any others?
  14. Is there a place to check the progress on this? I still cant believe how good this is turning out. The colors, the animation, the parallax, the voices...OUTSTANDING!
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