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  1. sd32

    Rikki & Vikki

    Looks amazing! Sprite animation is very impressive. The game looks like lots of fun, and those boss fights...very nice!
  2. I wonder if Pitfall is using the mentioned Atari music code, and if its one of the reasons why it runs at a lower framerate than the 16 bit versions... how many games could have run a bit smoother if they werent using it?
  3. Very nice! Thanks for getting the Jaguar to flex its super-scaler muscle.
  4. sd32

    How is Raidan?

    If you are a Raiden fan, then its a must buy. As a Raiden fan myself, i enjoy playing all the diferent ports, and the Jaguar one is really solid.
  5. Not even the Sega Saturn could handle an arcade perfect Galaxy Force 2 port. I think it runs at 30 FPS to the arcades 60 FPS. Same thing for Power Drift, runs at half the arcades FPS on Saturn. Those Sega scaler arcade boards were pretty awesome!
  6. Funny, just bought Power Drive Rally today! Cart only, but cant go wrong for 2 dollars! Very nice game.
  7. What kind of 3D graphics?, probably about the same what we saw, but more optimized for smoother framerates. More interesting is that if a team of the top Sega coders developed for the Jag, then stuff like Fight For Life and Checkered Flag would have had some decent gameplay on them, like Virtual Fighter and Virtua Racing on 32X. So probably a bit smoother framerates and some good gameplay would be the biggest gains, and in my oponion the most important ones.
  8. sd32

    The Last Strike

    Those new levels look great, i love the artwork. Music is amazing. Loving it so far!
  9. Cyber Speedway actually came out before Wipeout when it was originally released in Japan! Does Aero Gauge on the N64 meet your requirements? Its nothing special, just a decent little game. Cant hold a candle to Wipeout.
  10. To my untrained eye, it looked like just a prerendered background with some scrolling, kinda like Final Fantasy VII. The choppy sky scrolling also reminded me of some scenes on FFVII.
  11. sd32

    Native / Duranik

    The colors, transparencies and lens flares are beyond Neo Geo quality!
  12. A 64-bit game ported to the 16-bit Sega Genesis?... you sure thats posible? I mean... there is a reason why bit-classes exist man.
  13. Wasnt it going to be a trilogy? With part 2 being a direct continuation to the first game. And part 3 being a one on one 3d fighter. And yeah, seems like Atari at the time tought texture mapping could save any of their games. Screw the framerate and gameplay, we gotta look like the Sony!
  14. Well, Jag Bubsy and AVP are indeed an exclusives. I would have loved a faster and smoother AVP on Playstation or Saturn. Bubsy in the other hand, is a lost cause, the Jag can keep it .
  15. Thanks for uploading the video. What are the updates compared to the last video VladR showed us?
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